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    • Madison Meet Up!

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      Hey Wisconsiners! I posted on the 150+ thread about this, but I wanted to get a wider audience. I moved to Madison about two months ago and I'd love to meet some RT fans from around here. So respond on here if you want to meet up for drinks or have a game night or what have you! Let me know :) Perhaps we schedule something for around wednesday for the RWBY showing!

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    • 3 years ago

      AdamFromTheInternet dick
    • Quantum Break Review: How Much Should You Pay?

      3 years ago

      AdamFromTheInternet dick

      I haven't posted anything yet. I don't quite know how these things go, but I'm going to start.

      I played Quantum Break recently and have since gathered what I believe to be a fair and incisive analysis of its quality. I guess you could call it a review. It is a review.

      Quantum Break was fun. Quantum Break wouldn't have been a good TV show. Quantum Break wouldn't have been a good video game.

      The second two sentences might seem confusing after following the first. The second two sentences depend on each other. Quantum Break was a good game, maybe great, but if Quantum Break had been only a TV show or only a video game, it probably would've sucked.

      The gameplay sequences were awesome. You gain perception altering time manipulating powers as you progress through the game to the point where you are a total badass. This accounts for a point where a lot of games lack. Many games place you in a world with guns and tell you to kill everyone. This basic shooter style is used so consistently that you rarely ask: "Hey, I'm just a regular joe or joette.... Why can I kill a shit ton of people without dying?" Quantum Break answers that with Jack and his time altering powers in gun fights. Wow the stuff you can do is cool! PEOPLE CAN'T STOP TIME! EXCEPT YOU BITCH! That's how you're a super soldier.

      Even though he is a super soldier, the main character, and time screwer you don't get the impression that Jack is actually that special. You know he's friends with arguably the most important character in the game, and brothers with arguably the second most important in the game, but you never learn that much about him. The most I can recall about Jack is that he was apparently an activist in Burma before the beginning of the game and he had occasionally had to use a gun to get himself out of stick situations... Is he rambo? Oh I almost forgot about his completely underplayed love story!

      Jack and the mysterious Beth Wilder were supposed to be romantic interests I suppose? You really don't get much of that indication until the last two hours of the game. Their lacklusted love lyric is one of the many times Quantum Break tried to tell too much story in too little time. There seems to be so much going on, but even in the countless extra conent in the emails you don't have too much real substance added to the story.

      Quantum Break was so story heavy that it could not have made a good standalone video game. However, the fact that it added in professionally produced story sequences with excellent actors added to the story in the parts that would have moved slowly. If they had tried to pad all of the video game with these story sequences though, the video game alone would have failed. Quantum Break becomes the instance where the hybrid game/tv show (or if you would rather call them live action cut-scenes (gasp!) you may) work better together than either of them would apart.

      Quantum Break was a great game. I would be remiss not to mention the amazing quality of the time visuals or the overall attention to detail that Remedy put into making this game. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the details were deep even down to the warning labels on fire extinguishers that I read thoroughly. Wow. This game was beautiful. And it had visuals like nothing I had ever seen before. Play Quantum Break.

      To end: I like rating things in how much money I would pay for the quality of fun I had playing it. Quantum Break is at least $40 of fun. If you see it for that price, buy it. Do it. Seriously it is at least that much fun. I should say though, that I don't regret paying $60 for it whatsoever. If you think you'd like the game just from the ads, pay $60 because I wish every game was at least as fun as Quantum Break.

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