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    • Match 18- Dunstan Darrow vs James Safir

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      Dunstan could be said to be a man of simple tastes, seeking the joys of life; the joys of family, of contentment in one's circumstances, the thrill of a good fight, with Grimm or humans.  he has a personality to match his size, a big man with a big heart and a bigger mouth. A man born of Atlas, and like the Atlas of Myth, Dunstan was born with genetic Gigantism, a condition he would pass to his daughter. the inclusion of an Aura was useful, as it helped a young Dunstan cope well with some of the more debilitating aspects of the condition in a younger body as it grows up. As such Dunstan grew to be proud of his strength, considering a blessing and a sign that he should fight and protect those around him. He retired from active Huntsman service to marry his love, Jagoda and raise their daughter Rhonwen. Now a full time combat instructor at Lantern Academy, Dunstan brings his philosophy of Huntsmanship to a new generation; Huntsmen and Huntresses should be a Beacon of light for the world, let them do it with hearts and souls as much as with their blades.

      James was born on a goat farm in Vale to Tyr and Lilje Safir, two veterans of the Great War. He was the eldest of two and had an inseparable bond with his brother. As he grew he learned how to fight from his father and gained a desire for the adventure and camaraderie that was described in his father’s war stories. He did not wish to become a soldier but the life of a huntsman was filled with the adventure he desired. After coming of age, both he and his brother attended Signal Academy and later applied to Beacon where they met the remaining members of their team, Team AJNT. After years of adventure, James happened upon his former teammate, Thera Prasinus, and ended up settling down with her in Silva Village in Northern Vale where they had one son. Nikolas, named after his uncle. Nik took to adventure stories and those of heroism very much like his father did. After coming of age, James allowed his son to train to fight, an opportunity Nik would take advantage of whenever there was a spare moment of free time. But on one fateful day, deep in the forest and looking for Grimm to test Nik’s skills, they became surrounded and overwhelmed by Ursas. They were able to fight them off but the victory was pyrrhic, James was severely injured and Nikolas had his left arm bitten off at the shoulder. While James’ wounds were fatal, he managed to fight to stay alive for the nine days it took for Nikolas to wake up. His final words were: “Det er en helt i ditt hjerte” (There is a hero in your heart.) As he parted with a final smile.


      Dunstan was born with the condition known as Giantism, greatly increasing his size to a staggering degree, standing over 7 feet tall. In most cases in our own world, this condition comes with some downsides in stamina and heart problems, but the strength of his aura growing up has allowed Dunstan to cope with if not utterly surpass these difficulties, leaving him as a walking wall of muscle, lacking in agility but able to take blows and keep coming, with a high pain tolerance.

      Standing 6'3, very sturdy and physically fit.James is highly trained for High strength and endurance. While This build makes him hard to hurt outright, this does hamper his speed and agility, forcing him to meet aggression head on as dodging is not something to be found in his playbook.

      Verdict: In a lot of situations James would have the size and overall physicality advantage.  In this situation however Dunstan’s gigantism has applied a boost to not only his height, but his muscle scale and bone density.  Without a major means of agility on the side of the smaller James, Dunstan edges out this round.

      Martial skills

      Dunstan is a brawler, laying in with his fists and keeping his feet centered and under control, raining down precise blows and making excessive use of grapples, locks and environmental factors to beat down is opposition.  As a full time combat instructive he is familiar with most unarmed and armed fighting styles enough to provide basic instruction in their use by his students.

      James is brave and bull-headed, he attacks all problems head on. His fighting style can be best described as “brute force and ignorance”. He charges in before his opponent has a moment to think and attempts to overwhelm them before they have a moment to gain a foothold. His strength mostly makes up for his lack of technique, and even when his aura falls, he has the willpower to continue fighting. He can take a beating and ask for seconds. He even has a catchphrase for this “Sekunder kan!” (Seconds please!)

      Verdict:  Though the controlled combat instructor may have some struggles against the ‘technical’ art of flail-fu used by his smaller adversary, it’s nearly impossible to figure which of the two can take the edge in the martial skills since they’ll both keep coming back for more.

