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    • Coming Soon.

      12 years ago


      I just started typing up the 3rd chapter for Black Fang Rising. So it will be up in the next day or two.

    • Endless Waltz high

      12 years ago


      I think I've gotten high off of Endless Waltz.....I just added like, 9 pics from Endless Waltz to my images.....

    • the Endless Waltz Drug

      12 years ago


      I bought the Gundam Wing Endless Walz Movie on Sunday. I watched it twice yesterday. After each time, I became really hyper. Either I was high off of the kick-assness, or there is smoe kind of narchotical effect when you watch Endless Waltz.

    • Chapter Two

      12 years ago


      Mobile Suit Gundam: Black Fang Rising
      Chapter Two: Unintentional Reunion

      On board the Nirvash class SuperCarrier Requiem:

      Abyss: So, Task ForceBravohas engaged the earth Alliance forces at Tragos Colony have they?

      Officer: Correct sir. It is believed that they are attempting to steal the new GUNDAM mobile suits that the Earth Alliance has been developing.

      Abyss: Those fools. What they are doing is starting a war!! I wonder if the Colonial Leaders Council realizes this....

      Officer: Whatever the case, this gives us a possible chance to see just what kind of power those GUNDAMs have-

      Abyss: I've heard enough! Keep the Requiem cloaked and take me to Fortress Alpha. I need to discuss a few things with my commanders.

      Helmsman: By your command!!

      Meanwhile, Alcest and his team have made it to the mobile suit hanger.

      Douglas: Alright!

      Phillip: We made it!!

      Alcest: I trust you won't have anymore outbursts like that Isaac?

      Isaac: No....sorry...

      Alcest: It's alright...but....I think I saw-

      Douglas: The charge is set and ready to be detonated.

      Alcest: huh? Oh right! The door! Let's go get us some GUNDAMs!!

      Douglas, Phillip, and Isaac: Right!

      They blow the door that leads into the hanger and proceed to rush in.

      Technician: What the hell- aaaaaggghhhh!!!!!!! gets shot

      The team bursts in shooting at anything that moves, from technicians, to guards, and pilots.

      Alcest: Phillip! You take the GUNDAM called Draconis!

      Phillip: Right!! He runs off.

      Alcest: Douglas! You get the BlazeGUNDAM!

      Douglas: Roger that! He runs off.

      Isaac: I have the GUNDAM called Apocalypse right?!

      Alcest: That's right! Isaac runs off. Now...where is Ravnica GUNDAM?

      Kenneth: Alcest!!!

      Alcest: Is that you Kenny?!

      Kenneth: Yes! What are you doing here?! Why do you have a gun?!

      Alcest: I can't tell you that! Whoa- A shot ricochets past Alcest.

      Unknown Lady: Hold it!

      Alcest: I have to go Kenny!! Starts to run towards Ravnica GUNDAM.

      Unknown Lady: I said freeze!! fires several more shots, but is hit in the arm by a return shot from Alcest. gaaaahhh.....

      Kenneth: Are you alright?!

      Unknown Lady: Yes I'm fine...grunts in pain and holds arm. well...maybe not...

      Kenneth: I'm Kenneth. Kenneth Tucker. Ca I help you at all.

      Unknown Lady: Yes Kenneth. Can I call you Kenny? I am Captain Arianna Hartley. I need you to take me to that machine over there... points to a GUNDAM that hasn't been hijacked.

      Kenny: Ok. helps Arianna to the GUNDAM.

      Arianna: Thanks kid.....By the way, what're you doing in here? You're not one of them are you?!

      Kenny: No I'm not! I am best friends with the one who shot you. I saw them in the colony, so I decided to follow them. helps Arianna into the GUNDAM, and then gets in it himself. Wow, I've never been inside of a real mobile suit before. But, I have been in simulators.

      Arianna: Really? Then could I ask you to pilot this here machine for me?

      Kenny: Really? Sure!!

      Arianna: It is actually a new type of suit called a GUNDAM. This one's name is Exalted.

      Kenny: Cool!!

      (to be continued)

      I also recently bought The Gundam Wing movie Endless Waltz. I can't wait to watch it!!!

    • Resident Evil: Drugs?

      12 years ago


      My friend Paul was playing the first Resident Evil with his GF when he noticed something. The "herbs" looked like marijuana leaves. Also, the bazooka fired acid rounds. So he said this:

      "The zombies' skin is all deformed from rubbing the acid all over their bodies. They eat human flesh because they have the munchies from using the marijuana. Resident Evil is based around drugs!!"

    • Russian Reversals

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      Please do not post if you do not understand how to do it right.

      In Soviet Russia, the cow milks you!

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    • Chapter One!

      12 years ago


      Here is the first chapter of my fanfic!!! I will not be able to post new chaptes everyday, maybe not even every week! School work takes precedent over this!!

      Mobile Suit Gundam: Black Fang Rising
      Chapter One: The Beginning

      On board the Black Fang's Space Fortress Zero:

      Chief Engineer Jones: The new type of mobile suit has just been completed.

