I am a nerd. I will freely admit that and I am proud of it. But I also have a profesional job and am starting a company and for this reason I always try to look presentable at work. So when I found this list I was suprised to see I am way behind on most counts.. so far in fact I dont think I will bother trying to play catch up. Below are each item from the list followed by my response:

1. The greatest contributions of the United States to the world of style, in no particular order: The chino, the sneaker, the T-shirt, the biker jacket, blue jeans, the sweatshirt, the baseball cap.

WHAT?! I though the greatest contribution was bluetooth headsets like the evil guy wore In Resident Evil. I have that same model and it looks like sex with a triple a battery... um.. at least I THINK it does...

2. Livestock are the only American staple that should show any visible branding.

No disagreement here...

3. The ideal age at which a well-informed sense of style finally agrees with the level of the American man's disposable income: Thirty-five. Pre-thirty-five, you have no money. Post-thirty-five, you have kids. And no money.

Bah... I have plenty of money but my cloths still look like shit because I spend it one technology

4. Remove your glove when shaking someone's hand. Unless, of course, it's January and you're in Chicago, in which case a simple wave is acceptable.


5. The most stylish way for the American man to commute is in a 1969 Impala. May we also suggest one of those new Mustangs. Bonus points if SHELBY is written on the door.

Woot... I have a Mustang so I guess I rule this one.. No bonus points for me though (this makes me sad)

6. The short-sleeved shirt has no place at the office. Unless you wear a name tag, in which case you probably have no choice in the matter.

I ran out of clean laundry so I am wearing short-sleeves right now... And yes I am at the office... Though the other people here wear them ALL the freaking time.. some even wear shorts sometimes...

7. Things from your closet that do not go together: Jeans and cuff links; Socks and sandals; A matching tie and pocket square; Boots and suit pants; Dress jackets and shorts (unless you're in Bermuda)

I am not even fully aware of what some of that stuff is... (pocket square?!)

8. Things the American man can't wear to a funeral: A bow tie, whimsical patterns, a light-colored coat, a silk pocket square, denim (unless the ceremony involves pouring out cans of Schlitz). At your own funeral? Wear whatever you damn well please.

Is it ok to drool and lick your lips at a viewing? How about arriving wearing a loin-cloth (see earlier "gollem" entry)

9. David Arquette is the Hollywood style equivalent of a paper shredder. How this has not ambushed his career is beyond us.

Do I know this guy? Have I ever HEARD of him... negetivio...

10. A Brett Favre Packers jersey should never, under any circumstances, cross the state lines of Wisconsin unless the Pack are in the Super Bowl. One more 4-12 season and you might as well leave that thing in the game room.

Well lets just put it this way: If they hadnt mentioned the superbowl I would not have know what sprot they payed.. as it is I am a little fuzzy..

11. Every species of knot has its own native habitat. And it's best not to mess with nature.

Species: The Windsor

Native habitat: Wide-spread collars

Species: The Half Windsor

Native habitat: Pointed collars

Species: The Four-in-Hand

Native habitat: Button-down or other soft collars

Species: The Bow

Native habitat: Formal winged or spread collars

I don't know what over 50% of that gibberish means... I will assume it is some sort of programing language... one I DO NOT know...

12. Additionally, your tie knot speaks volumes.

THE SIZE OF A BALL BEARING: "In my spare time, I snort coke and jam with the Strokes."
THE SIZE OF A PINBALL: "I'll be on the Vineyard for the entire month of August. You should come out."
THE SIZE OF A GOLF BALL: "The reason you hate me is that pretty much everything I do, I do perfectly. Like tying this tie."
THE SIZE OF A TENNIS BALL: "Yo, Vinny, I'm starving. Let's grab a slice on the way to the reception."

How about: I drive 12 miles to have my MOM tie it for me becausse I have no clue how... good thing I never wear one

13. Things the American man should not wear after the age of thirty-five: Sports jerseys, tracksuits, double-breasted suits, polo shirts with the collar up. Things he should not wear before the age of thirty-five: Rim-less eyeglasses, cardigans, double-breasted suits, and polo shirts with the top button fastened.

I think mister Rogers wore a cardigan and this is all I know... I feel like caboose beause I bet he would love mister rogers.

14. Navy is the most flexible suit color you can buy. Followed closely by charcoal and medium gray.

Suite? I really should buy one one day.. When I do I MIGHT remember to buy navy...

Many more in the first comment... feel free to leave you own responses... This is obviously fashion fro GUYS so if any girls reading this are thinking of adopting any suggestions from this think again. (no I dont REALLY think any of you are THAT nerdy! LOL)