      Aura and Semblance

      Concussive Redirection: Dunstan can cause his aura shield to flare, an event lasting less than a second. however if his aura is struck during that moment, all the force is immediately redirected right back at the source in a wave of concussive force equal to the blow that struck. over the years Dunstan has refined this Semblance and his ability to time it, making it a rare blow indeed he is unable to subvert and punish.

      Electrokinesis:  James has an immunity and the ability to control the flow of electricity. He most often uses his semblance to charge up his weapon with electrical damage. He also can shoot electrical bolts with his hands but rarely does as he prefers to fight up close.

      Verdict: Concussive Redirection can be quite the a powerful maneuver in a battle, but for Dunstan, it’s not spammable.  On the other hand James’ electrokinesis provides great offence and staying power.  What we have here is a powerful trump against a good utility, a matchup that could swing either way so we have to call it a draw.

      Weapon of choice

      Vættfang Systkin (Battlefield Siblings): a pair of heavy gauntlets, constructed of bare steel and leather with stone knuckles and backing. each backing has a place for a Dust crystal to be inserted, allowing elements to be channeled through punches, strikes and other maneuvers. when not worn, are stored in iron bands on his belt and are equipped by Dunstan punching down into them.

      Torden: Combination Revolver/Waraxe (Based on S&W 500)

      Torden is just as devastating and brutish as its wielder. When held as an axe, James makes powerful sweeping strikes that can be electrically charged with his semblance.

      When held as a revolver, James can unload several .50 caliber lightning dust rounds. Even though the revolver can hold six rounds, he only loads with five. No one knows why. (there’s a 6th round he kinda forgets about when he reloads.  If necessary he’ll alter his grip mid swing to fire off the round on his unsuspecting foe)


      Final Verdict

      In the first round of our Series 2 finale event, we have nothing less than a literal clash of titans, as both men are tall, well muscles and disinclined to dodge what they can simply power through; nobody's walking out of this without bruises folks. Nevertheless, the judges have reached their decision and we thus present you with Dunstan Darrow vs James Safir.

      Valhalla bar and lounge, a quiet afternoon where Dunstan Darrow enjoys a quiet beer. This peace is offset by the main doors being kicked inwards by the boot of James Safir, who holds his axe out in loud and definite challenge. Laughing with joy, Dunstan downs his pint mug, slamming the empty glass on the counter before driving his fists down into his gauntlets, hung as they are around his waist. Bringing them up into a battle stance, he braces to meet James head on, as the man is already charging straight towards him.

      James opens fire as he charges forwards, the revolver rounds met and deflected harmlessly off the back of Dunstan’s gauntlets.  In return he throws a punch that sends a fireball flying across the room, which impacts on the floor a few feet before his foe, sending one of the bars tables up in the air, spinning. Without breaking stride, James runs up the table in mid air, leaping from it as it rests as the peak of its rise atop the fireball.  Gripping his axe in both hands, a warcry leaves Saphir’s lips as he lands heavily atop Darrow.  Gasping his foe by the straps of his armour, Dunstan slams his back down on the bartop, sending glasses flying. Setting a Gravity crystal home into his left gauntlet, Dunstan’s punch sends James sliding down the bar all the way to the far end, the other using his freedom to send another volley of bullets towards him in return, most of the shots going wide but one finding home enough to stagger Dunstan.  Using the time it takes James to get back to his feet, two more Dust gems are placed in their sockets and electricity begins to crackle away from the steel of his gauntlets as Dunstan throws out a pair of punches that send ball lightning coursing down the bar. His face lighting up with a manic grin of triumph, James extends his empty offhand casually, the raw energy of both shots slamming into his palm. As the electrical current runs through his aura, James charges in once more, firing a line of arcing bolts that meet Dunstan’s cross arm guard head on. As the first flicking tendrils hit home however, the giant Huntsman’s aura flairs out brightly; immediately the bolts crack and dissipate with the sound that shatters nearby glass and fills the air with the reek of burnt ozone.

