Well, heres my dream.

Basically, the setting is in nam. Im walking with my platoon and another platoon along side of us going through the jungle. then, from noware we hear thunder. knowing that the monsoon season is like, three months away or so people panic, thats when i hear the loud whistle and then the bang. I see three of my comrades fly through the air, or atleast half of them anyways. the blood and intestines hurling through the air. then more thunder, and more bwhistles, and of course, more explosions. one lands on a kid infront of me, about 20 yards up. i fall to the ground and go into the crash hole for cover. i look across the crater to see half the boy, still allive, missing his entire lower half with his innards haning out the bottom and most of this left side and hip. red on OD green all over his entire uniform. he mumbles somehting, my name i suppose, but i cant understand a word hes saying, his left cheek doesnt exist. he dies as soon as i hear someone yelling the heavinly words "Retreat." i see my men running past the crater im ducked into. i stand up, and the reason they ran is perfectly clear, the shells stoped raining, the enemy is moving in. and thats when i feel it. a sharp white hot pain digging underneath my lowest left rib bone, up into my chest. a bullet wound hit me right in the chest. no big deal? yeah, i suppose so. if you didnt feel the pain every waiking night. But the past nights ended right there, no more than that. but it gets worse. i turn and run, run as fast and as far as i can, when a hand catches me. i look down to see one of my best friends, with one leg, blood all over the ground. im not going to say who he is unless he knows its him. i grab his collar and drag him, but only so far. i look to my right, and see another one of my good friends shot right through the head. he screams out in pain as the two clouds of pink and red escape from the front abnd back of his skull. he kneels down long enough to say two words ill never forget "Please, God". i ran faster now, dragging my already dead friend. then it happens. i hear those shells from the ejection port, not the actual blasts from the round. 6 times, Chink Chink Chink, six times, Chink Chink Chink. all six hit me, in a diagnal across the back and sholders, only 5 have exit wounds across my chest. i sceram out, and kneel to the ground. i feel all of it, all seven wounds. i start to fall foward to my face, as soon as things start to black out, i wake up in a pool of my own sweat drool and drooly blood, usualy in a gasp.

this has happened to me every night for the past 7 months. I wake up on average at 2 oclock at night and stay awake untimm my mom comes in to wake me up. i cant live with this cause now its affecting my everyday life.

ive lost it all now