Apparantly, noone else is having this Theives Guild prob, SOOOOOO.....I went to work and picked up a second copy of the collector's edition (for free muahahhahaha!) My new guy has a tweaked build of the first one and is Listener (leader) of the Dark Brotherhood and I'm at the quest b4 the one I was having probs with on the Theives Guild. After school (no more Spring Break.....@#$^) I will give it a try b/c I'm off work today. I'm lvl 23 and can kick all ass in this game. I gots me full dwarvan, ebony, and that elven stuff hehe. I can lockpick anything in the game without ever breaking a pick. (oh yeah, pure talent of course!)

SO, how is everyone doing? I know I havn't been on much but it wasn't all Oblivion's fault. I had to work like 40 hrs this week and well there is always that pesky sleep. I will try and be on more since my schedule is back to normal.