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    • What am I doing?

      2 years ago


      Image result for drake im doing me meme

      Shoutout to anyone who remember when this song was hot.

      This might get a bit emotional, so I'll do a TLDR. So, this past weekend I was sitting in my room watching Off Topic when it hit me. My master plan was foiled and I had yet to realize it. Somewhere between getting promoted, and now having more duties and responsibilities that I didn't want, I rememberd why I even took the promotion in the first place. I ask my self, "What am I doing? What have I been doing for the past 3-4 years?" And the answer to that! Nothing!

      The only reason I applied for a new position was to:

      1. get a pay raise

      2. go full time

      3. move out

      Now that none of those things have happened and with my workload increasing, I start looking for new work. Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I'm an extreme introvert with anxiety problems and most jobs require extensive communication." So I look for jobs I could do with that in mind. Then I remember, "Oh yeah, it's the same thing I'm doing now and the pay sucks." So then I realize I have no skills or qualifications to do anything other than my current job. I detest school, so that's out of the question, I looked at job specific training opprotunities but those also cost money and conflict with my working hours.

      Que freakout panic attack. I'm old, still live with my parents, can't afford to move out, and have no other prospects outside my current field. Fast forward to today, I tell my dad I can't stay at my current employer, and that I don't want to spend 2 or four years back in a class room. He looks up from his computer and says "Well, there's always the military!"

      My old man is retired Coast Guard, an he suggested I look into jobs within that branch of the military (or department homeland security). I spend about a few hours on the USCG website and decide later this week to go to their recruiting office.

      If things go as intended, eventually I'll have to quit and sign my life away to the government. I'll miss everybody but only half hartedly as I keep to myself and don't know them that well, but they are great people.

      Gonna be a while before I get back to video games and anime... also rooster teeth. Blah, I don't like it, but I need $$$ and some direction in my life as I've just been doing those three things since high school.

      TLDR: Had a quarter-life crisis freak out, decided I needed a career change. Within 48 hours I decide to join the Coast Guard.

    • Hey fam.

      2 years ago


      flirting how you doin how you doing?

      I'm curious, is there anyone out there who exclusively watches RT content? As in... you kinda replace RT shows with real TV... I fall into that part of the vinn diagram. I only work part time so I have a lot of free time, and besides playing guitar, writing, video games and anime. I tune in every day to see what RT has to offer across all their respective channels.

      Without getting to personal, or being a complete downer, I was in a place and time where watching everyday TV was emotionally and mentally distressing and needed an escape. RT, or rather AH was that escape. I do watch some tv shows like Thrones and Arrow, and a coworker introduced me to Jessica Jones which was really neat.

      Shout out to good people, and be sure to hug your friends.

    • Send help.

      3 years ago


      I got Lichdom Battlemage a while ago from the library, because being cool isn't hard when... blah blah library card, and it's one of the worst games I've ever played so far. I didn't know anything about the game when I got it, then I realized it was a port over from PC, and how Kotaku basically said it's the worst running game on the Xbox One.

      Yet... I can't stop playing. It's been two weeks, and in that time I also got Wolfenstien and Witcher 3 DLC. I thought this random game would take two or three days to beat, but nope. Twenty hours later with no end in sight I press on. I'm going to have to pick a day to just burn through this game so I can move on. I won't be bested by 15fps, cliche writing, and level design from MC Escher.



    • I forget that summer isn't just a season

      3 years ago


      To me, summer just means it's hot outside, my car doesn't sound like death trying to start, and for a few weeks the flashing lights next to schools that tell you to slow down don't flash. I forget that summer is synonymous for vacation, or at least some kind of outdoor adventure. I think the last vacation I took was over 10 years ago which would land me in middle school I think, maybe even earlier. My boss gave me five days off during the dead of winter one time, but all I did was lounge around.

      What does summer mean to you? Not to sound like your English teacher or anything. Also, if you did something cool let me know, the only place I want to vacation to is Japan which would be really expensive among other things.

    • how is this the future?

