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    • RWBY Volume 6 - Mystery Woman Identity Conspiracy Theory

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      I know almost everyone seems to think that the new woman is Cinder. And I think they may be right... and wrong at the same time. And for good reason. I have a theory that just might make sense. I believe this new mystery woman seen in the intro could be some sort of fusion of Pyrrha and Cinder that is recently formed from the two of them. Crazy? Maybe. But allow me to explain why I believe this. We all saw how Pyrrha died in Volume 3, right? Then, at Haven, Cinder Fall(s) next. Get it? Anyway, at the time of their passing, they each had half of the Fall Maiden's power, one of four relic forces we still have yet to understand. So, it stands to reason that due to their passing, their auras and bodies must have fused into a brand new one that shares their body features such as a Grimm arm that is bandaged up. Anyway, that's what I believe to be the case. Whether you feel different or you agree, I'm all ears. Although, personally, I'm hoping that it's just Cinder.

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    • RWBY - Cinder Character Short Petition Plan

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      I'm just gonna come out and say it, in case anyone else didn't think that. I believe Cinder Fall should get her own short either sometime Volume 6 or after. Because we're all curious about how Cinder came to be on Salem's side. More than that, we should see the aftermath of Pyrrha's death and how powerful Ruby was exactly  with those silver eyes of her and the end result. I think they should make this short happen, don't you agree? I don't know how to start a petition for that, but once I learn to do that, I'm planning on starting it, and I'd like all of your help on making it happen.

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