Me: Roarrrrr ploop
Mak: wat???????????
Me: yeah exactly only i know the true meaning of ploop
Mak: okay i dont want to no so there
Me: Fine u will never kno for it will make ur head explode n i like u to much to do that
Mak: go n den tel me wat is this sooo called ploop mean
Me: im sorry it will kill u if u find out
Mak: no it wont trust me
Me: Only i kno the true meaning so i kno the awnswers do not question me for i am the powerfull as i am the master of ploop
Mak: alex is dat u
Me: yeah
Mak: okay i thought it was sum 1 else den lol

Ploop is my new random word ok guys. I came up wiv it while drunk :P