      3 years ago


      I'm waiting for a game to install on my xbox, so I thought I'd stop by and wish everyone a safe and fun weekend. But really, every console I ever had never required an extra step between me and the game. Maybe PC gamers have to stuffer through this but man, I need something to do while I wait for the thing that was going to do.

      Also, is Lichdom a good game? I'll play it regardless because I need a break from anime.

    • This site could use a block feature

      3 years ago


      Or a limit to how long a journal can be. I can only scroll down on my mouse wheel for so long before it gets a bit ridiculous. I like seeing what the community is up to, but a step by step guide on how to change headlight fluid is a bit much. Same with the endless humble brag, I thought I left all that behind when I quit facebook. I even left reddit do come here. I feel like social media just isn't my forte.

    • I did a thing

      3 years ago


      Time to scratch "eat a cold hot pocket" off my bucket list. What's worse is as soon as I grabbed it I know it was still cold, I didn't take a bite and get an icy surprise at all. Ok, there wasn't any ice, but it was slushy in some areas. It was like eating a meatcicle, which isn't too bad considering how warm it is here. Wonder if Gavin would gag at that?

    • Today was productive.

      3 years ago


      I did something I don't normaly do, which is leave the house during the weekend, and I found out that there are two pokestops that I can get on the drive home from work. As Jeremy said on the podcast, it's 90% churches, so I shouldn't look to suspicious. There's also one that's a water tower, it's right next to the road but at night it's pitch black out there.

      I guess an alternative to that would be to start shoving money at my phone for pokeballs and items.


      I was saving to get Witcher 3 DLC too. Pokemon you ruined me.

    • This is topical, I think.

      3 years ago


      So I was scrolling through the recorded RTX streams when I noticed the words 'God Eater' next to the word 'play' along with Blaine, Jon, and Cole. At first glance I thought, "They're on center stage watching anime?". I had some time to kill, and not even 5 minutes in I couldn't believe they made a game based on the anime, or as I found out, made an anime based on a video game! So for those who have no idea what God Eater is, you're in luck, because I just finished the series. Is this the sort of thing that happens when the planets align just right?

      Big Swords? Check.


      (image courtesy of Crunchyroll)

      So in this post-apocalyptic world, nature (namely animals) got an evolutionalry kick in the pants due to some scientific research going awry. Like in most dooms day scenarios, it started out small, and spiraled out of control to the point where the human population is endangered and are forced to live in fortresses the size of cities to keep the creepy crawlies out.

      Giant Monsters? Got Those Too.

      (cargo plane for scale, yikes!)


      (image courtesy of /r/anime)

      God Eaters, or rather a God Eater, is someone who his trained to take out these monsters and look totally badass doing so. I mean, it's pretty hard not to look cool carrying a massive sword, or gun for that matter. They're the only line of defense and offense against the Aragami, and boy, do they have their work cut out for them.

      Personally, I found this anime enjoyable. There's tons of action, and the series does a good job when it comes to world building and character development. It's only 13 episodes and the energy almost never dies, unlike those unfortunate enough to be caught without their trusty God Arc (giant aragami killing device). Or your hat, because you know, fashion and stuff.


      (gif courtesy of kryota.tumblr.com)

      Also, MS Word has spoiled me with the convenience of spell check, hope there aren't too many mispellings or grammar mistakes.

    • How does one go about being more active in the community?

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      I've been down with RT since the first season of RVB debuted on the old site, and I just realized that I've never met anyone who knows anything about RT or even RVB, which is interesting because most of my old friends were really into Halo. So thats kind of why I'm here, but I'm at a loss on where to start or what to do! I like to write, and I've been playing bass guitar for a while now, but I'm not sure how I can incorporate those into the RT community. Also I'm not the most social person on the planet, but I did join the Indianois RT group and might be going to LPL Chicago. So uhh, hey wassup! Friends?

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    • nearly.witch3s

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the community! Feel free to message me or check out the forums if you have any questions. smiley0.gif

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