In order to avoid derailing the Pyrrha thread I'm moving my argument with revanninja here. To give a short but simple summary he asserts that Cinder burning Pyrrha to ash is a huge outlier for her capabilities and thinks its proof that Pyrrha wasn't actually burned to death but instead magicked away for reasons while I find burning someone to ash to be well within her capabilities.

In reply to revanninja

In reply to AenarTenthSkraeling Cool story but still wrong I am not blind you just SEE it that way. See I KNOW what I am doing you only THINK you know what I am doing. So no still wrong. You can claim what you want but I know my actions and my intent its not what you claim they are.

You can call it what you want you can be insulting all you want. BUT at the end of the day YOU are still wrong.

You are just CHOOSING to twist it into that view point and YES it is twisting it on your point. You may not see it that way but its VERY clear to us all you are doing that. My intent meaning and so forth arent even CLOSE to what you think they are. Now you have attacked me enough I feel.

I am not going to argue this with you. But I am going to explain WHY what your set doesnt work so you can understand WHY. See you want to continue this argument you are also FORCING what I am saying or what is the CRUX of my issue with it. I am going to tell you that is wrong.

You are telling me what MY view point should be. What MY argument should be and so forth. You are setting the conditions which isnt even the POINT I was making.

So why should I argue what you call the crux of my issue when its in fact just an example?

See that is the issue you call it the crux of my issue when its not and never has been. I have SAID what my crux is I made that VERY clear. So you saying the crux is you MOVING my GOALS and that isnt okay because its telling ME what I should think or have issues with.

Also something to keep in mind about some of your examples. Its a 3d program meaning ANY damage and so forth requires a new model for them to make and that is HARD. They need to make the model which is a several day process and then overlay it onto their skeleton then run it through the issue program they showed it on the rewind I forget which episode where they had Jaune do it. Then place it in and then probably never use it again. So the issue is you are also setting an example that the medium itself would naturally not show because its time and energy they cant put into for something that small.

As my proof of that look at White trailer. Weiss-scar.png" style="cursor: pointer; max-width: 100%; height: auto;">

Its impossible to see in this size but Weiss's scar is there and its BEFORE she gets it. What they did instead of creating a new model head is they instead covered it up and in a few places its visible. LINK

So the VERY medium limits them in that and such issues are common throughout its not uncommon for mistakes to happen such as people suddenly having their weapons and then not having them. And before you say anything that issue is present even in Big name stuff. A good example is from Metal Gear Rising Jetstream sam DLC. In it he uses his sword Launcher to knock a police officer in the air switches to Sam smiling at the other officer with his sword still in the sheathe. ">LINK Warning blood the scene is about 2:38 to 2:39 its only for a split second.

So already we have an issue for the evidence you ask for as the medium limits it. Because there is only so much time and energy they can put into it even if the Damage SHOULD be there based on the Lore, and yes the lore is also another issue. I was actually impressed they kept the damage on Weiss for the most part I think there is a few issues though I havent gone looking so I could be wrong. but it shows an increase in what they are willing to do.

Next issue is the Lore.  they can still feel sensations such as pain and heat

From Wiki Aura Taken from the Rwby Vol 3 Livestream.

So Lore wise Heat is NOT stopped by Aura. And anything exposed to heat gets damaged once the heat reaches certain points. And Fire and Heat are Linked. So your argument on Aura protecting someone from Fire Damage such as Milo is wrong by word of god.

This and other like things are why the goals you are trying to set for me in a false saying of the Crux of my issue dont work.

So that is why I am rejecting your goals because I know there is a LOT of issues with them and something them arent issues with what is happening but rather the limited production of RWBY where they CANT actually do it. Its forcing the argument into something that is already crippled due to the lore of the universe that you seem unaware of plus the issues with production and there is a LOT of issue with production with Rwby.

I am not knocking them what they have done with what they have is impressive but that doesnt mean I am not aware of their limitations.

Wow. Double standards really is the name of your game huh. Your entire argument is based on the premise that it is in fact possible to calculate the stuff that happens in the show. If we're just going to say "it's limited animation so therefore nothing can be calced" then we shouldn't be using calcs at all. If using calcs for stuff like Weiss and Flynt taking a lava bath is invalid then so is using calcs for Pyrrha being burned to ash.

And sure limited animation can account for stuff like craters only being something that happens sometimes but when they do bother making effects that can be calculated. 

Pyrrha's sword was melted, that's a fact. You used that fact to make assumptions about how Cinder's power works.

Flynt Coal's trumpet was not melted, that's also a fact and its not an animation issue since lore wise we see him using the trumpet without any problems after his lava bath. So we can also use that scene to get an idea of how Aura works. And the way it works is that it clearly protects against heat because otherwise Flynt's trumpet should have at the very least been rendered non-functional by warping from the heat. Not to mention that if Aura didn't protect from heat then Flynt and Weiss should both be dead.

Nora's melon actually did break when she hit Yang into the atmosphere, so animation limitations does not work as an argument for its survival. So the fact remains that lore wise Aura can canonically protect objects to such an extent that a melon is not shattered by an impact that can shatter a stone pillar (and much more) though it likely took some damage since it finally gave up the ghost when it hit Yang.

Kali's tray blocking bullets is not an animation issue, she is clearly portrayed as using it as a shield to protect herself. That scene makes no sense if we are to assume that it was just a ordinary unenhanced tea tray. Hell the entire food fight makes absolutely no sense from a lore perspective if we assume that Aura can't protect objects unless we assume that all food on Remnant is made of adamantium, and if we assume that then why not also assume that Milo is also made of Adamantium?

I am not trying to shift the goalpost here I am simply trying to get you stop cherry-picking and actually take a look at the wider picture. Which is that crazy impossible shit like being submerged in lava for 5 seconds without being injured, using melons as siege weapons or punching so hard that you create shockwaves happens all the damn time and the writers clearly don't care about math. If anything I'm making things easier for you since you don't actually need to convince me of anything, you just need to do the same thing you claim to have done for two scenes already and crunch some numbers. If you show me that you've done that then like I said I will give up on the argument completely even if I don't think your evidence supports your conclusion. You don't have to convince me that burning someone to ash is vastly out of place in a world where punching cars turns them into projectile weapons, you just have to show that you can actually do the math you claim to have done already.

But fine, if you think I'm misrepresenting your argument accurately then lets fix that. State what your argument actually is in a clear and concise sentence and with understandable grammar so that there won't be any misunderstandings and we can take it from there.


I'm not telling you what your viewpoint should be I'm telling you what you're doing. You can throw words at me all day but actions speak louder. No amount of mental twisting is going to make a spade anything other than a spade, and I will call a spade a spade when I see one.

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