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      11 years ago


      I figure that if I am not going to update frequently (or really at all) I might as well have something moderately interesting written. So in that spirit I have a poem I wrote for school. I'm not much of a poet (don't look for symbolism, literary techniques, or deeper meaning, because you won't find them), but the subject matter is familiar enough:

      Thirteen nobodies comprise a cabal
      Wearing their cloaks colored sable

      Their others have no hearts
      They're cold, unfeeling
      They must reclaim what
      Kingdom Hearts is concealing

      Things seem to go well
      Though some not content
      Numbers XI and XII
      On control they are bent

      To this end they conspire,
      and send number VIII
      To take out number IV
      In this there's no wait

      Twelve are now left
      Though not all are there
      An intruder in the cellar
      Number V is not spared

      Number XII fights with thunder
      She's fast, she won't fail
      Though during her fight
      She feels number VIII's betrayal

      The Savage Nymph has fallen
      Our hero now knows
      He must seek out XI
      And rain on him blows

      Our Intruder still lurks
      His darkness inspected
      It finds number VI
      who was left unprotected

      The next to perish
      Number IX is too slow
      His water did fail him
      At his last show

      Number III rides the winds
      His fierce gales have ceased
      His lances are blunt
      He is mauled by the Beast

      VIII disillusioned
      His existence is strife
      He protects the hero
      With all of his life

      II, the sharpshooter
      Always fires true
      teleportation not helpful
      His demise overdue

      X takes a gamble
      The hero momentarily at a loss
      Trapped as to not amble
      Time and luck X has lost

      VII calm and collected
      But berserk with the moon
      His claymore was broken
      His death followed soon

      One foe left
      The superior stood
      Poised to destroy
      Our hero for good

      But, our hero teamed up
      With the intruder, his friend
      And with their combined might
      Number I met his end

      The cabal has splintered
      The roster unread
      But now given a voice
      Here are their dead:

      Xemnas-destroyed in a bountiful light
      Xigbar- fell from a large height
      Xaldin- destroyed in the midst of deciet
      Vexen- A fiery end he did meet
      Laexus- silent along his path
      nonfighting Zexion- at Ansem's wrath
      Saix- died short of his goal
      Axel- wasted away during the lull
      Demyx's water clones gone amuck
      Luxord- simply ran out of luck
      Marluxia's body ceased to function
      Larxene- died at Axel's compunction

      The organization's disbanded
      All members are lost
      Only one is complete
      The hero Roxas

    • I Need Some Help

      12 years ago


      I am writing scripts for cartoon shorts I am helping to create and part of the humor, if you can call it that, is parodies of various items. For some reason I am not tuned into popular culture, and I think most of you are, so if you could provide me with any good T.V shows, Movies, music, or internet jokes, or videos it would really help me.
      - -
      In a unrelated anectote I overheard something which I thought might be worth it to share.

      I was eating at WhataBurger when a child dropped her hamburger on the floor. Her father told her "You see that, that was a mistake, Steve Irwin made a mistaeke, but he died. You sould feel lucky."

      Doesn't it Warm your heart to see real fatherly love?

      As always feel free to PM me, especially if it pertains to the first part of this journal.

    • The 4400

      12 years ago


      I have recently started watching The 4400, and was wondering if anyone could tell me... is Collier evil? Because he puts out a creepy vibe, but he seems to want the best for people. Can anyone out there tell me?

    • Final Fantasy X-3

      13 years ago


      Over on youtube Sawnah and YunaHermy are putting together a roleplaying game titled Final Fantasy X-3, and they need people to join. Contact them on Youtube if you wish to do so. Below is a link to the trailer.

    • Nothing to Say

      13 years ago


      It occurs to me that I have had this account for quite a long time and have never made a post. This is mainly because I don't have anything interesting to comment on, but I feel that I should use some of this space and so I will do my best in the future to write more often.

    • 2019 years ago

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