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    • The user on this forum 'clicks'

      14 years ago


      Man, if you ever come upon this, you must tell me how you managed to get on every single girls 'friend' list on this must have mad skillz....or a huge............apartment!

    • Lame Comments RE: See Incognito

      14 years ago


      OK, apologies must go out to....well someone out there. First, 'Incognito' for the comments, they were directed to be a funny quote from one of RvB Public Service Annoucements (PSA) if you didn't catch those, then you would not have understood why it was so funny to be asking someone for nakid pictures of themselves TEE HEE HEE!! It was suppose to be funny damnit :)

      "Do you like Angelina Jolie? I like Angelina Jolie....she's got enormous lips" RvB PSA - NY

    • Points for Wisdom Teeth 0, Dentist 1

      14 years ago


      Having four teeth removed on Thursday afternoon has proved to be quite an interesting experience.

      Not only has work graciously provided me with the necessary time off in order to heal before they chain me back to my desk for the rest of my life, but they have also allowed me to take those days off as 'sick' days as opposed to vacation days. They are too nice!.

      Friends have also come out of the woodwork to make sure that I am ok which has been a pleasant surprise, although they actually have managed to keep their distance in actually having to 'do' anything.

      Finally, an 'associate' of mine recently joined the site and within ohhhhhh 30 seconds had half the male population asking her if we have electricity in Canada and if she would please stand up on her come this has yet to happen to me? not pointing any fingers there girls.....more on this later.......cheers.

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