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    • A Desperate Escape (Solo)

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      (This story will follow a group of Russian soldiers fleeing Sevastopol in a submarine. Ultimately the submarine will end up beached on the coast of Washington state after a mechanical problem forces them to beach it to avoid sinking. Debating in wether to have them trek on foot eastward or have them hold out in the sub. The presence of nuclear warheads on board could bring up a moral crisis in Vali Ops. Dispose of the warheads to ensure such destructive power out of the wrong hands, or sell them off for a massive profit. Also to explore the fate of the US navy. The presence or lack of warheads will remain unknown until your input is made.)

      July 24th, 2020
      Sevastopol, Russia
      Russian Naval Base

      Every night I lay awake, the sound of machine gun fire, and the rythmic sound of the BMP cannons firing in bursts not helping my weary mind rest. This siege has been going on for atleast two weeks now, although my sense of time has been off in recent days. My name is Nikolai, I am a Spetsnaz operator stationed in the disputed Crimea region of Russia, or Ukraine depending on who you speak to. I was sent here shortly before losing contact with high command to ensure the communications arrays in the base were kept operational at all costs, and if the base were to fall to ensure the equipment will not fall into the wrong hands. The base is under siege constantly by mobs of little more than ravenous animals at this point, clawing at the gates of the base with their heart set on looting its contents, and massacring everyone inside.

      I fear for the young recruits, some as young as 16 conscripted to bolster our defenses. They are mere children fighting a losing battle against those that would see us killed. We lost contact with high command a month ago, and regional command 3 weeks ago. With little hope of survival I have made a plan to escape. Once the charges are set on the array we will escape aboard a Ballistic Missile Submarine in port.

      July 25th, 2020

      I brought my plan up with the base commander earlier today. He seemed adamant in staying before a mob swarmed a breach in our perimeter. We used up valuable ammunition forcing them back. After that he changed his tune, and agreed to evacuate the base using the naval assets here. The timeline he proposed for evacuating is too long we will never survive. I spoke to my team, and to the submarine crew. In one weeks time we will evacuate the base under the cover of darkness, and disappear into the dark depths of the Black Sea.

      (I'm trying our a journal entry style of writing tell me what you think.)

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    • Chapter 6: In Dire Straits

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      December 23rd, 2020, 7:30 AM
      Meadow Ln Ave Kmart, Cody Wyoming

      The sun slowly started to rise over the horizon, the beams of light shining off the fresh undisturbed snow deposited by a blizzard the night before. The inside of the Kmart had been fortified by covering the windows with store shelves, and boards. The location was secured, but hardly a good place to stay in the long term. Over the months since the battle in Utah the groups supplies had slowly been dwindling, and scavengers have been bringing back less, and less from the city. Major Jason Masaki whom had been treating the wounded they had was running critically low on medical supplies to help the wounded. Cody was dry of resources, and soon they would have to move to avoid starving to death.

      (This'll probably end up being a full chapter so I labelled it as such.)

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    • Fight for survival

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      It was late Autumn in the eastern United States usually children would be playing in the leaves while adults prepared for the coming winter, but not anymore. Ever since an unknown disease swept across the area the countryside was crawling with undead. Survivors desperately tried to survive the elements, and the zombies some did, most did not.

      Fairfield. Once a medium sized town with a population in upwards of 9,764 people was now a ghost town. In the husk of the once vibrant town people try to survive against all odds.

      The town is divided into three demographics:

      In the center of town there are the shops. Grocery stores, sporting goods, you name it. This includes:
      A Costco warehouse situated on a hill near the center of town. Hordes seem to patrol this area often so not many scavengers have even made it near it, making it a prime spot for looting.
      Dicks Sporting Goods: Attached to the mall. Due to mall renovations the entire place was on lockdown when it hit so if you can find a way in, you can get some good stuff.
      The hospital: Completely overrun. Filled with the best medical supplies you can find, if you can survive.

      The Suburbs: Like most towns Fairfield is surrounded by residential areas. Houses contain the widest variety of supplies, but they are usually in small numbers, and host a moderate amount of zombies.

      Industrial: Warehouses, office buildings, and factories. Construction supplies are common here, and so are tools. The industrial center boasts the lowest amount of infected, but make too much noise, and they'll come out of the woodwork.
      The Airport: A small county airport. Mostly has prop planes, and some helicopters. They weren't fueled up before the outbreak so good luck with that.

      All characters spawn in random houses in the suburbs.

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    • Fight for Survival Signups

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      Okay now a few things.

      -Everyone starts with a pistol, a backpack, and two days of provisions
      -The zombies can run, slightly slower than an adult, but do not require headshots.
      -A bite isn't an instant death. The zombie disease can be treated, and cured, but its difficult.
      -Special zombies will exist, but will be rarer. Some old ones may make an appearance, but most won't. (I mean bullet proof zombie bears c'mon.)
      -Jobs give you your primary skills, and hobbies your secondary. Jobs that involve combat such as soldiers, police, and SWAT recieve the Combat training skill in addition to their specialization in that field. Combat training means your overall accuracy is better, and your guns are less likely to jam. Also you receive additional gear depending on your job. Soldiers get ARs, or snipers, cops get shotguns, and SWAT get SMG.

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