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      I was brainstorming some ideas for different factions last night and I didn't want to spam you steam messages so I decided to just put them all here for you to read when you aren't busy.

      Faction Name: The Zealots
      Short description: A coalition of loosely affiliated groups made up of prewar preachers recruiting survivors for a holy war against the unpure: ghouls and mutants.
      General technological level: Mostly improvised weapons like pipe guns and leather armor
      Level of training: Little to no military training, but can occasionally have trained soldiers in their groups.
      Usual territory: Rural areas, they tend to take over smaller towns, and fortify prewar churches
      Strengths: Due to the simplicity of their message they have large numbers of devout followers, who are whipped up into an almost suicidal frenzy resulting in tenacious albeit poorly equipped fighters.
      Weaknesses: They are limited in terms of equipment, the best they have is a small number of 10mm pistols and shotguns. They are generally offputting due to their preaching and tend to not be well liked by other factions.

      Faction name: The Damned
      Short description: Survivors of the Great War turned into ghouls by the intense radiation. They are shunned by practically everyone due to their appearance, and tend to keep to themselves.
      General technological level: Slightly above average, they tend to use an arsenal of scavenged civilian weapons, and armor, rarely have military grade weapons and armor.
      Level of training: Varies wildly, can have ghoulified soldiers, or just regular civilians. Due to their usual habitats they tend to eschew standardized training thinking the radiation alone is enough to protect them.
      Usual territory: Highly irradiated areas regular humans cannot go like nuclear power plants, and city centers.
      Strengths: Due to their ability to be healed by radiation they can scavenge in areas unreachable by regular humans, and aren't attacked by feral ghouls
      Weaknesses: They are on their own due to their appearance, almost no one is willing to even talk to them, most just shoot at them on sight.

      Faction name: The Prepared
      Short description: A catchall term for preppers, and conspiracy theorists who knew what was coming, and prepared for it, building bunkers and stockpiling supplies.
      General technological level: Civilian grade weapons, and armor, some improvised automatic weapons, and combat armor
      Level of training: Tend to be well trained in survival, and in combat. They specialize in hit and run warfare using their knowledge of their home terrain to defeat attackers.
      Usual territory: Small towns in the mountains near their protective bunkers
      Strengths: Well trained, and well equipped, they operate out of hidden bunkers deep in the mountains making them a formidable foe.
      Weaknesses: They are paranoid, and few in numbers. They are extremely slow to trust, and even slower to grow their numbers.

      Will add more later.

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    • The Wastelanders - Characters

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      Physical appearance:





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    • CH3: Mud and Iron

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      I stand at the observation deck of our corvette as we finish our jump into the system, just as I had hoped the coordinates I had were still good, and we were able to jump right to the planet Sigma 3. The planet which is the third orbiting this blue dwarf out of twelve is right smack dab in the star's habitable zone, but due to the contents of its atmosphere it is perpetually humid, covered in huge marshes, and rich in a mineral vital in the refining process of ship fuel. The planet used to be a vital resupply hub for BAN ships in the outer rim but it was quickly taken during the early days of the conflict, and forgotten about over the years. Fragments of destroyed BAN ships, and orbital platforms still orbit the planet, and an old space elevator still stands after being abandoned for so long.

      "Prepare a VTOL for departure. The refinery is right next to the elevator on a rock plateau. We're searching that first."

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    • The Ring of Steel

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      Warsaw, Poland,
      3rd Guards Tank Division Command Post

      I kneel on the back of my T-80BV, all around me all my tools are carefully laid out as I preform scheduled maintainace on the engine. During the initial assault on the German defenses in western Warsaw we pushed our tanks pretty hard while trying to the make a breakthrough so command is having us do maintainace while awaiting orders from high command. All the tanks are lined up in the parking lot of the warehouse we were using as the battalion CP. All the crews were either performing maintainence or trying to get some rest before the best major push. The officers walk down the line of tanks keeping an eye on things while music plays out of a nearby portable radio.

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    • Vali Mercenary Corps Equipment/Resources

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      Motor Pool
      -5x C-5 Galaxy
      -6x C-7 Globetrotter
      -1x AN-225 Antanov
      -4x AH Little Bird
      3x LAV-25
      10x MRAP Standard
      20x HMWV Standard
      50x MTVR (7 ton trucks)
      20x Abram M1A1
      2x T-14 Armata
      1x T-90A
      1x T-72
      1x Ural-4320 (+Trailer cover.)
      1x GAZ-3937 Vodnik
      1x BTR-90
      1x Tarta T-813 (+Heavy cargo trailer.)