      Golden Fang Max: Very impressive. I really like the way it looks. Black is definitely my color.

      Jones: It is a fitting mobile suit for you, the head of the Black Fang.

      Max: I agree whole-heartedly.

      The Black Fang is a militaristic organization of unknown origins. It has a ranking structure that is very unique. It's leader, Max, also known as "Abyss" to some, is known as the "Golden Fang". His second in command, Jones, also known as the "wiz kid", has the title of Chief Engineer. The regular Black Fang military consists of Commanders, who wear black uniforms; Captains, who wear white uniforms; Mobile Suit pilots, who wear either green or blue uniforms, depending on skill; and technicians, who wear green jump-suits. The Black Fang also has two monstrous Space Fortresses, named Zero and Alpha. No one on Earth or the space colonies has ever been able to locate them.

      The Unified Nations of Earth Alliance has always been at odds with the space colonies. They have launched several attacks on the Space Colonies, which have led to several full scale wars in the past. The colonies are not as technologically advanced as the Alliance, but they have managed to hold off the Earth Forces in every war. The previous war brought the Black Fang out into the open. They had come to the aid of the colonies, who were about to lose the war. Unfortunately for the Alliance, the Black Fang's mobile suits were more maneuverable than the suits that they were currently using. The battles with the Black Fang brought that flaw out into the open. They then designed the more maneuverable suits that they posses to this day. But, rumor has it that they are developing a new type of mobile suit system, simply known as GUNDAMs.

      On the Colonial Space Forces Carrier Blase:

      Captain Ruddy: We are approaching the Earth Alliance Space Colony Tragos, where the GUNDAMs are supposedly being manufactured.

      Commander Storm: Good! Have all ships deploy the mobile suits!!! Tell the commando team to stand-by.

      Captain Ruddy: Yes Sir!!!

      Commander Storm: We must capture those machines!! All units attack!!!

      Scores of mobile suits stream out of the Colonial Space Forces' Task Force Bravo, and head for the colony.

      Alliance Officer: Commander!! We are detecting incoming mobile suits! They are Colonial Forces!!!

      Alliance Commander: What?! Here?! They must be here to steal the GUNDAMs!! Deploy the mobile suits now!!! We must prevent them from getting their hands on those machines at all costs!!!

      The Alliance sends out its mobile suits station in the colony, and a fierce battle erupts outside of the colony. However, a shuttle carrying a commando team of academy graduates makes it into the colony. The team is made up of twins Phillip and Douglas Staar, Isaac Jaques, and is lead by Alcest Jacan, the son of one of the most influential Colonial leaders, Andrew Jacan.

      Alcest: Alright, as soon as we make it into the colony, we are to use the data that we were provided in the briefing. Hopefully we can get in and out before we are noticed. But, should we com under attack, remember your training.

      Phillip, Douglas, and Isaac: Roger that.

      Meanwhile, in the civilian section of the colony:

      Joe: Why have they given a warning to get to the shelters?

      Sara: I don't no!! Nobody tells me anything!!


      Sara: What's wrong Kenny?

      Kenneth: huh? oh. It's nothing....

      Sara: ok. But we should hurry and get to the shel- Hey!! Who are they?!

      The commando team has unknowing run right smack into Roger and his friends on their way to the mobile suit hanger.

      Isaac: MOVE!!!!!!

      Isaac fires his gun into the air and the people around them immediately scatter.

      Alcest: Damn it Isaac! Now they know we're here!!!

      Isaac: I cleared us a path didn't I? Now let’s go!!!
      Isaac runs off.

      Phillip: We'd better follow him before he gets himself lost again!

      Alcest: You're right. Let’s go!!
      The rest chase after Isaac.

      Kenneth: That looked like Alcest!!
      Runs after them.

      Sara: Kenny wait!! Where are you going?!

      Joe: There's no time lets go!!

      Sara: ok.....
      Looks at the slowly disappearing figure of Kenneth before running after Joe.

      Outside of the colony, the battle between the Alliance and Colonial forces has really heated up.

      Captain Ruddy: What's taking them so long?!

      Commander Storm: Be patient. I would not have sent them on this mission if I didn't think they had what it took to pull it off. But you have to remember that they landed on the side of the colony that was opposite to the mobile suit hanger. So it may take them a while to get there.

      Captain Ruddy: Oh.....right....

      (to be continued)

    • Decision

      12 years ago


      Well, I finally did it! I have been thinking about writing a Gundam themed fanfic for a while, and last night I finally sat down and started writing(typing) it. I'll post the first chapter when I'm down with it.

      I would also appreciate any tips that anyone could give me!!!

    • Chaotic Gundam RP

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      I've combined to other threads into one!! The War thread and the Gundam RP thread.

      It is like the War thread because you can do whatever, and it is like the Gundam RP thread because you may only use mass produced mobile suits. NO GUNDAMS!!!!


      So begin!!!

      *is in the Black Fang's Space Fortress Alpha*
      How are the new MS coming along?
      Officer: They are about 95% complete.
      Good! Tell me when they are done.
      Officer: Yes Sir!!!

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