remember my awsome pb gun with the nade launcher? well the launcher is broken. gas isnt flowing through it the way its supposed to, and its leaking. this isnt because of faulty machinery, its cause i dont have a god damned clue how to work it. so im gonna take the gun to the store and GET RID OF THE FUCKING GL!i love it to death, but its way too heavy for me to be carrying around. and with the 200 some odd dollars ill buy me some new equipment (pistol? remote line? grenades/land minds? who knows!)

so, i took my good ol 98c down to the "range" (a place in my basement) and had a little fun. i wrtoe LOL in paintballs and made a square around it just in time, the last shot made the gun run out of gas. woo hoo! it got me thinking, maybe i could use some more mods on to it. like RT and a stock would be nice, and a scope? maybe. i was thinking of an apex barrel for starters.

so im gonna go cuss about the grenade launcher, (which ive tried to fix three times now) and sell the damned thing and buy some much needed parts, like a delta 68 pistol or a remote line (or both if i get enough!) i should be getting enough. i THINK i have a holster that will fit it, but i dont htink so. maybe a PT jr. even tho i hate em. but who cares. i cant bring two guns on to the field, nor will i have the patience to use both of em. maybe ill get a solid stock, scope and remote line....thats dooable.

anyways, thats the news, and i have been streighning for mods for hte past few weeks, so far ive only got 7, and that took weeks. i really need to get to 50 before my brithday (7/24) its a bet....come on! theres $350 here! and i dont have that much!

by the way, coolest freaking thing ever: rock that mouse! awesome highest score: 15 (only once)