Ok, so I'm not in the best mood right now.....

Here is a poem that my x wrote me. We just broke up and stuff, and I can say I really loved him, but hey getting your heart smashed into a billion little pieces can't be all bad........ At least I'm getting some good writing out of it. Read on to see.

Here's the poem he wrote:

in the blink of an eye
it was taken from me
a morning
that now holds this tragedy
i'm now lost to hope
with blinded happiness
i know what i want but don't know how to get it
round, and round
i can't fall down
i don't think i'll ever get up
the only things holding me in my place
are two hearts that i can't embrace
for distance between us is so great
so now i must rely on fate
and do what i must to keep things straight
for both of these hearts have me

And here is my response to that poem:

Just like you, such a tortured soul
Beautiful disaster as your story unfolds
If these words meant anything , they'd mean that you're a good liar
Held on a pedastle while my heart caught on fire
Now what was yours wasn't taken from you
But you do what you do
and you through me away
The only thing that holds tragedy anymore is the light of the day
The darkness of night should be well suited for your blinded happiness
You will regret this
You are right though, you're lost to all hope
You knew what you wanted and took what I gave
round, and round
you did fall down
and no, you won't get back up
the only thing that holds you in place
is a heart that is cold to your embrace
for the distance was nothing compared
to the silence growing from dispare
you sealed your fate
good luck being straight
and fuck your heart