      James is the first to recover, moving through the smoke to deliver a brutal body blow with his axe, only to receive a sideswipe to the left cheek in return. The fight dissolves into such a melee, both warriors parrying, blocking and occasionally taking each other's blows outright in order to give himself an opening to land a strike in return. Dunstan gets through Saphir’s guard and gripping his collar in both hands, only for James to lean in and headbutt him directly across the nose and kick him across the shin. Down on one knee, Dunstan’s hands slam hard onto the floor to stop himself from losing balance entirely. Bellowing in victory, James’ axe comes up in both hands and flies down towards the top of Darrow’s skull.  In an instant, however, the axe is caught in a stone lined gauntlet, at the exact moment that Dunstan’s aura flares. The force of the concussive redirection launches the Axe revolver clear out of James’ grip, sending it spinning through the air to imbed itself in the ceiling above them. Rising in one movement that includes an uppercut to the chin, Dunstan begins a brutal pummeling of the now unarmed man standing before him; James Saphir tries to fight back with his bare fists, but every blow he lands on Dunstan’s guard is met with another redirection from his aura, which leaves him too stunned all too quickly and in a trio of surgically placed body blows, James aura flickers out of existence even as Dunstan’s own collapses around him. But while both men have lost their barriers, Dunstan is the better for, and a single long arm sweep knocks the weary warrior from his feet. James tumbles over the side of the bar beside them, his fall ripping the bar taps from the wall spraying his prone form with a mixture of beers and ales.  Leaning over himself, Dunstan holds two empty mugs under the flow, taking one for himself and leaving the other on the side. Within a minute, James rises and claims his mug, raising it in salute to acknowledge Dunstan the winner, both men bruised and a little bloody in places, before downing his drink in a bid to use it as a painkiller.


      What a fight, and not a close one at that. Dunstan’s win comes from his having a few factors in his favour providing him with edges that James simply couldn’t hold up against. In any other fight, Saphir senior would be the big, slow tank, but when faced with Dunstan, he faces perhaps one of the few men able to take the level of punishment he offers and repay it in kind. Combined with his Semblance, which gave him a defence to James electrical attacks, Dunstan’s win comes from his ability to do just that.

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    • Match 16- Wulfric Jaeger vs Rohan Bistre

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      Born into the Royal Jaeger family of Krieger, Wulfric was born into a family of warriors with an exceptional pedigree. His father, Leonidas Jaeger: The White lion, and his mother: Silver Argot : The iron maiden, were both trained in Beacon and were two of it's top students. Trained in the Luftangriff Royal Military Academy, and graduating with the highest honours, Wulfric has an excellent grasp of tactics, and is a skilled combatant. He now wants to apply to Beacon, and to become strong enough to live up to his ancestors and to protect his subjects.

      Rohan grew up in Atlas with a militaristic minded father.  He started training in the art of combat at the age of 9, under his father’s direct tutelage.  The challenge and desire to improve he enjoyed, though his father’s rather strict regiment made the lessons rather boring to him.  At 13 plans were already made for him to enroll at Pelorus Academy, a decision that Rohan wasn’t particularly fond of; not because of the location, but the stigma of being the headmaster’s son.  Despite his minor protest, Rohan was enrolled in Pelorus.  As Rohan’s combat skills improved through the years of the challenge that once fueled him diminished.  He didn’t skip out on lessons but he did start out right refusing to lead lessons and missions instead following and in turn bailing the group he was assigned to out of trouble when necessary.    He chose to apply to Beacon for diversity that he felt he wasn’t getting under his father and to avoid being a member of the Atlas military.


      At 5'8 Wulfric is actually quite short compared to his father. He has a lean svelte physique, but is stronger than he looks. With excellent stamina, he is able to keep fights going for a long time. Boasting immense speed and maneuverability, Wulfric is able to engage in a very furious and acrobatic combat style, or a heavy hard hitting one when needed thanks to his weapon.

      Being a muscular 6’8” Rohan has an imposing size to his advantage but it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Unlike most, Rohan is quite agile for his size being able to keep pace with those far smaller.  Though not quite on par with the rest of his team, his explosiveness coupled with high stamina comes as a surprise to anyone who underestimates him.

