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    • Does Anybody have Info from the Alamo City Comic Con RWBY Panel?

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      If you've been following RT's Twitter, you might remember that they posted RWBY was going to have its own panel in Alamo this past weekend at the Comic Con event. It's over now, and I was wondering if there was anybody who managed to get some information to share. I'm sure that it'll be shared officially in due time, but a little head start wouldn't hurt, you know?

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    • Destination - Kuroyuri: Its Name's Meaning

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      Alright, people are currently discussing their predictions for what Ruby and Jaune will find in the abandoned village, Kuroyuri, next chapter. This topic currently in debate comprises of either discovering Raven's tribe or confronting this aforementioned Grimm. However, that's not what this discussion will be pointing out. I don't know much about the Hanakotoba (language of flowers in Japanese) but I will do my best to explain it's uses, cultural identity, and what it could potentially mean for the next few chapters. What does the Kuroyuri represent, and what impact will its cultural meaning have on RNJR (RJ)?

      First off, I'll begin with some more obscure and practical details of the plant. The flower itself is a nodding bell-shaped plant that is geographically prominent in the Northern Hemisphere (Western North America, Southwest Asia, and the Mediterranean). It's an ashen flower with the slightest tint of dark violet, dressed in a lighter shade of the same color in the middle. It's ashy appearance could be an attribution that we'll be seeing soon enough, since the village is abandoned (or potentially was) and may appear in a very run-down state. The bulb also seems to give off a "nasty odor", so once our two heroes arrive with Qrow, they may note a foul stench in the air. That's a callback to this flower.

      One particular detail that caught my eye was what the Kuroyuri can do when made into a formulation. The flower can actually be used as traditional medicine when combined with certain extracts. Meaning, if this detail holds true in translation to the show, Ruby and Jaune will find an antidote in Kuroyuri for Qrow, either scavenged or given.

      Now for the fun part: the flower's meaning in the flower language. We all remember how Shion translated into "Remembrance," Higanbana to "Abandonment" (Or other meanings), and Oniyuri went to "Wealth." Most of these were pretty self-explanatory. Kuroyuri... isn't. At least to me it's pretty brow-furrowing. According to the Hanakotoba, the Kuroyuri flower's cultural meaning translates into "Love, Curse."

      That's... pretty obscure. I don't know exactly what this is supposed to entail, but I guess this is because we haven't actually seen the place, yet. I have a few thoughts, though. Perhaps it relates to Qrow's hallucination regarding Taiyang, when he says out aloud for him not to "go after her." Taiyang loved both Raven and Summer, and considering that both women had either left him or left for a mission but never returned, either one is equally plausible. I'm more inclined to believe that it would be Raven, since Qrow understands her the most and is more inclined to warn his former teammate, and she will likely be there. Taiyang was doomed to lose both loved ones, cursed. Perhaps something similar to this?

      The second and final one that I can think of (please share your own opinions) is Qrow's effect on the world around Jaune and Ruby. The sole reason Qrow kept a distance while keeping an eye on RNJR was to avoid drawing misfortune upon them. With him under their care, they will most likely be affected by it now. That explains the curse part. Love, I'm not entirely sure for... What type of love can really be found in an abandoned village? Ren's love for his dead family? His care for Nora? ...Jaune and Ruby...? (This is mostly the Lancaster part of my brain, sorry, but anything's possible at this point). The curse part can easily be explained away with Qrow in tow, but love is still out there. I'm not sure.

      You can expand on the points that I made here, or propose entirely different options that could make sense. Pure speculation is welcome (within the realm of reason) and I highly encourage you to share your thoughts.

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    • Why does Jaune 'Interest' Tyrian?

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      For those of you who have already watched Chapter 6 of Volume 4 (to be frank, who hasn't at this point?) and have sat to analyze the information present, I'm sure many of you remember how Tyrian, right before turning to Ruby in their conversation referred to Jaune as interesting. Interesting. Such an obscure and ambiguous comment from him, yet so... insightful? I'm not not quite sure how, but it just is.

      -He could be referring to Jaune's lineage as an Arc, as it has been heavily implied from many aspects and comments from him that his family is at least fairly well known. His inheritance as an Arc could be more interesting to the more... interesting persons of Remnant than we originally thought. During the initial fight, Tyrian insanely latches onto Jaune's shield and stares at Jaune dead in the face for a good few seconds, notably his eyes, before continuing his rampage. Could he recognize the young Arc from these stories?

      -Another interesting thought is that Tyrian could be capable of reading into people's auras and has noticed how immensely large Jaune's is. I don't believe that this random theory can be proven right now, but a thought to be considered for in the future.

