I mentioned awhile ago that I was playing through HALO and HALO 2 on legendary with a friend on co-op. Well I havn't even finihed HALO 1 yet for several reasons:

1. I have not played as much as I should be.
2. No checkpoints on co-op so you must restart the level if the box gets turned off
3. A thread on the board combined with realizing anew just how insanly awesome HALO is made me download the HALO e-Books "The Fall Of Reach" nd "The Flood" which I had been to lazy to ge for a long time. I am still to lazy to order "First Stike" because Amazon only has a paper book and no e-Book. But I have been reading both of those and they rocked. If you havn't read them you owe it to yourself to do it ASAP. They are THAT cool.

The awesomness of the books and games has caused my pulse to race in heavy-breathing, pond-of-drool forming anticipation for HALO 3 (perhaps called "forerunner" I hear). Since HALO 3 has not been annouced yet I can only imagine that I will simply go ballistic when actually get my hands on a copy. Oh Well...

Two questions today:
Is it sad that I am to lazy to type in amazon.com and download e-Books?

Also what brand of adult diapers is best (I am sure I will shit myself when HALO 3 comes out... LOL)