      Verdict: These two are so closely matched in physicality that it’s hard for one to pull out ahead of the other. Not even Rohan’s additional full foot of height gives him enough to definitively edge out his foe, meaning that this category is a draw.

      Martial skills

      Wulfric like stated above, can engage in a very fast and acrobatic combat style, or a hard hitting one depending on what form his weapon is in. His fighting style focuses on probing the enemy for weaknesses before engaging in a furious attack. He prefers to use his weapons dual blade and guns form first to allow for speed and acrobatics, (fighting style then similar to Darth Sideous from Clone wars) only using its single blade mode when certain he can attack well with it, and devastate his opponent. Trained by professional sword instructors as well as his father, Wulfric is certainly well educated in swordsmanship, and marksmanship from his time at the academy.

      Because of all the combat training from his father’s teachings, Rohan has above average knowledge of various martial arts that he’s proficient at using.  He’s also a great marksman thanks to the training before and during his time at Pelours.  Rohan has also demonstrated a high combat awareness that he utilizes for some “simple but effective” strategies, often times being the tank of whichever team he is apart of.  The damper on his skills is that he’s been trained for full frontal assaults more so than other tactics he’s picked up.

      Verdict:  While Rohan is definitely our pick for a winner in a contest of hewing through a battlefield against a horde of Grimm, Wulfric seems to be the better optimized for facing his foe in one to one combat  and exploiting the weaknesses in his opponent’s form, to which end we declare him to take the Edge in martial skill.

      Aura and Semblance

      Temporal flux. Wulfric is able to slow his perception of time so that everything else is moving at a much slower speed than him, and caused him to be seen moving at a high speed to everyone else. It also causes him during use to become colour blind, seeing everything in black and white. However, this powerful ability does come with a heavy price, as he can only maintain this ability safely for 10 seconds (to him) per fight. Any longer causes brain trauma, and usually will result in him blacking out and bleeding from his nose. Thus, he usually only uses it as a last resort. This affect is achieved by his body separating itself into its constituent electrons, which move at astronomical speeds. However, during this time he cannot physically affect the world around him.

      Unread Step -- Rohan is capable of placing a mirage of himself.  He is able to manipulate the mirage to act in a different timing or different direction to his actual movements.  

      Verdict: Wulfric’s Semblance is weird and possibly one of the most stand out we’ve had on VS so far. Due is to this, if nothing else, as well as it’s interesting possibilities for use in this battle, he takes the Edge.

      Weapon of choice

      His weapon, Fenrir, is a Firearm-Compounded Combustion Blade, a longsword that can transform into dual handguns, and split down the middle into dual single edged blades. Note that in order to use his pistols, he must first change the blade into dual blades mode. The blade of Fenrir can also set itself alight, but only in single blade mode. The combustion part comes from the fact that when the blade is on fire, Wulfric can rev the hilt of his blade like a motorcycle throttle. This causes fire dust to be sprayed from the cross guard around the blade, and causes it to literally explode, whilst the blade, and the wielder behind, are unharmed if used properly. If necessary, Wulfric can activate Ragnarok mode, which splits the single edge blade down the middle while alight. If revved the blade creates a humongous forward explosion that usually obliterates anything the tips are facing at, but uses up an entire fire dust cartridge. This mode Wulfric saves for tough opponents, as it leaves him vulnerable afterwards due to its immense recoil.

      Stellaire Tatarous—Upon first glance it looks like a somewhat ornamental dual bladed battle axe especially since the edge of the blades have a light hue of blue.  It is unusually lightweight given its larger than normal size but only because of the rifle mode the axe can take.  Though it is rarely ever done, Stellaire Tatarous can split into two separate axes for dual wielding.

      Verdict:  These weapons are very similar, and therefore very close. But ultimately Wulfric’s swords just barely manage to edge out Stellaire Tatarous for versatility in a direct fight.

      Final Verdict

      Two warrior heirs to warrior fathers, Dynasties of separate kingdoms, Atlas and Krieger. Young men who value the variety of their weapons and their power in battle. But when the two come head to head, there has to be a winner. Who? Well, for your entertainment and consideration, we show you how we feel a fight between these heirs would go.

