whered you go? youy mihgt ask.

i went to the US virgin islands for spring break. lucky? maybe. but having to deal with my mom for 8 days streight might be a little...much

first day was the plane there, not bad, but coach seating is never good. and sitting isle is worse. but we rented the car and drove, on the left side of the road, to the resort. we got in and relaxed for 2 minutes then had to go grocery shopping. WHO THE F*CK GOES GROCERYSHOPPING ON VACATION IN ST THOMAS!?!

aparently my mom does. next we went home and on sunday we went to the beach. i didnt wanna go but like always, i have no choice. so we bought some snorkel gear and went out to see what we could see....grass....a tiny fish.....,more grass......some sand......and water. yay.

monday we went snorkeling again and saw more. a ray, lots of fish, and a barracutta. f*cking uglyist fish ive ever seen in my life. thats about it. tuesday, same thing. wendsday? we treid to take out the skidoos, but they didnt have em for us, so we basically sat around for 4 hours for nothing and then i went inside and watched mythibusters on tv. thursday we went snorkeling for aobut an hour, i saw more this time. some angel fish managed to come out, so did thies swarming fish with needles coming out of there head with there mouths above there eyews *wtf?* but we wnet in and got the ski doos and went out for an hour *onlly an hour? yes, actually, an hour takes alot out of you believe it or not, and no, i didnt go 2 mph, i went full throttle the whole time, except when i hit a big wave, landed, and needed to slow down to let my balls recoup* that was the best part. then we wne tshopping and i got a really cool watch. i didnt really want it, but it was worth it. but then something got messed up, i got a replacement, same thing happened, learned hoow to fix it, and got my old watch back and fixed it, so its worth it. friday we went shopping again (neither of us wanted to go swimming) and i got my dad some rum and a few tshirts. so that was ok. saterday was the ride home, 1st class window. best seats there are. i got chamaighne (dont give a fuck how to spell it) and it wasnt the heap kind that makes you pee green!. got home, crashed, woke up, slept and here i am.

exciting huh?

and by the way, i saw more boobs there than i do on a usual saterday evening