When Gon Tai was hit by Hong Lao’s Flying Tiger, Li Tai Bao knew that the Chi exerted by the attack will cause Gon Tai to be pushed back by the strong force. Since Gon Tai was in mid-air, he would’ve been pushed back into a wall or hit the ground from a great height, which could’ve caused serious injuries. Not wanting to see this, Li Tai Bao decided to prevent the fall from happening. Lacking sufficient time to think of a move that would have been able to conceal his martial arts origin, Li Tai Bao performed the one that he was most skilled with to catch Gon Tai â€" the Heaven Jump from Wu Tang.
During the days of the Condor Heroes, Yang Kuo and Kwok Tin, a young Shaolin monk named Truong Tam Fong was exiled from the Shaolin Temple for violating one of the temple’s most sacred rules â€" independently learning martial arts without a sensei’s approval. This rule came about as a result of a tragic incident that occurred in the Shaolin Temple ages ago. Back then, a young monk who worked inside the Shaolin Temple decided to attempt to learn one the 72 techniques of the temple by himself. After many years of hard work, this monk finally mastered the technique to the point that his skills exceeded that of the leader of the temple. As a result, the monk decided to leave the temple to show his strength in the outside world. The leader of the temple, not knowing the young monk’s true intentions, tried to prevent him from going for fears that he might be hurt and tricked by men’s evil plots and plans. After many failed attempts to talk out the matter, the young monk challenged the leader to a battle â€" if the leader wins, he will stay; if he wins, no one can stop him from leaving. The leader was desperate to stop the young monk’s from going down the wrong path; so, he agreed. After over an hour of fighting, the leader, though inferior to the young monk in techniques, eventually gained the advantage due to his superior Chi power and experience in combining different attacks. When victory was clear, the leader stopped fighting for fears of hurting the young monk. However, the young monk took advantage of this sudden cease-battle to perform a sneak attack on the leader. The attack caused serious internal injuries on the leader â€" cracking his spine, puncturing his lungs, and (due to the high Chi energy and the element of surprise) reversing his blood flow. These injuries were lethal, thus killing the leader within minutes. The young monk then took advantage of the confusion and chaos created by the death to run away. From that day on, fears of a repeat of the tragic event led to the creation of a rule that forbade every Shaolin monk from independently learning how to fight, under punishment of death.
Truong Tam Fong didn’t really learn how to fight secretly without letting his sensei know, but he accidentally self-taught himself the La Han technique by looking at wind-up La Han figures given to him for his birthday. Nevertheless, when the Shaolin monks found out about this, they decided to persecute him for fears of the past repeating itself. His sensei, the monk Giac Vien, didn’t want to see his student die; so, he boldly rescued his disciple from the Shaolin monks. On their escape route, Giac Vien also taught Truong Tam Fong the secrets of the Radiance Scrolls, a highly sophisticated and powerful Chi building technique. With the powers of the scrolls and his highly intelligent mind, Truong Tam Fong eventually created the Wu Tang Temple on the summit of Wu Tang. However, due to his long residency at Shaolin, the many techniques of Wu Tang often resembled those of the Shaolin Temple. The Heaven Jump is no exception; it focuses on the powers created by the Radiance Scrolls â€" a skill from Shaolin â€" to push one’s entire Chi to the feet, allowing a person to jump both quickly and with great height.


“That may be true; however, judging by your excellent demonstration of the Heaven Jump from Wu Tang, I can conclude that you are highly proficient in the Wu Tang style,†Yang Hong Lao replied.
“I wouldn’t call myself proficient, but my teacher was skilled in the techniques of Wu Tang,†Li Tai Bao answered. “He was a disciple there when he was young.â€Â
“Well, if you were taught by a person from Wu Tang, then you can at least show me what you have learned.â€Â
“My skills are very primitive; I have no chance of lasting a few minutes with you.â€Â
“I wouldn’t so sure of that. To perform the Heaven Jump with such speed and accuracy requires at least five years of training and a high level of Chi. On guard…â€Â
Immediately after this, Yang Hong Lao lunged toward Li Tai Bao with extreme speed. His fingers curved back again to form the Flying Tiger. Li Tai Bao, fearing a battle, quickly jumped out of the way to avoid having to confront Yang Hong Lao. Maddened by Li Tai Bao’s unwillingness to fight him, Yang Hong Lao swiftly changed his direction and attacked Li Tai Bao again. Similar to before, Li Tai Bao rapidly avoided Yang Hong Lao’s assault by dodging to the side once more. Within minutes, 20 moves were exchanged between the two, with Li Tai Bao avoiding all of them.
“We’ll get nowhere if you keep on dodging all of my attacks by this,†Yang Hong Lao exclaimed.
“I already told you,†Li Tai Bao answered. “I don’t want to fight.â€Â
“I never thought that a disciple of Wu Tang would be such a coward. If you are like this, then your teacher must have had no skills at all.â€Â
This comment highly angered Li Tai Bao. If Yang Hong Lao had disrespected him, Li Tai Bao would’ve completely forgiven him without a second thought. However, disrespecting his teacher is out of the question.
“My teacher was a brave and honorable man,†Li Tai Bao coldly replied. “You have no rights to call him a coward!â€Â
“Then fight me and prove me wrong,†Yang Hong Lao mockingly answered.
“As you wish…â€Â
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