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      14 years ago


      Half way there! At least im done with my most difficult exams... Tomorow English!

    • 2 of 8 done...

      14 years ago


      finished my History test today! I will have to suffer through Spanish and Math tomorow though :(

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      14 years ago


      I finished my first final today! I had to go to class at 5:30 PM and sit is a room for 3 hours writing a 6 page paper about the relationship between truth and untruth and the six disciplines of knowledge... fun stuff...

      tomorow i can sleep through my history of the americas final!

    • Where did all the money go?

      14 years ago


      i hate the holidays. I have spent $650 on presents... and im only 17 with a minor job as a consultant at a local law firm...

      on top of that, i have had to buy a new pair of xbl headphones because my dumbass friend brooke my old ones... o well... at least i have an excuse to get the new headphones. The Halo 2 LE headphones... i cant wait!

    • Its that time of life...

      14 years ago


      I have begun visiting colleges. Today i went to UC Davis. I thought that it was a nice campus, but unfortunatley they don't offer a dual MBA/Law degree... Other than that major point, i liked UCD immensley.

      I hope to find a college soon to fufill my needs. Pepperdine University is ideal to me. It is in my original hometown (Malibu) and it offers the dual MBA/Law degree...

      I will know for sure next year when im sending out applications...

    • Greenday

      14 years ago


      I went to the Greenday concert in bakersfield this weekend. It was fucking awsome!

      I felt kind of bad for Sugarcult and New Found Glory. Hardly anybody was excited about them, but as soon as greenday got on stage, it went crazy.

      If you have a chance, see the tour before its done on the 24th

    • Halo 2 anticipation

      14 years ago


      Well yesterday i went out and bought X-Box Live! I dont have any XBL supported games and i only plan on buying one in the near future... Can you guess which?

      Thats right... Halo 2!!! I have put about $100 dollars into networking my XBox and buying an xbl subscription on the anticipation of a really good game...

      I will probably be standing in line with the rest of em' at midnight on monday... Should be fun though. Gamestop is having a big party to kick it off and theyre cooking bar-b-que too :)

      If you wana play some Halo 2 with me, my XBL Gamertag is Raging 1nf3rn0

    • My completley Awsome Weekend in LA

      14 years ago


      Well this weekend, my family and I went down to our vacation home in Malibu. While we were there, we rented a mini to see how it drives so i could really know if i wanted one for my next birthday or not. All i can say about the mini is that it fucking rocks!

      If you are ever in the market for a mini, do what i did: rent one! You can beat the shit out of it without reprocussion and you get a mush better feel of the car than you would in a testdrive.

      Here are some pics of the car and me at a turnout in the Malibu hills:

      Scaled down for size


      With any luck, i will be able to get one by my birthday (Nov 5) next year :)

    • My GTA: SA Review

      14 years ago


      You can see the original here

      or you can read it below:


      Game Title: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

      Console: PS2(Oct 19)/PC/Xbox(2005)

      Hours Played: 5+(as of this writing)

      -Its GTA... need i say more?
      -The RPG elements add to the fun.
      -The overall improvenent is remarcable
      -The character development is untouched

      -The Graphics engine is in need of a serious overhaul
      -(graphics related) The blucky hands!! The horror!!!!

      So far, i have spent most of my time [Freaking] around. It is great just to drive around killing people. Ive done mabie 10 or so of the story missions that so far range from simple pick up/drop off to difficult drive-by missions. The biggest difference ive noticed from the other entries so far is the team effort in the missions. In most of 3 and VC, you were a lone gun. In these, you have backup, whether it be 3 homes with tek 9s or a guy with a baseball bat, youre in it together. This adds alot to the gameplay. Another thing ive noticed is an abundance of cops and a longer time before a 1 star wanted level dissapears. Not a big deal, but when you accidentally hit a motorcycle cop and spend 3 minutes gettin away from the fuz, it can get tricky.

      I have not been able to get too far into the mechanics of the game, but the vehicles feel solid, and it is a little harder to get knocked off the motorcycles (remember barley hitting a pole and going flying? Thats gone now) The cars have a nice sluggish feel, but it is natural considering my driving skill (The Points scale... not my actual skill Razz) and the fact that there all El Caminos and Pintos. I have had 1 chance to drive the Infernus (The Acura NSX look alike), and noticed it was verry difficult. Again this was probably due to my low rating for driving.

      The food eating that has been talked about dosent play much of a role in this game. it is simply a quick fix if youre low on health. It is also easy to burn fat off. (im at 0% right now) Its all about how you wana be.

      Which brings me to my next point: Freedom. The variety is remarcable. If all you wanted to do was putz around on the motorcycle hitting jumps, youl get really good at driving the motorcycle, which in turn makes driving the motorcycle more fun. If you wana make your character buff, hit the gym. The stores have a variety of clothes to buy, so if you feel the need, you can dress your gangsta all in pink... I dont know why youd do that, but you could...

      Now this game is not 100%. The only dissapointment in my opinion is the fact that the grandure of the game is being marred by the lack luster graphics. They are not bad, but they are not up to the Nex-Gen Standards. It is not fair to expect too much from the PS2, especially in a goame as large as GTA: SA, but it still hampers your enjoyment. The radio is also a little more of a dissapointment, but you cant be too cynical when it predecessor was VC... The 90's were very blan in the music department compared to the 80's. Get over it.

      Replayability: Very High (and i mean very! im talking 150 hours +)

      Overall Rating: 9.7 ( would be perfect, but the dam graphics held me back)

      Recommendation:BUY! BUY! BUY!!! (seriously i would only give you 1 warning: There is a lot of bad language.

    • To all you sponsors with ulterior motive

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      I have been watching the threads about the lack of a sponsor dvd and whatnot. All i can say is that im ashamed. The act of sponsoring has become misconstrued into something about gain. To sponsor means

      someone who supports or champions something.

      When you sponsor, you show your support of Red vs. Blue and now The Strangerhood. You show how much you appreciate what these guys have done. It should not be about some "gift" that you "deserve".

      In the begining, The Crew made the DVD a gift to show theirsupport of their sponsors. But by season 2, it just became another way to get a dvd. The crew realized this and wanted to weed out the wheat from the chaff. So, they removed the super sponsorship and kept the regular sponsorship.

      When you complain that you arent getting a dvd, you are only confirming the suspicions of the crew that your intentions were unpure. A sponsorship should be based on a respect of what these guys use their free time to do. Not about free stuff.

      So to conclude, Please dont come to the sponsor forum with people that have pure intentions and bitch about how "all you got was an asterisk" or how you should have just put an asterisk at the end of your name. It only serves to insult the people who actually care and makes you look like an asshole.


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