meh, i cant say much. i stayed up till 230 ish and woke up too late, like 1230ish.

i checked my brigade stats and loggged a few more games that stand out in my memory. im now a senior SCO and a senior BR (soon to be master) and a basic sniper. im now at master sergent with 1650 points (keeps increasing) and i need 3000 to move up. then i have to take my officers test on the 22nd to move up to LT, but i need 6000 minimum. so i need to start remembering some games, righting em down and start playing again!

anyways, my dad has ANOTHER girlfriend, and were gonna go over her house for dinner. aparently she has 2 kids, both 4 who are twins. shes gonna cook for us, so i hope she can cook. other than that no more news, just goofing off really. ill be on AIM, RVB, and the Brigade all of today untill we leave tonight, so send me a message or two. and mods, i only got one left.