Tait is Jesus

Tait, known here as genevabeagle, is the third coming of Jesus. "Third? What about the second coming?" you ask. Well, there was a second coming, but the fetus was aborted. This is the real reason why the church is against abortion.

But I digress; Tait, as the title says, is the third coming of Jesus. There is proof!

1:: Tait looks much like Jesus. He has pretty much the exact same haircut and is similar in stature.

2:: Tait acts like Jesus. He is very kind to everyone and tries to offer help whenever he can.

3:: Tait knows things no one could. Once, during class, one of the students commented that his friend had "locked" his iPod and he needed the four number combo to unlock it. Remembering that Tait was indeed Jesus the student asked him for four random numbers and Tait replied quickly. The student entered the numbers into his iPod and was astonished when it unlocked. Everyone looked up awe-struck and Tait, being extremely modest, left the room blushing at the attention and went to find his Chekoslovakian girlfriend.

Tait will try and argue against all of this because he is extremely modest but it is all true.