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    • Inactive account please delete me.

      8 years ago


      Hi there, you may be wondering what my journal post is about and well it's about me asking for whoever can or may be able to and hope that someone will see this and delete my account because you see I have not used this in a very long time and I deleted and removed things off my profile to make it atleast nearly default as it were as it was created from the very beginning. I have left Kzuelch and Yomary as a friend so they may atleast see this in some way and hopefully will forfill my request because I can't get ahold of my email which I can't remember what it was since it was so long ago that I made this and I was around say thirteen years of age or whatever even though it says I'm much older but a matter of fact I was actually born in 1993 so that explains it.

      So really I don't use this anymore and I don't know why I have bothered to log back in and such but I don't want this hanging around anymore.

      Thank you for your time.

    • Metalocalypse deth klok (Death clock)

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      hey well this is about metalocalypse the show im just tellin everyone who can be stuffed reading this and some of you might know this or not but their album is coming out this september 25th yes their awsome music is coming out on cd and hopefully some songs we havent heard of ive got most of their songs but im still gona buy their music to support them to make more and this is also a topic to say what you like most or dislike most about metalocalypse this is where you can talk about it and when the album comes out you can also say whats your favourite song and so on but if you arent gona say anything thats about this or just saying stuff like it sucks just dont say anything at all well thats about it so i guess you can start commenting now well ill like to know what you have to say about metalocalypse besides saying if it sucks or not.

      (P.S) Im not 100% sure it comes out september 25th but its what fans have been saying and so on heres their site for news and so on visit www.dethklok.org/wp/

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    • halo 3

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      i think halo 3 is coming out in 2007 i cant wait to get it when i get a xbox 360 that is

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    • xbox 360s own ps3

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      ok i read this months magazine and it said that ps3 had the same graphics and ps3s r about $999 and xbox somewhere down $500-$600 then it said ask ur self would u pay that much for a ps3 for the same graphics and everything as the xbox 360 so i thought im not getting a ps3 im getting a xbox 360 ps3 r just a waste of money ps3s suck

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