1) go on a zing spree. be witty and burn people. you don't have to burn someone to get a zing, however.
2) post in journals like mad. Fugu's got it down. one night I posted in every friend of mine that was online.
3) be on a lot. people notice you if you pop up in their friends list. it sucks to be a Z, though.
4) mod others up, each +1 you give gets you 1/5 of one towards your own score.
5) do cool things like post images that you make or drawings you've drawn.
6) put Karma whore on your picture and beg excessively for karma...
7) be friends with FreezeHero and allow him to dump +10 on your journal.
8) be unofficial spokesperson to said mod whore... kind of like the new wendy's commercials