Every one has sad stories, but lets see how depresing it is compared to other people
here is mine:
ok lets start from the beggining. my mom and dad split up when i was around 8 or 9(i was so sad)and i was forced to live with my dad for like 5 years. so when i had the chance i moved there and lived there for a year because i thought it would be good to be with my mom... but i was wrong she wouldn't let me go on the computer(ever) or watch Tv more than 1 hour a month(i couldn't live with that) she hated games and more... and to make it worse my teachers were all assholes and my moms boyfriend was horrible. so i moved out of ther as soon as i could(she wouldn't ;et me move out for a year).
ok i finally got over that...
now even worse:
my friends are a mix of nerds and druggies so i guess i am both(and drugies hate themselves) and druggies hate nerds and nerds think drugs are not cool and well i believe all of that so i REALLY hate myself. ok even more recent:
someone stole my MiniDisc player(around $150) and music is my life... oh and my girlfriend wich i only was dating for a couple of days broke up with me(i knew her for about 6 months). because she has so much stuff going on in her life. all my friends are still nerds, my teachers still are assholes and are out to get me. and i owe $1000 for my laptop. i failed social 10 and now i have to repete it. i haven't been able to go snowboarding so far this season and its just driving me nuts!!!

well thats my story and i want to kill myself...
maybe hearing yours will help me

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