^_^ RAH. I have nothing to say, I just wanted to make a journal entry. I will now proceed to fill it with spam.


Hahahaha. Oh she's so original. And yes, I stole that pic from someone else's site. MWA HAHAH!

Eh hem. By the way, there are 7 cans of spam because 7 is my favourite number. You learn something new everyday.

That is all for now, but before I leave....

Amanda's Happy English Classes
Lesson #1

"Your" : Dictionary.com defines it as:

"1. Used as a modifier before a noun"
"2. A person's; one's "

Let's put it in a sentence.

"Your computer is your only friend."

Lesson #2
"You're" : Dictionary.com defines it as:

"1. Contraction of you are."

Let's put it in a sentence.

"You're craptastic."

Combined Example:

"Your computer is your only friend because you're craptastic."

Next Lesson
The difference between 'there', 'their', and 'they're'. ...Thats right, they're DIFFERENT.

I don't usually get picky when it comes to grammar on the Internet. Usually I don't give a fuck. You wanna write 'ur' and 'dw' and 'nm' ? Go for gold, it doesn't bother me. Sometimes, I even do it myself. HOWEVER. When people go out of their way to use whole words, I don't understand how they can get the basics so very wrong. What do they teach kids in schools these days? Yeah, you can write in l33t, but don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'!! *WHAP* Go to your room stupid child.

Anyways. That is enough from me. I will spare you from more rants today.

Jyaamata. :P