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    • Finish Your Games!: Getting Back On Track

      9 years ago


      This holiday season, a few games that I'm excited for are coming out. Of course, every time a new game comes around my brain nags me, saying “oh but you have all these great games at home you haven't even finished yet!â€Â. That's why, starting this week, I'm going to get back to work on my pile of shame. Hopefully completing at least one game for each new release I'm excited for.

      Let's start with the short list: What games coming out this holiday season am I excited for and would actually purchase day 1:

      Brutal Legend
      Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2
      Halo 3: ODST
      Dragon Age (thinking of going PC version)
      The Beatles: Rock Band

      That's about all I can think of off the top of my head, so that leaves me with five games I should complete.

      So, what games from my library will I be picking to finish in order to make room, feel good about getting, these new games? Well, quite a few of'em or lame but all but one of them are my fault for getting in the first place;


      Absolutely loved playing this game, though I really never had the desire to go back and play through it again, unless I got a nice HDTV or something. I'll begin a Hard run through with no respawns and see about collecting all the Tonics and Audio Diaries I've missed.

      Perfect Dark: Zero:

      This game is going to hurt achivmentwise. Being one of the first games on the 360 they didn't quite get the idea of “good†achievements down, so there's tons of “100 of x, 100 of y†types of achievements. Plus, honestly, I've played the game maybe three hours and never got back to it. Guess it's time to suck it up and finish this one off.

      Gears of War 2:

      I've finished this game, I'm just working on the achievements. Since I have all the map packs now I can start working on the multiplayer ones as well as the ranks. This will take the place of Halo 3, which I would STILL be working on if it wasn't for the play list I was working on now locks you out if you don't have all the map packs, which there's no point buying with ODST being so close.

      Phantasy Star: Universe

      Yes, I have tons of other, better, RPGs I could be working on. The fact of the matter is, this game was a gift from a friend. For whatever reason he's hooked on it and decided to attempt to drag me into it. Having been around the block with MMOs though I can't help but laugh at all the poor design choices they made. Thus, I need to hurry up and finish this game. Who knows, maybe along the way I'll get hooked just like him, but at least I can say I tried. Oh, by the way, apparently the last achievement is glitched and no one in America can get it. Go go Sega!

      Rock Band 1 & 2: Acquire all solo-able achievements

      One of the downsides of being the anti-social hermit I am, it's very hard to get people to play with IRL. So, a lot of the achievements, are unobtainable to me. But, at least I cay try for the solo ones. Besides, I've been getting very rusty with this game series lately. I remember playing Hard on Rock Band 2, every time I pick it up though I can't seem to do as well.

    • Playing with my stick.

      10 years ago


      Look what I finally got:


      That's right, I finally got myself a fight stick for my 360! Perfect timing to since Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is due out at the end of the month, and Blazblu is seeming pretty interesting. And Yes, the fight stick is helping me play better but it by no means makes up for my lack of skill. My only complaint though is the stick doesn't quite feel right. Like, it's got a square bracket or something inside making it a little difficult to do a lot of the rolls or diagonal moves. Maybe it's just me, I dunno.

      In achievement news: I've been getting some Co-op time in with a friend in Unreal Tournament 3. This game really is a blast and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good cheap thrill, especially in Co-op. Only problem is it's darn near impossible to find a Ranked Match for the ranked achievements, so I guess I'll have to find some kind of work around or boost group.

      I know I said I'd work on Bioshock, getting all the audio recordings and beating it on hard, but I've been a little distracted lately; both by my new stick and my new copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Got lucky on CAG and found it on sale for $40 bucks shipped form Newegg. So far everything I've heard on the podcasts are true: there's not really much to the story mode but man is it fun destroying stuff! I still can't get over how they made the buildings fall if you damage'em just right. And by that I mean I'm still right under'em as they fall. The multiplayer is defiantly fun, and I really appreciate the Quickmatch option that lets you hop into the first available game no matter what the playlist.

    • Grinding my Gears: AC's combat.

      10 years ago


      So far so good on finishing up Assassin's Creed. I have to say though, playing through this game again I'm remembering why so many people where not pleased with it and am realizing probably the biggest thing that needs to be fixed; Combat.

