This my first time creating a discussion here but this something I REALLY wanted to discuss and see people's thoughts on.

Ozpin's actions that certain people disapprove of is often justified (either by Ozpin or other characters defending him) by saying that they had a choice. Ozpin seems to use people for his cause like pieces on a chessboard. Trying to turn Pyrrha into a Maiden, turning Qrow and Raven into birds, and sacrificing Hazel's sister. All are justified by saying they had a choice. Even Ozpin himself says "Everyone has a choice" But I don't think that's true. Not everyone has a choice. Obviously I'm talking about Oscar. When Oscar first discovers that he's sharing his body with Ozpin, he had no say in the matter. Not even in leaving his home and life behind. Ozpin doesn't suggest or ask Oscar to leave. He used the words "We have to leave" he told him to leave and he kept pushing until Oscar finally gave in. At some point in volume 5, Ozpin tells everyone if they want to leave, they may do so. In my opinion that offer doesn't exactly apply to Oscar. And then finally in the battle with Hazel, Ozpin forcibly took control of Oscar's body when he wouldn't give it up. You can argue that Ozpin saved Oscar, that he would've died otherwise, but even so Ozpin forcibly took control. He took away Oscar's right to choose. Not only is it a huge red flag, it throws Ozpin's "everyone has a choice" argument out the window! Ozpin seems fully ready to use people for his cause. Just like Salem. We just haven't seen him cast them aside yet.

I really hope that this is brought up in the show at some point, because I really think it should be mentioned. Anyway, please share your thoughts! Whether you agree or disagree, I'm excited to see what people think. :)

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