alright gonna get this story goin not all characters are coming in yet.
and i still want more characters...well okk here i go.

in a feild in the middle of the night.

we see a teenaged boy with white hair and yellow eyes in a school uniform attacking a huge guy with a grey plae face and blank eyes.

the huge guy punches bck but the young guy dodges with a backflip, he then grows a bolt of white lightning in his hand and runs straight to the huge guy

young boy-"RAVENSTRIKUE"

and hits the huge guy with it causing ligthning volts through his body and he falls to the ground, the young boy starts walking off thinking

young boy-(tht was easy, if i need a real challenge i need to see how they play fist)

The next day a 13 year old boy hits a guy in the stomach and stands on him

13 year old boy-"is tht all u got"

guy-"plz kama dnt hurt me no more"

Kama-"y shouldnt i" pulling his sword out"

young boy-"cus it wouldnt be nice just too pick on someone like him"*stares at the guy*
"go home sir"

the guy runs off in a really crybabyish way, kama turns round and glares at the young boy

Kama-"like to tell me ur name"

Wolfey-"the names Wolfey" his yellow eyes staring in another direction
"u must be Kama"

Kama-"O_o how do u no my name"

yellow eyes fix on Kama

Wolfey-"i can know a thing or two im looking for some tournaments"

Kama-"what for"

Wolfey-"money for food"

Kama-"yeh i no a few places or two" and they both walk off to the central park
okk thts done so wot do u guys think?