      To sum it up simply: The combat in Assassin's Creed is a game of waiting, holding the Right Trigger, and pressing X as you're about to be hit. That's it. Oh sure, you can do other things, but that's the sure fire way to win. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take sometimes up to 30 seconds for the guards to actually do something. This gets worse as you're trying to complete objectives, as guards just keep flipping out more and more, meaning you can either spend two to three minutes running away or blocking and countering moves. Of course, the mountains of dead bodies make things even more slow, especially when they happen to be all around an Information mission start. There's been at least 3 times where I've had guards immediately go nuts after I accept the mission, meaning I have to start all over again and listen to the dialog all over again.

      My idea of a solution? Besides overhauling the combat system, which may just add more problems, make the AI more aggressive. If you're going to put a easy kill all move in you might as well make it easier to execute. The bodies, while annoying, simply poof if I walk away for 30 seconds.

    • Achivment Progress: Marvel UA and AC.

      10 years ago


      Due to a slow summer, trying to save up money, and my truck's transmission finally deciding to bite the big one, I've been going through some games and trying to max out the achievements on my 360. In an attempt to get my blogging habits back up to snuff, I figured I'd share/brag about them and maybe give some heads up to those wishing to do the same.

      Marvel Ultimate Alliance:

      This game's achievements are by no means hard, it's just rather grindy and dull since I was finished with the game after my first play through. If you're not careful though, you can very easily skip a few items, meaning you'll have to play through it again! I've seriously been through this game at least four times.

      My tips?

      Start the game on Easy:
      Unless you'd like to play through the game normally before hunting achievements, start on Easy. This will help you when you decide to start grinding the simulation discs and start unlocking costumes.

      Download the Hero & Villain addon packs:
      Not only is this required for the addon achievements, but you might find the game more enjoyable with these characters. The Hulk is freaking insane with speed and power and I've found myself literally plowing through levels with him.

      Get some Lists:
      Make sure you get a hold of a list of Action Figure locations, Simulation Disc locations (Important since you can miss a few and be unable to recover!), and the lists of meeting locations for the mix up achievements (such as Cyclops meeting Jean). GameFAQs has some good ones, as do several of the other achievement sites.

      Assassin's Creed:

      Call me crazy, but I'm currently hunting down all the flags. It's driving me up the wall and I've even restarted the game in an attempt to be more organized, as I'll go after all the flags as they become available. At the end of the day, and due to finding an awesome play list on Youtube, that move was meaningless. So, unless you missed The Conversationalist, don't worry about the flags at all until after you beat the game.

      Map Locations:
      Assassinscreed-maps is an amazing site that has an interactive list with check boxes and pictures of the locations. ianxofour incorporated these maps into a well done playlist on Youtube that'll guide you through a "snag'em all" run.

      Starting point:
      After you've finished the game, Memory Block 6 is the best place to start, as everythings available to you. If you want to gather maps in the towns as you go along, that's fine, just don't mess with anything in Kingdom, as there's a flag you can't even reach until you have unlocked Memory Block 4.

      Missing Templars and Flags:
      Sometimes Templars will be glitched, I've had one that just wouldn't appear. Try walking away for a while and doing something else then coming back. Worse comes to worse, some people say clearing your cache helps. More often then not though, you skipped something. Relax and try rechecking the map or following the linked video list to a T. I mistakenly skipped 2 flags and thought I had a glitched game until the videos ran me through one that I missed and realized I mixed up one of the buildings.

      I'll be so glad when I finish getting these darn flags. What stinks about it is I've got at least three other games with more flags/points to collect, including Crackdown and Grand Thrift Auto IV.

    • Final gots a 360.

      11 years ago


      Well I've finally got myself a 360. I'm loving it so far, mainly due to already owning Bioshock, and there's really nothing else I can say about it that hasn't already been said a thousand times, such as how big the power brick is and how hot the blasted thing gets. Thankfully, things have improved since I moved the brick and sat it on top of some bottle tops, letting it breath. It must be working, since after 5-6 hours straight of Halo 3 both the brick and console felt nowhere near as hot as it was after 3 hours of me playing Bioshock and my nephew playing Forza 2.

      But yeah, Halo 3. Having some extra change after mailing off the warranty extension to Microsoft I decided to rent the game, if nothing else so I could get campaign completed and out of the way, which I just completed thirty minutes before writing this up. I would type up my thoughts about it, however I can't think of anything to say about it that hasn't been brought up a million times by every magazine, blog, website, podcast, etc. So, in true VG Cats fashion, I leave you with an anus.


    • Still around, shockingly!

      12 years ago


      Know what I hate about blogging? Putting a lot of effort into it then just plum forgetting about it, that's what! I guess I should force myself to at least make three posts a week, at the very least talking about what I'm playing.