      -Jaune has mentioned before that a past family member had fought in the Great War, which was highlighted by the protection of art and self-expression, and the fight against discrimination over the entire Faunus race. We can probably guess that this is a very sensitive topic for most Faunus, and probably acts as a grounds for hate from Faunus against Atlas and Mistral. Currently, where Jaune is from is unknown, but could his family live in Mistral, or did once upon a time. If the Arcs were famous warriors and one of them fought in the Great War, could it be possible that Tyrian would find it interesting to find an Arc boy alongside his target. Far-fetched? Possibly.

      These are my thoughts and speculations. What are yours? What are your thoughts about Tyrian's motives and internal musings of the blond boy? What do you think is Jaune's newest significance here that could play a major role in the story later on? So many questions, very few answers... I love it.

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    • Is it Possible that Team RNJR will Develop Team Attacks?

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      In Volume 2, Team RWBY seemingly out of nowhere manages to fabricate a number of color and attribute themed team attacks when facing off against Torchwick and the Paladin. Volume 3 Chapter 2, Jaune and Team JNPR had apparently developed their own team attacks inspired by their sister team, but it apparently didn't stick. What about Team RNJR?

      I imagine that within the frame of 8 months or so, Ruby, Nora, Jaune and Ren would've become comfortable enough around each other that they may as well be their own team. And why not? RWBY and JNPR were close to the hip during their time at Beacon, and more than likely they shared more than just the cacophonous tales Port constantly regaled his class with. Do you think that they're coordinated enough that they could develop team attacks? I believe that they are.

      Nora/Ren: Flower Power (Suggested by Jaune in V3 C2, it certainly wasn't a half-bad label)

      Ruby/Ren: Crimson Lotus (x) / ? (I'm very hesitant to use a ship name for this, suggestions are welcome)

      Ruby/Nora: Lightning Cloak (We've seen an example of their teamwork already)

      Jaune/Nora: Hammer & Shield (Pretty plain I know, but I'm open to suggestions)

      Jaune/Ren: Martial Arcs (x) / ? (Again, unsure of what to call this)

      Ruby/Jaune: Lancaster (x) / ? (I may support the ship, but it'd be rather crude to use this. Rose Shield, Hindscythe, Yellow Rose, options are available)

      In the future, it would be a true testament to the bonds that they've developed together over the year if they develop a system like this. It does make me wonder if Jaune is the only one attempting to improve himself with extra training, or if they have a makeshift training regime and he's simply taking extra steps. Jaune and Ruby would be pretty well qualified to lead team attacks, either one works. What do the rest of you think?

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    • Grimm Birthing Grounds

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      Alright, this topic is one that I haven't seen discussed yet, and despite it's insignificance at the beginning of the first chapter of Volume 4, I still believe that it is semi-worthy of some discussion: the Grimm's rise out of those pools.

      Now, first impressions, I was quite terrified. Despite the Grimm having a fairly dull introduction near the beginning of RWBY, as time progressed, you couldn't help but notice that chilling feeling you get every time they appear. Here, now, they felt genuinely monstrous, like an artificial fabrication that has no natural place in this world, and in a way, it does feel like that.

      The pools that the Beowolves emerge from seem to be the clay, shifting and molding the bodies together, and you can somewhat see this as the first one emerges out of it. The liquid (?) morphs over the creature's newly formed body back to where it came from, continuing its formation of even more. Here the Grimm appear as abominations, like a monster emerging out of a green liquid vat within the dark confines of a laboratory, and the music doesn't help quell that feeling whatsoever. If you listen carefully, you can hear the faint tone of the song Lusus Naturae in the background; in Latin it roughly translates to "Freak of Nature." This song is found within the end credits of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, and is also the theme of Dr. Merlot, previous founder of the now hollow Merlot Industries, and genetic bio-engineer of mutated forms of existing Grimm. This insinuates that the Grimm here are being bred unnaturally, or at least implies that they were bred unnaturally, supposedly since their emergence thousands of years ago.

      Now, we don't necessarily know what all of this means. That liquid is certainly something, I just have little clue as to what it is. Although, I suppose that I can throw my thoughts out. After watching the first episode, I glanced around the area that Salem resides in, and noted of the large amount of crystal dust scattered across the landscape. I thought that it's possible that the crystals could've been tapped into and melted down into this liquid crystal substance. We haven't heard of dust being utilized in such a manner before, but ancient civilizations possibly could have tapped into it. These purple Dust deposits have clearly stood there for probably centuries. Salem herself certainly seems quite wise, implying an ancient knowledge long forgotten, and living here she has access to a near limitless supply of crystals to melt down, form into pools, and maintain, allowing the Grimm to breed from there. She herself in the WoR: Dust mentioned that Dust could be used in so many other ways that humanity is blissfully unaware of, could this be it, or a part of it?

      Of course this is all simply speculation on my part, and not a very good argument. I am listing what I see, and what I see here is interesting. What I have isn't much, but if it could be expanded upon and discussed further, I would love to hear what you all think.

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