BooYaaLefty is back from Iraq :). He has some awesome journals and you're missing out if you haven't read him.

pt606 had a birthday, so he's getting old. He also has some awesome journals.

I got a whopping $.30 an hour raise (thirty cents for those of you who missed the "." there). HP announced that they are building not 1 but 2 datacenters here in Austin and considering my familiarity with their ways, I stand a good chance of getting a kick ass job with them if this whole THD thing starts to really piss me off. There's a hiring freeze at the ATC which means that I can't get promoted out from under the manager I don't like.... but they're hiring in Atlanta. Sorry, not moving to Atlanta.

I had a pretty good week at work. Eric's healing up well. The surgeon said he's cleared for all activity on the 24th - next week. He's still got the wound pump, but they will probably remove that tomorrow.

All the dogs are fine. Tippy has adjusted very well to her crate. She makes really REALLY cute puppy noises when we let her out when we get home :)

My sister made me a moderator on the Austin Freecycle list. With 1200 members, it's not like moderating this site, but they have a large variety of idiots. One person was mad at my sister over something that happened on Craig's List that was entirely unrelated to Freecycle. Uh... wha?

I'm level 14 in Oblivion, I'm a expert in Speechcraft and I'm working on my Alchemy skill :). I still get my ass kicked by bears and things that I should easily be able to kill at my level, but I haven't been playing "the right way" according to Eric. Heh heh. It cracks me up because I like the way I play. I'll work on my fighting skills later, right now I'm enjoying being an herbalist.

edit: heh, i knew it was too quiet around here. I couldn't pay my phone bill for a while, so they turned it off. Hate it when that happens. Oh well, I get paid tomorrow, so it will be back on in the afternoon. If I'm lucky, my folks won't notice :)