I have a shark rusting in the bathtub. This makes people unhappy. I always tell them that it is harmless. Sometimes people belive me, other times they don't. Those peole try to kill it with tranqs. The ones that do belive me, pet him and get "infected" (A BUNCH OF FUCKING LIERS.) I probobly got sued like 10 times because of that. I won every case. I always liked shellrock. You won't belive how I found him. I was at a Halo convention, when I saw a sign saying SECRET TESTING. Like any other dude, I went in. It was wierd like a motherfucker. There were new plans for the playstation 4 an a 3rd xbox. There were also plans for Halo 4 and GTA VI and VII. I also saw plans for E307 and 08. At the end of the hall I saw a skark with a radio active supplement on its head. I walked back out and enjoyed the rest of the convention. Two days later I went back for the shark and took him out of there. Now he is at my house. On ebay people are willing to pay $5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for it. I think I'll sell him.