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    • Kiss and make up to CRWBY

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      With volume 5 now over and the reception being so mixed, I feel a little guilty at some of the critical comments I've made. All were meant to be constructive, but emotional state got the better of me and often they came out as unfair or downright shitty.

      I don't expect anyone gives a shit about my individual feelings, but with so many others reacting similarly I don't want to bring down my sweet boys Miles and Kerry and everyone else who undoubtedly busted their arses trying to make the show amazing.

      So if you've made negative comments, leave a note here. Let the team know that you didn't want to be mean, and you're sorry if you got carried away. With any luck, someone at the company will see a collection of kind words and can show anyone who needs a pick me up. Remind them that at the end of the day it's just fiction, and if we go too far it's because we care and got too wrapped up in what they made for us.

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    • See Into The Future

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      Here's theory I have come up with: if it were possible to know every single law of physics, and to know where every single thing in the universe was (matter, energy, anything else), it would be possible to predict the history of the entire universe. Here's how: let's say at the start of the universe one particle hit another particle, which then reacted in a certain way that caused another three particles to be given off, then they went and... you could continue like that until the end of time.

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    • sYSTem ErrOR Episode 2 Part 2

      10 years ago


      Damien: Pull!

      Muzz pushes a fusion coil into the launcher and Damien shoots it as it is catapulted into the air.

      Damien: Pull!

      Muzz pushes another fusion coil into the launcher and Damien shoots this one too.

      Damien: Haha! Five in a row, best streak so far!

      Muzz: That’s pissweak, and you know it!

      Damien: Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Come up here and beat it then!

      Muzz: All right, I will!

      Muzz and Damien switch places.

      Muzz: Pull!

      Muzz launches a coil and Damien shoots it, and keeps shooting.

      Muzz: As he turns to face Damien and keeps shooting: Yeah, see that!

      Muzz shoots the pile of coils and sends Damien flying.

      Muzz: Now he stops shooting. Woops. Sorry. I forgot you were supposed to take your finger off the trigger.

      Damien: He’s lying on the ground. Ooooooow. You suck! He gets up. I’m okay, by the way. The armour absorbed most of it for me.

      They stare at each other and burst out laughing.

      Damien: Now what?

      Muzz: Give you a drag race on the beach?

      Damien: Excitedly: No. Before that, I know something that’ll make a drag race even more fun.

      Muzz: What?

      Damien: I’ll be back.

      He runs of towards the fort and the scene fades to black. It then fades back in showing Damien’s feet walking slowly. Damien is making grunting noises and the occasional hiccup. The shot then shows Damien standing next to a big box of beer and there is a thumping noise. Damien is slurring his speech until the end of the episode.

      Damien: Ta-daaa! Look what found hiding in the cold room! He hiccups. Oh, and I might’ve taken the liberty of having a few before I came back. There is a pause. Muzz? Where are-? There is the sound of a Mongoose’s horn. He looks up to where Muzz is, but the camera stays on Damien. Oh, for fucksake.

      Muzz is up on the top floor on a Mongoose.

      Muzz: Check this out Dames! This is gonna be the best fucken’ thing you ever wished you’d thought of yourself!

      He accelerates.

      Muzz: Yee-haaaaa! When he goes over the edge: Oh shit.

      He hits the ground and the mongoose explodes. The camera shows Muzz lying on the ground next to the flaming quad.

      Muzz: Oww, my knee, my knee, my knee is being stabbed by millions of microscopic ferrets!

      Damien: He sighs and then hiccups: I’ll go and get the healing unit.

      Damien walks off towards the barracks. The scene then shows him inside the barracks approaching a cupboard and mumbling a tune.

      Damien: Ah, here we are.
      The shot shows his feet. There is the sound of the door rattling.

      Damien: Damnit, it’s stuck.

      There is the sound of the door opening. Jackson’s body falls at his feet.

      Jackson: He takes a big gulp of air and continues gasping as he talks. Oh god. Oh god oh god. Thank you. Oh god.

      Jackson continues gasping as Damien talks.

      Damien: Confused: Whaa-? Jackson?

    • sYSTem ErrOR Episode 2 Part 1

      10 years ago


      The camera shows shots of various empty places around the fort. It then shows Damien and Muzz walking towards each other. They then stop and start talking.

      Damien: Any luck?

      Muzz: Nope. I looked along the wall, the beach, and in the outbuildings. No-one’s there. What about the barracks?

      Damien: Same. The fort’s empty. Weird.