      Beacon’s sparring ring, lined with student attendees, watching excitedly as Glynda Goodwitch calls her next combatant; Wulfric Jaeger, and would this self declared prince from the black sheep of the kingdoms wish to show the rest of them what he is capable of? A tall young man from Atlas, Rohan Bistre, volunteers to meet the challenge, and the pair prepare to face off.

      Into the ring, Rohan easily strikes the more intimidating figure; taller, more well built and with an axe nearly the same size as himself, the Prince seeming almost small despite his respectable height and bearing. As soon as Glynda gives the signal, Rohan is on the attack, bringing his axe up and around in and overhead swipe aiming to end the fight in the first blow, apparently by splitting Wulfric down the middle from head to pelvis. Wulfric darts to the right to avoid the blow, but it turns out to have been a feint; rather than hitting the floor, the downward blow is expertly swept underarm and around on the horizontal plane, Rohan’s entire body spinning with the swing, which hits the flat of Jaeger’s blade as he raises it into a hastily planned guard. The force of the impact sends Wulfric backwards, his back slamming into the rough stone of the arena wall below the spectators, from where he immediately spins right, avoiding another cut as Rohan followed him in. Another attempt to meet the heavy axe head on is met with failure, as the heavier weapon powers through his attempt at a block and nearly forces his sword from his hands.

      Leaping backwards to disengage, Wulfrics sword comes apart into two halves, each half forming a single edged arming sword for a moment before continuing their transformation into their pistol forms; throwing rounds around the arena at Rohan, only for the axe to twist and spin and bat the bullets away with ease. Returning the weapons to their twin swords forms; Wulfric takes up a fencer's stance, beckoning Bistre to come closer. Smiling to himself, Rohan does indeed advance, only for his own weapon to divide down the middle, coming apart into a pair of single headed axes which he spins once in his grip before engaging. What follows is half of minute of intensive back and forth, with both fighters clashing repeatedly in an attempt to bypass the others defenses. Suddenly Wulric’s leg sweeps out and tries to sweep his opponent’s foot out from under him, only for the blow to pass right through, leaving the prince confused, but only long enough for Rohan’s axe, back in it’s two hander form and swung like a golf club, to smack him square in the gut.

      Landing hard against the far wall to the groans and cheers of the crowd, his swords clattering away from his hands, Wulfric tries to clear his head; he was seeing two Rohans. But even as he watched, the one on the left flickered out of existence. The board above them both declared Wulfric’s aura to be a mere 31%. Not good. Still, if they were going to be playing with Semblances, he could certainly return the favor.  Even as Bistre aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger, Wulfric seemed to flicker out of existence, reappearing by his blades. Another shot but he was gone again, this time running full speed at Rohan weapons in hand. The weapon returned to it’s axe form and swept out, but Wulfric was leaping over his head, his pistols back in his hands and raining bullet’s into Rohan’s defenses, his aura visibly flickering as he cried out in pain. He turned to meet this smaller foe, but Wulfric was gone, behind him again, this time his two handed blade held horizontal before him as a red glow built up in the heart of the hilt.  The explosion of burning Dust catches Rohan full in the chest and, in a moment of karma, sends him into the wall this time, hard enough to dent the stonework and fill the air with particles of dust.

      Falling to his knees, out of breath, Rohan coughed out the dust from his chest and tried to stand, noticing as his hand rested on the ground to push him up, the flicker of his aura as it collapsed. The fact was hammered home by Glynda calling an end to proceedings and Wulfric offering him a hand to shake. Accepting the hand and clapping the prince on the back, Rohan accepted his defeat with a laid back smile, acknowledging Wulfric Jaeger the winner.


      This fight was a lot closer than 3/4 win ratio of the catagories going to Wulfric might have suggested, sheer power of Rohan’s weapon of choice combined with his illusion semblance were something that Wulfric would initially struggle to beat before his superior tactical foresight would let him see enough of Rohan’s nature to see how to best employ a defeat; namely by using his opponents height and reach advantage against him in combination with his semblance to end the fight in a decisive blow, as turning the fight into a more drawn out affair would be an endurance test he would have lost. However the superior nature of his weapon and semblance in combination with his better suitability to 1v1 fighting than his opponent give Wulfric everything he needs to survive an onslaught and come back with his own bag of tricks to secure the win.   

