So I was watching Alias on Wednesday (because that's the day it's on) and I saw this guy (of course) and I said "Hey, that reminds me of the guy from In God We Trust (anyone ever hear of"

But I wasn't sure, because I once thought that guy might be Angelo from The Pretender, but I was wrong. ANYWAY, so the beginning credits are going through as the show is showing, and I see the guest stars, one being Richard Speight Jr. I think to myself "I know that name." Then I realize, it IS the guy from In God We Trust! And just to make sure it was, I checked on I was right! Score 1 for the Stephanie!

The second time was when there's a door with something written on it and I said "hey, that's Russian!" (like it's any big news that it's Russian, the point is that if it came in clearer on our TV, I'd be able to almost figure out what it said). But my brother thought it was English, like an H and E or something. It's sad that our TV reception is so bad that we can have a debate over whether it was Russian or English. Stupid antenna. Anyway, it showed another shot of the door and sure enough, it WAS Russian! Score two for the Stephanie!