      Muzz: I wonder what happened? Did I miss another fire drill?

      The camera shows a flashback of Muzz walking up to the barracks:

      Muzz: He whistles a tune. Ah, I always feel better after a swim. Almost like-

      He reaches the barracks and stops short. There are warning lights flashing and klaxons wailing.

      Muzz: Oh my god the world’s ending! He runs around in panic.

      The scene switches back to the present.

      Damien: He chuckles. I doubt it. There is a pause. Do you think we could check the security tapes?

      Muzz: Nervously: Ummmm. I guess so. If you think it will make you feel better.

      Damien: Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to like this?

      They run off into the barracks.

      Damien: Okay, give it a sec and… here we are, the security records from an hour and a half ago.

      The screen shows nothing but static.

      Damien: What the hell?

      Muzz: Umm…yeah…that might have been just a little bit my fault.

      Damien: He sighs. How?

      Muzz: Well, you know how I sneak off for a swim everyday after lunch?

      Damien: In an exasperated tone: Yes.

      Muzz: Well…

      The scene shows a flashback of Muzz crouching next to a panel on the wall and whistling a tune.

      Muzz: Nothin’ to see here.

      Muzz’s voice: …I might have gotten into the habit of cutting the network cable to the cameras so I wouldn’t get caught bludging and then tying the wire together again afterwards so no one noticed.

      Muzz: Oh shit, someone’s coming.

      Muzz stands up and as he does so Sergeant Glvosski walks around the corner.

      Sergeant Glvosski: Oh, hello Private Stevenson. What were you doing down there?

      Muzz: Oh, just tying my shoelace, Sergeant Glvosski.

      Sergeant Glvosski: Oh, very well, very well, get back on patrol then, there’s a good lad.

      Muzz: Yes sir, Sergeant Glvosski.

      Muzz starts walking away.

      Muzz’s voice in his head: Come on, come on, just a little bit more, a few metres, that’s it, and-

      Just as he reaches the door Sergeant Glvosski addresses him:

      Sergeant Glvosski: Wait a minute, Private Stevenson.

      Muzz: Under his breath: Damnit.

      Sergeant Glvosski: These suits have no shoelaces.

      Muzz turns around to face Glvosski.

      Muzz: Slowly: Uhh, really? That must have been why I was taking so long. Thanks for pointing that out, Sergeant Glvosski.

      Sergeant Glvosski: You’re welcome, Private Stevenson. Now off you go.

      Muzz: Yes, sir.

      Muzz walks away and Sergeant Glvosski starts walking.

      Sergeant Glvosski: What a good boy. He pauses. Hold on, what the fuck?

      The scene switches back to the present.

      Muzz: Only sometimes I forget to tie the cable back again. Today was one of those times.

      Damien: But how did you even find the cable?

      Muzz: Well, you know Garoth?

      Damien: That weird IT guy who never leaves his office?

      Muzz: Yeah, turns out he’s really fond of marshmallows.

      Damien: Marshmallows?

      Muzz: Yeah, you know? Pink and white, and stored in the fridge on the other side of the motor pool from Garoth’s office? Well, a kilo and a half of marshmallows did most of the persuading for me.

      Damien: A kilo and a half?

      Muzz: Well, okay, all of the persuading.

      Damien smothers a laugh.

      Muzz: What?

      Damien: I’m just trying to imagine how you got a kilo and a half of marshmallows past Glvosski.

      Muzz smothers a laugh too.

      Muzz: I told him Garoth was having a diabetes attack and he needed sugar. He was too afraid of Garoth to come and see for himself.

      They both burst out laughing. When they are done Damien starts talking.

      Damien: So, to sum up the situation, everyone’s gone and we have no idea where. So we can only guess what happened.

      There is a pause before Muzz speaks up.

      Muzz: More importantly, when do you think they’ll come back?

      Damien: What do you mean?

      Muzz: He looks out over the motor pool. Well, we’ve got the whole fort to ourselves, and I wanna know how much fun I can cause before I have to go back to patrolling the wall every day.

      There is another pause.

      Damien: Well, some things can’t be predicted, sometimes you’ve just gotta go out there and find out yourself.

      Muzz: What do you mean?

      He looks across to where Damien was. Damien is gone.

      Muzz: Hey, where did you-? He yells: Oi, you little shit! It was my idea, you can’t start first! What happened to fair go and all that?

      Muzz runs off in pursuit of Damien and the scene fades to black. The scene fades back in. Muzz is on the ground with a launcher and a bunch of fusion coils, and Damien is up on a ledge.