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    • Match 17- Yuki Shiro vs Marina Syrene

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      The 17-year-old heiress to the Shiro Group, Yuki is the fourth, and only daughter of the head of the group. The Shiro Group in particular is a mafia that plays its cards close to its chest, working both for and against the powers of Remnant. As the only daughter her father dotes on her, and while she loves her “family,” she is highly aware of the implications and politics surrounding the Shiro Group, including their less-than-favorable reputation and history. Therefore she becomes a huntress in search of a way to set her family back upon a noble path.

      She is highly reasonable, intelligent, and knows much of politics and the bloodshed surrounding them. However, as she has been kept cooped up in her father’s mansion, she doesn’t know much of the outside world, and is easily amused and almost innocent in her manner. However, she is prone to fly into a rage when someone asks why is she holding her sword “upside-down,” as most people do not realize the curve of the katana is supposed to be facing upward. She enjoys calligraphy and kendo.

      19 years of age, Marina is the daughter of a fisherman. She's lived on a boat off the coast of Vale her entire life and knows the ocean like the back of her hand because of this. She's always had a great relationship with both of her parents, though her mother is the only one currently alive as her father had died fighting off a Grimm attack. As for the origin of this Grimm attack, no one is sure what had happened to attract them, as it may have been an argument between the fisherman or something completely different...what is known, however, is she found her father dead, near the shore. She's always worn his captain's coat up until the previous school year as a memento and discovered that it was laced with Water Dust during her first days at Beacon-- though has since retired using it. She calls it "a parting gift" from him.


      Yuki is very slim, agile, and young, but has trained in the art of the kendo since she could hold a shinai. Therefore, her arms and shoulders are very muscular. Built for fast footwork and upper body strength, Yuki is not someone who could tank too many direct hits before folding.

      Marina is tall, lithe with a long muscled build, for combat endurance and flexibility, with a rather jack of all, master of none take on her physique, trained for general effectiveness in all areas of strength, stamina and agility generally without specialising herself into any one of them.

      Verdict -  The pair are close, but save for the category of speed, Marina outclasses the younger Yuki in all areas, with the slight speed advantage not enough to push her ahead. We award Marina the edge for Physicality.

      Martial skills

      Yuki is very well-trained in the art of kendo, with direct 1v1 bladework her strongest skill. She also is adept with the yumi (japanese longbow) and naginata (though not so much as her sword), and displays some level of combative, acrobatic flexibility when moving and jumping around.

      Well trained and practiced in polearm combat, Marina can wield her Axe with skill as if it were a simple bo staff or bring it’s deadly edge to bear with practiced ease, she is happy to go on the offensive with both her weaponry and dust attacks and semblance, overwhelming her enemies like the waves of the tide.

      Verdict - In a rare case for OC VS, we see a 1v1 specialist who never the less cannot keep up with her opposition. Yuki’s problem is that while she is excellent with her chosen form, it is a form that follows set rules and the assumption your opponent will too. Marina unfortunately follows no rules as an offensive dervish who constantly changes her attack patterns to maintain an unorthodox strategy. Marina takes the Martial skill Edge.

      Aura and Semblance

      Kanji Brush -

      An inherited semblance similar to that of the Schnee Family, Yuki can write calligraphy in the air to affect the environment around her. For instance, were she to write the kanji for “slow” and an enemy pass through it, they would be slowed. These are mostly simple spells, not so complicated as the Schnee family’s semblance, but similar. She must be able to complete the kanji in order for it to be used and more complicated spells drain her of her aura.

      Deep Ocean -

      She has the ability to generate an energy that when inhaled by her opponents make them feel as if they were in the deep ocean, drowning. This comes with an intense internal pressure besides running out of breath. The effect of this lasts until the opponent passes out.

      The energy comes out in the form of glowing teal ocean water. Since it's not necessarily tangible, it doesn't create much of a strain when she generates it and can produce effects from a simple watery blast to a giant wave of ocean water swamping the battlefield. The only way to avoid its effects is holding one's breath, but this doesn't last too long usually. She can combine it with Dust to make it have that Dust crystal's effect.