      I've gotten back into Final Fantasy XII, after leaving it alone a month after it's release, thanks to a friend telling me about all the stuff she was working on in her copy. As usual, my biggest fear with any Final Fantasy game has been met; having a crappy build and not knowing what to do. I just finished clearing out the second Esper and second Judge, so now I'm going to take the break from the story elements to play catch up.

      Thankfully, I found a rather easy way to do so by using trick on a rare monster named Dustia. Basically, get yourself to 10% HP, set a Gambit to Foe: Nearest Visible -> Phoenix Down, walk into the zone where Dustia spawns, let your character use the item and kill the mob, then get out of there before you see the amount of experience or board points you've acquired. Then rinse and repeat for as many Phoenix Downs you have. I now have everyone caught up skill wise, though I'm going to grind a little bit more till I have all of the “always on†enhancements, such as items doing more stuff and higher HP, and enough cash to get my equipment up to date. After that I'm going to try to catch up on some hunts that I've been skipping. Seriously, with all that there is to do in this game, it's pretty much a offline MMO, except it actually works and you don't have to deal with idiots ruining your fun.

    • It's time to choose Mr. Freeman...

      12 years ago


      After many failed attempts of finding people to play Live with on the original Xbox, the upcoming releases, and a 3ROD x-clamp fix being found, I think it's finally time I make the jump (oh now i see why MS tells us to jump in...) to a 360. After finding out that spinning my Xbox around doesn't magically upgrade it, I've decided to start saving up for one. The only problem is I still have to decided which SKU to get.

      Core is out of the question, I'm sorry but I'm not that stupid. I honestly don't see why the Core version even exists anymore, since the Nintendo Wii has taken the place of a system for “everybody†or a cheap gateway into the next generation. So that just leaves Pro and the new Elite edition. On one hand, I'd imagine that 120 GB isn't really needed, since my Xbox did just fine with 8 GB with all the content and media I put on it, though it would be nice to have the extra storage. I have no use at all for the HDMI port, since I don't have a HDTV yet. Even when I do upgrade, I'm sure the component cables included with the Pro or the VGA adapter I plan to buy (VGA adapter + Computer monitor = Cheap way into HD) would be more then enough.

      On the other hand, I get a nice, sexy, black system with more space then I'll ever possibly fill for only 80 bucks more. Apparently Microsoft is applying some kind of epoxy to the processors in the Elite, hopefully meaning it'll be less likely to 3ROD. Considering the push to digital control that is bound to happen with HD-DVDs or other form of media, whenever I do purchase a HDTV I'll make sure it has a HDMI port, or DVI at the very least.

      I've got at least a month to figure it out anyways. I guess it boils down to am I wanting to get the black system and be a little more secure for the future, or get the white one and have enough cash left over to purchase game (Likely Gears or Dead Raising) and a VGA adapter.

      So, anybody out there in the series of tubes that is the Internet have experience with both? Think the black version is worth the plunge or am I better off with Pro?

    • Witty title here.

      12 years ago


      Gentlemen, behold! My first introductory journal post!

      I'm your typical gamer geek living in a dull town in the middle of nowhere. I have a PC, Wii, GC, Xbox, Playstation 2, DS, and have owned too many older systems to get into right now. As of right now, I'm mostly playing Guild Wars and Starcraft on my PC, Battlefield 2 MC, Halo 2, and Starwars Battlefront II on the Xbox (Yes, the original one, I don't own a 360 yet), Wii Sports and random VC games on my Wii, and Guitar Hero II and Final Fantasy XII on my Playstation 2. I'm also a big tech geek, spending most of my time reading forums, webcomics, drooling over upcoming games, watching anime, listening to music, and toying around in Photoshop.

      I bumped into the site when the excitement (or jealousy rather) of the Halo 3 Beta hit me and I started looking up some videos, only to bump into the RvB Halo 3 info video. That reminded me of that awesome series I watched a few episodes of, the last being when Halo 2 started up, and lead me back to the site to pick up a DVD of the first season. I know it seems a bit silly, but hey I like owning things. Besides, I remember in the old days it use to take forever to download anything from the site.

      As far as why I bothered to create an account here, well, it's always good to be in another community eh? Plus maybe I'll luck out and get some friends like I did in another Nintendo community I lurk around at.

      I guess that does it for now. I'll try and post some more later today, at the very least it'll be about what I'm playing now.

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      Definitely... it is my all time favorite anime.. which I'm sure you noticed

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