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    • Possible Gimm Queen?

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      We all got introduced to Salem at the end of the Volume 3 finale. She's obviously the one Cinder's working for. Now I'm not quite sure what the hell she is. Some may say, "She the Queen of the Grimm", but she speaks of the Grimm as if she were apart from them. Oddly enough she looks like she could be a Grimm with a human form. Whatever the case it seems that maybe she's the one masterminding all the scheming from the first three volumes. However I ask people to consider this. In the first episode of Volume 1 it seemed Roman was the main villain until Cinder was shown, just without a clear look at her face. Then we learned who Cinder was at the end of Volume 1.

      Personally I was thinking until episode 7 of Volume 3 that Cinder was the real mastermind. Afterwards I heard Cinder explaining she wanted "to be strong" and to be "feared." When in the hell does she explain herself to anyone?

      That made me think of how young she still is. Maybe she's human. Maybe she's not. Who the hell knows what she is at this point? By now we've seen what she can do. However it no longer made sense that Cinder was the mastermind. Then a few episodes later Salem shows her face. I was thinking, "So this is the force responsible for turning Vale into a total clusterfuck." At this point that's what it seems like but is she the only being of her kind?

      To me there's no way she could be the only one of her kind. There may a whole bunch of beings like her, all dedicated to her goals.

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    • Ruby vs Neo

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      I'm not exactly sure how a fight between Ruby and Neo would play out. I'm sure that Yang told Ruby about her though. If she did I'd have no doubt in my mind that Ruby would be even more pissed off than she already is if she saw Neo standing in her way. Neo's only true defense will be using her umbrella to block Ruby's gunfire and her semblance to throw Ruby off. Even if the two women are of roughly similar size Ruby is still five inches taller when you do the math. That means Neo is fighting someone with a height advantage. With Crescent Rose Ruse is definitely going to batter down Neo if she lands multiple direct hits, even if only on the umbrella. If anyone hasn't noticed the size of Ruby's scythe they should start paying attention now. With a scythe of that size Ruby will batter down Neo. Ruby's got her semblance of speed but Neo has illusions. No matter how you cut it this would make an electrifying fight to watch.

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    • Super Grimm

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      Unless you've seen the tenth chapter of volume 3 this is a spoiler. If not then keep reading. I noticed at the end that there was a huge Grimm spawning other Grimm. It's like the panic Cinder caused woke it up. Glynda knew just what it was while just about everyone else was wondering, "What the hell?" Whatever that thing was it's a super Grimm because it's so freaking huge. The thing is basically a dragon. It makes me wonder if there are more of those things. In any case my guess is that Ironwood's fleet could have shot that thing out of the sky. It would take awhile but it could still get shot down. Cinder obviously wanted that thing to keep flying so she had Roman put her Black Queen virus into the network of the Atlesian robot soldiers. Vale is essentially screwed until the Huntsmen and Huntresses can fix the messes on the ground and in the air. Even then it'll be extremely hard to kill that super Grimm.

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    • Penny's Revenge

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      If Penny is brought back she may end up seeking revenge on the one who destroyed her. Pyrrha Nikos. Who's to say that wouldn't happen? Penny had no idea how Cinder was using her. All she remembered in her final moments was Pyrrha destroying her. If she is brought back I seriously doubt she'll be the same Penny we knew.

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