Ok..its not my place to say anything but i am going to say it anyways...why because i can so HAHA. Well any ways i have this old old old friend, and also who is at the same time my ex. but shes cool, and very nice, but any ways to the point. There are lil fuckers on this place calling her a whore, and emo, and all the bad shit. Well you know what for all those ppl out there who is making fun of her. DONT I WOULD NEVER NEVER.. and i will repeat my self again NEVER do that shit to you, even if you had pics. of you looking like some slut, or some fucking dumb ass doing something that you call "cool" or "kick ass". Im emo and i can admit it bold and proud, i do stuff to get my self some attation, but i do it becuase i was born in to a family of 12 yes thats right 12. I was the second to last, not getting any attation so i do things to get it. And look at me i fucking put a pic of me cutting my self and not one thing..nothing..but you see a girl with fish net on..you call her a fucking whore..you know what kind of ppl you are..your fucking sterotyping there..and she has enough shit going on in her fucking life that she needs to deal with, let alone shit on here. so now my suggestion to all of you, stop being fucking ass holes and benice. God its not hard..not one bit.
For my dear..never forgotten friend.