look me and some friends took over this profile.Unfortunately someone got the password an for that im sorry.They left some horrible shit about tex's father i would like to apologize for that .I am greatly and deeply sorry.This was only suppose to be within our inner circle but some how it leaked out.But for the record we the people who seized this profile are doing every thing we can to find the person who did this and i promise you all there will be consequences.Tex im sorry that this has happened and i hope you understand it wasnt snoochy alex or me.I will make sure something is done about this.This pisses me off aalso because someone took our little joke and hurt people.Thats not what we're here for.We did this because of all of the shit tatums has said and done he is an ass.we are'nt trying to hurt any one.We will find whoever did this.That much i promise.I am sorry to hear aout such a big loss to your family.I wish you and your family well through this tough time in your lives