    • sYSTem ErrOR Episode 1 part 2

      10 years ago


      They turn and start walking back along the wall. The shot shows that the two turret guys, the guys down near the vehicles, and Jackson are gone. Their conversation continues and they don’t notice.

      Muzz: Hey, you up to another thrashing at the training sim?

      Damien: No, but I’m ready to kick your arse at it.

      Muzz: He smothers a laugh.

      Damien: What was that?

      Muzz: What? I didn’t say nothing.

      Damien: Whatever. Hey, did you that technician that came in yesterday?

      Muzz: Not really. I think I caught a glimpse of someone from the inside barracks, but I wasn’t sure who it was. I didn’t recognize their suit though.

      Damien: Did he have yellow bits on his helmet?

      Muzz: Slowly: Yeah. I think so.

      Damien: Then that was him.

      Muzz: What was he doing?

      Damien: I’m not sure. He went down to the basement, and I heard some clanging-

      Muzz: What, like pipes banging?

      Damien: Could’ve been. And there was also some crackling, maybe a welder. He pauses. Oh. My. God. Do you think he-

      Muzz: Fixed the shower? Oh, fuck yeah if he did. Quickly: Come on come on come on come on. Let’s go see if he did.

      They start running towards the base.

      Damien: No wonder Gaz and the lot didn’t show up. In a wistful tone: They’re probably all queuing outside the bathroom with their towels in one hand, and rubber duckies in the other, waiting to enjoy a nice, hot, not squirting from so much calcium build up that you’re still dry when you get out shower. And I can see myself at the front of that…

      They’ve reached the base, and are standing outside the door to the shower. There is no one there.

      Damien: Queue.

      Muzz: Where the hell is everyone?

      Damien starts bashing the bathroom door.

      Damien: Hey Gaz! You better leave me some hot water you fucking selfish prick!

      Muzz: Dames?

      Damien ignores him and keeps bashing the door.

      Damien: If I get in there and find my first hot shower in four months is a cold one, I’ll fucking tear off your-

      Muzz: Dames!

      Damien stops and looks at him.

      Damien: What?

      Muzz: Do you hear water?

      Damien: No, why?

      Muzz: Then stop bashing on the door, numbskull.

      Damien turns to face the door and turns back.

      Damien: Oh. Right.

      Muzz: Honestly man, you scare me when you do things like that. You’re meant to be the intelligent, rational one here. And if you keep doing shit like that, who’s going to stop us from both driving a quad of the top floor?

      There is silence. After a moment they both start cracking up laughing. After a bit:

      Muzz: Wait, do you think we-

      Damien: No. Forget it. What do you think the Captain would say when he saw a quad with two broken axles and you lying next to it screaming: “Oww, my knee, my knee, my knee is being stabbed by millions of microscopic ferrets!â€Â

      Muzz: “Gnarly stunt dude?â€Â

      They both stand in silence and crack up laughing.

      Muzz: But, do you think-

      Damien: No.

    • sYSTem ErrOR Episode 1

      10 years ago


      I've been writing the script for a machinima series I hope to make on and off for the last few months, and I thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to read it. Sorry, I've got to post it in parts because I can't fit a whole episode in one post.

      Muzz is walking along Last Resort’s sea wall. He passes another soldier manning a turret.
      Muzz: Hey.

      Turret guy: Hey.

      Muzz walks underneath Jackson (a sniper) on a ledge above him. He looks up and calls to him.

      Muzz: In a bored tone: ‘Sup Jackson.

      Jackson: Hey Muzza.

      Muzz: Any invading forces coming to threaten our safety, democracy, way of life and all that bullshit the government tells we’re representing?

      Jackson: Nah. He looks out to sea through his rifle scope. Just a bunch of fishing trawlers from round the cape.

      Muzz: Kind of a bugger, eh? This place is boring as batshit.

      Jackson: Tell me about it. This way of life sucks, why can’t Commies or someone come and replace it with a new one?

      Muzz: Chuckles. Yeah. Hey, you seen Damien around anywhere?

      Jackson: In a childish, mocking voice. Aw, you mean your widdle best boyfwend in the whole wide world?

      Muzz: In an exasperated tone. Whatever.

      Jackson: I swear, if you guys were any closer you’d be wearing the same undies.

      Muzz: Hey, we grew up together, all right? We went to the same school, the same high school…

      Jackson: He sighs. Muzza’s voice continues in the background. Here we go again.

