We have a thread for thinking up original Semblances, original weapons, team names, and character creation(x2). But I haven't seen any threads dedicated to the Creatures of Grimm. So I decided to make one. This is a thread for all things Grimm. Have an idea for a original Grimm type? Post it here. Have any wishes for Grimm related plots in future volumes? Post it here. Want to discuss the way the Grimm have been utilized in the show (for good or bad)? Post it here. Etc.

To start us of, I have had some thoughts for a Grimm type that could show up in the Atlas arc. Its a bit of a no-brainer but I have some specific hopes for it:

Yeti/Himamānav/Abomination/Frost Giant/Ymir/Jötnar/Risi/Thurs



The reason this one is named after both Yeti's and Frost Giants is because it could be either. The exact mythical inspiration isn't as important as the nature of the beast, which is a humanoid Grimm with frost powers. Though if it is based on a yeti I imagine it would be a bit more hairy and bestial while the Frost Giant would be more human-like. 

In any case it would have the same basic traits, the regular version would stand at about 6-7 feet tall and be strong and fast enough to engage student Huntsmen like Ruby or Weiss in melee on roughly equal footing. They would be less overwhelming with their strength and speed than Beringels but in return they have weapons and skill that makes them more threatening. In a 1v1 fight they're not quite good enough to be a real threat but they can put up a fight and they're decently durable. The regular versions are more supposed to be elite mooks that usually outnumber a team by a decent margin, which allows them to work together to land hits they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Elite variants can grow significantly larger and stronger than the base versions. The Yeti/Ymir is also immune to cold but are vulnerable to fire.

Their special abilities are:

Frost Breath:


The Yeti/Ymir inhales air for several seconds, holds its breath for a bit and then exhales a stream of cold air that freezes anything caught within it in ice. The cone of cold has a reach of about 30 meters and expands to a width of about 5 meters at the widest (for mooks, elders have considerably more reach). Things or people caught at the edges of the cone are only partially frozen but people caught within it are frozen completely and sealed within ice. While powerful Huntsmen as well as Maidens can break out pretty quickly with pure force most people need several minutes at least to break free, usually the best counter is to either put up a barrier (with Dust or Aura) to block the cone before being frozen, or to use Fire abilities to melt the ice. While being frozen can leave even Huntsmen completely helpless this ability still isn't considered a major threat since its so heavily telegraphed that even rookies can dodge or disrupt it most of the time. Because of that the Yeti/Ymirs only use it sparingly and usually wait for an opponent to be distracted by one of its kin or other Grimm before launching the cone of cold from behind.

Ice Generation:


The second but not secondary ability of this Grimm beast. The Yeti/Ymir has the ability to create ice in various shapes in its hands. This ability is primarily used to create weapons for it to wield. Axes, swords, spears, javelins, clubs, maces, throwing stars, spiked balls, daggers, shields, and many other armaments are created with this ability. Depending on the situation the ice will be formed either into ranged or melee weapons, thanks to their prodigious strength the Yeti/Ymir can throw their javelins over incredible distances. When a flock gathers they can shower distant enemies with a hail of weapons. When an enemy is encountered at close range the Yeti/Ymirs will create whatever melee weapon suits them or in the case of more experienced specimens the weapons will be adapted to the current situation (for example creating daggers when in cramped quarters or using spears and shields to guard an elder). The ice created by these creatures is far more durable than normal ice but it turns to dust a few minutes after being created or when the creator dies so no attempt to harness it has been successful. 

The basic idea with this Grimm was that they would fight like humans and therefore could be fought like humans. A giant snake might be cool but its often hard to make a fight scene that has the same amount of back and forth as a proper human vs human fight. Their ice weapons also gives them a ranged option which I find sorely lacking among most Grimm types (speaking of which, next time a Nevermore shows up, show it using its feather attack please). The frost breath was a bit tacked on but it was just to cool to not include.  yang

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