well I finished Drakengard 2 & it was great, & too make it better there are 2 endings left. I didnt think they would have multiple endings like they had in the first one but they do. & the story is long & hard, once you finish with one story another better one comes next which will make you stick to the end of the screen. Like the first Drakengard you can play up to 4 characters, but unlike the first one there wont be a time limit to use the other characters when you change. & finally here are the pictures of Manah from bad guy to good guy or girl or whatever. I'll tell you guys more about the second part once I finish it, & when im done with both parts I'll make tell you guys the story of Drakengard to the people who haven't played yet. That is all.

Manah, Age: 6 (Drakengard)
Lady Manah, Age: 23 (Drakengard 2, 18 years after the first one)


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