      Muzz: …we got our first jobs together, then we went to the same uni… He pauses. For as long as I can remember we both always wanted to spend our whole lives traveling together, never settling down, always having fun.

      Jackson: Lets out a short laugh. And then you ended up here for two years. What the hell happened?

      Muzz: Nothing. This shit’s just a way to earn money. We’ll go traveling, don’t you worry.

      Jackson: Yeah sure. Under his breath: Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      Muzz: What was that?

      Jackson: What? Nothing. I didn’t say anything.

      Muzz: Whatever, do you know where Damien is?

      Jackson: Yeah, he’s patrolling somewhere up further along the wall.

      Muzz: Cheers Jackson. Later.

      Jackson: Later.

      Muzz continues along the wall, passing another guy on a turret, and a bunch of people below standing around a couple of vehicles and talking. Muzz stops and watches them.

      Guy 1: …and then Caboose is like: “Why are there six pedals if there’s only four directions!â€Â

      They all laugh.

      Guy 1: Struggling for breath. And he’s like, totally jammed up against this rock, fuckin’ spinning around and facing the sky…

      Guy 2: Also struggling for breath. Man, you gotta show me that shit. What site was it on?

      The shot moves back to Muzz. He chuckles and continues along the wall. He turns into a gap that leads inside the wall, and spots Damien up ahead.

      Muzz: Hehe.

      He turns around, walks up a short ramp and waits. The man on the turret underneath him looks at him.

      Muzz: Hey. Don’t mind me. I’m not here.

      Turret guy: He sighs. Whatever.

      Damien turns around and starts coming back the other way. He passes under Muzz and Muzz coughs. Damien turns around, but no one’s there. Muzz drops down and sneaks up behind him. When Damien turns back Muzz is standing there.

      Muzz: Did you fart?

      Damien: He takes a quick step back. Holy shit!

      Muzz: Or do you always smell like that?

      Damien: Fuck Muzz, you scared the crap out of me.

      Muzz: Hello to you to Damien.

      Damien: He sighs. In a singsong voice: Hello Murry.

      They are both silent for a few seconds then they both crack up laughing.

      Muzz: Your turn. I reckon that scare’s got to be worth seven out of ten. Top that.

      Damien: Seven? Bullshit! Five and a half at the most!

      Muzz: As if!

      Damien: What, compared to the one I got you with on Tuesday?

      The turret guy in the background struggles to conceal a laugh. Muzz addresses him.

      Muzz: Hey, shut up.

      Turret guy: Come on, that was funny.

      Damien joins in on the laughter.

      Muzz: No it wasn’t.

      Damien: Yes it was.

      Turret guy: Yeah, I mean with the TV, and then he-

      Muzz: SHUT UP!

      They all go silent. Then Muzz starts cracking up and the others follow suit.

      Damien: Admit it, it was a stroke of genius.

      Mzzz: Yeah, all right, it was.

      The turret guy continues laughing, now the only one.

      Muzz: Hey, nobody asked you.

      The turret guy looks at the ground dejectedly and turns back to his turret.

      Turret guy: Sniffling: Fine. Faggot.

      There is a moment’s silence.

      Damien: So, how’s your day been?

      Muzz: Same old, same old. Patrol the wall. Sneak off for a swim. Patrol the wall. Have lunch. Patrol the wall. Bitch about how boring this job is to Jackson. Patrol the wall. You know. How about you?

      Damien: You know. Patrol the wall…

      Muzz: Alright, alright, I think I get the picture.

      Damien: Sarcastically: Really? Tell me what I did next then.

      Muzz: Patrol the…

      Damien: Bingo. Man, I’ve known you al these years and I never knew you were psychic.

      They both look at each other and crack up laughing.

      Muzz: I know I’m laughing but I swear I’m about to burst out crying with boredom!

      Damien: God, I know what you mean. I swear I can feel my brain cells committing suicide one by one.

      Their laughing fades and they pause in silence.

      Damien: Hey, is my heads up display wrong or is it really 2:30?

      Muzz: No, mine reads the same.

      Damien: That’s weird: that means our shift’s over. I wonder why Gaz and the crew haven’t come and relieved us?

      Muzz: Dunno. Ah well, who cares? If Gaz doesn’t show up for the one useful thing he does for mankind, that’s his problem.

      Damien: Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Come on, let’s go.

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      hey man are you ever going to use that live account you have and if you are o would love to play halo with you sometime

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