      Unit Counts
      Unit Counts
      Mercenary Corps:
      -300 Infantry Regular
      -200 Motor T/Vehicle Maintenence
      -40 Intelligence
      -15 Electronic Maintenence/IT
      -70 Communications
      -60 Combat Support Specialists/Combat Logistics
      -60 Warehouse Logistics/Supply
      -80 Combat Engineer/EOD
      -200 Recon
      -180 Trainees
      -30 Combat Instructors
      60 Combat Medics
      -Total: 1295

      Air Force -
      30 C5/C7 Air Crewmen
      -10 B1 Air Crewment
      -100 Avionics Maintenence
      -20 Fuel Supply Specialists
      -25 Fire Rescue Team
      -30 Avionics Supply/Logistics
      -20 Air Control
      Total: 235


      - 200 Administration
      - 220 Basic Services (cafeteria, basic maintenence, utilies)

      Total: 420

      Vali Operations Unit Total: 1950 Units
      Vali Operations Unit Total: 182 Units

      Logistics Supply:
      Armory Inventory:


      Small Arms:
      39x M16A4
      28x M9 Beretta
      2x M40
      1x M82A1 (barrett 50. cal)
      -30x Assorted AK rifles (AKM, AK-74M, AK-103.)
      -1x KSVK Anti-Material Rifle
      -2x PKP Pecheneg
      -20x Assorted M-16/AR-15 rifles
      -5x Desert Eagles
      -10x Revolvers
      -20x M1911 Variants
      -20x Glock Variants
      -25x Hunting Rifles
      -1x Spas-12
      -1x AA-12
      -5x Remington 870 MCS
      -2x M1014

      2x Javeline Anti Armor (Assembly) (1x)
      3x AT 4 (7x)
      2x LAW (30x)
      1x Stinger AA (4x)
      1x RPG-7 (15x)
      -3x DShKM (+Tripod mounts, and vehicle pintle mounts.)

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    • CH 4: R&R

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      May 26th, 2070
      Ellsworth AFB VMC Barracks

      I start placing my folded clothes into my olive green dufflebag. We were being given some time for R&R after that mission in Ukraine. That mission was pretty stressful so I'm glad that we are finally being given some time off. We were going to the Denver area since I always wanted to visit, and Saphire has family there. "I wonder how we are getting there.. Could always take my HMMWV down to colorado." I spoke to myself as I placed an AKMS into a long gun case alongside a supressor, and several mags. The AKMS is a pretty old gun design, but it was cheap, and reliable. Good enough for self defense if it comes to it.

      I close the case, and place it against the wall next to my dufflebag.


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    • Research and Development

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      The Archangel project was a pet project of the Commandant of the VMC General Alexander Smith. Originally the aim of the project was to create better soldiers, to give the VMC a significant edge over competitors, but over time it evolved into something more.

      January 14th, 2049,
      Vali Republic Genetic Research Laboratory, Rapid City South Dakota,
      Laboratory A1, Genetic Engineering wing.

      Several men in lab coats stood at a large console in the lab's command room. On the other side of the bay window were dozens of large glass tubes with riolu floating inside. "Rerunning bioscans on the specimens." One of the assistants commented before a light flashed on a console. "Bioscan #200 complete. Specimens genetic structures are stable. They are just as stable as the human control group." With the announcement the scientists cheered. They had been working for years to try to stabilize the genetic structure of the new species to ensure their life spans aren't stunted.

      "Drain the tanks, and move the specimens into the nursery. Prepare a full report for the VMC, and Vali Government."

      After an hour all of the little riolu had been moved into the nursery where they would be kept until they were able to walk, and talk. The head scientist used a pair of gloves built into the wall of the nursery to pickup one of the little creatures, and scratch it behind the ears causing it to let out a little cry of happiness. "Most people would say we are playing god here. I don't feel like a god I feel more like a father.."

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    • Character Template

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      Physical Description:
      Height :

      Personality type:

      Worn clothing/uniform:



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