i went paintballing today. loads of fun. i went with jeff and his friend justin. it was justins first game, so we tried to freak him out as much as we could. we made him eat a paintball, but he only put it in his mouth and spit it out saying it was "too gross". and i said "no its not!" and picked one up and chomped on it. it was kinda gross, but nothing too bad. so i spit out all the paint cause it was warm and felt like...well...you know. and a ref saw me doing it and called out "dont spit it out you pansy! swallow it!" but i kept spitting.

my over all score was 12-2, twelve kills and two deaths which equals ten. not bad huh? i was really happy that my grenade launcher is gone now. my gun is so much more lighter now.

jeff didnt do as well, he ended up with a score of 13-6 which equals 7. he kept doing stupid stuff to get him out pretty quickly.

justin did really well for his first game. he ended up with 3-2, or 1. my first game was 0-7. which, obviously, is negative seven. so i was pretty impressed with his =enthusiasm and he says hes gonna get into it more.

well all probobly be playing again in two weekends from now. maybe not at hogans, maybe at the cement yard of the place in waterburry, but well be playing, and thats when team tryouts are gonna be. we need 15 people for a team, and you have to get a total tally of over 7, of which case, jeff wouldve just about made it. justin wouldntve, but then again, i didnt expect a 7 from a noobie.

but that was basically my day.