Hey guys! I know this seems out of the blue but I have been recently looking into starting to make a RWBY Remnant map in minecraft! I got the idea off of some people for the past 5 years re creating Westeros from Game of Thrones, and that looked like so much fun! It was so interesting exploring the cities and castles looking at new stuff and adaptations from the books and shows and what not. What I imagine this HUGE project to be is make the 5 continents in RWBY to somewhat a scale, for players to explore big marks from the show but also the freedom of travelling anywhere, adding new places and camps maybe add some custom grim mobs IDK! My brain is flowing with creativity rn and I think it'll please the RWBY fans wanting a new game (mainly open world) That want to play in remnant. 

Now I don't want to say all my ideas this is literally the barest of bones explanation I can make but, would you the RWBY community be interested in seeing this project being made/ even help build and create your own creations within the RWBY universe? Thanks for your thoughts! :)

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