      Verdict-  While Marina’s Semblance was described by one judge tonight as “Fucking Terrifying”

      The sheer versatility of Yuki’s semblance wins this out for her, as it is within her power to counter Marina’s if she can manage it in time and turn the tide of the battle.

      Weapon of choice

      Icebreaker - Katana Bowstaff with Arrowshelf

      Icebreaker has three forms - a katana, its basic form, a naginata, a kind of staff formed with she places the hilt of her sword to her scabbard, and a longbow, made when adjusting the angle the katana and scabbard are connected (like breaking a glowstick). It’s an inherited weapon from her mother.

      Tridens Lorelei is a CADE (Concussive Axe Dust Emitter). Tridens is Latin for Trident and Lorelei references a mythical siren that would lure sailors to their doom with her song. Marina is a token dust user, similar to Weiss, so this weapon doesn't transform. It's basically an axe that can fire Dust from the crystal embedded in the axe head. She prefers to use Ice Dust for this though she can interchange the crystals to whatever suits the situation.

      Verdict -  Much like the martial skills category, while Yuki’s weapon is an excellent precision instrument, she loses out to Marina because of the latter's superior reach, dust useage and overall power that can be leveraged behind it’s attacks.

      Final Verdict

      A “tale” of water and ice, the lady of the frost vs the daughter of the sea. Two very different women tied together by how much they oppose each other in their upbringings and fighting styles. When they enter the arena of combat, ultimately only one can win, and thus for your entertainment we present that battle.

      The ship lay docked in Vale’s main harbourside, the cold light of the moon bathing the deck even as the winter frost fell from the sky in snow and crystalised the metal of the railings.

      Walking up from the under decks, Yuki Shiro immerges into the moonlight, her hand on the hilt of the blade at her belt. Looking up she finds her opponent balancing herself on the mainmast, Marina Syrene standing with her arms behind her head staring up at the shattered moon. With casual grace, Marina lets herself fall backwards into empty air, falling through the light mist and turning her body in a slow cartwheel to land on her feet, knees straightening up into a combat stance as she twirls her axe in her fingers and into a braced position. Yuki responds with an Iaido style draw and salute, being her blade into the ready position above her head even as her kendo mask unfolds to enclose her head.

      The pair circle slowly, before Yuki makes the first move, sweeping her blade down in a blow that cuts the air where marina was, before coming back around to turn aside the counterattack sweep from the axe. Marina then takes the initiative, pushing Yuki back across the deck of the ship towards the railing and forcing the smaller, younger girl backwards with each strike of her pole axe. Reaching the rail Yuki braces her feet against it and kicks herself up over Marina’s head, the blow aimed at the back of her opponent's head turned aside with the shaft of the axe. Dodging a retaliation swipe, Yuki allows herself to slide back across the deck with her own momentum, giving herself the distance to spin the point of her blade through the air to slice a Kanji in the fog; 炎, Blaze.  At once her sword ignites and cuts an arc through the air, turning the falling snow to steam as the rolling waves of fire flew from each controlled, drilled slash in her routine, each of which Marina was forced to dodge, all while bringing her own weapon to bear, sending blasts of Ice dust in solid chunks back her foe and so the pair fight, throwing elements across the width of the ship while dancing aside from the others attempt.  Feeling the fires that surround her blade begin to fade, Yuki tries around method of attack, calling forth the symbol 走

      , speed. Moving with a small thunderclap, she races across the gap between her and her foes, striking into a guard that Marina barely raised in time, one that carries enough momentum to throw her off her feet and blowing back painfully head over heels. Falling over the edge of the ship, Marina rams the point of her axe into the side and uses the now horizontal pole to spin around and balance both feet on.  Standing in place with the sea lapping against the ship below her feet, Marina decides to call forth her own semblance; a rolling wave of blue mist begins to make it’s way through the air towards towards Yuki, who holds her ground and flicks out her blade for another Kanji, a gleam of victory lighting up her eyes. 映 , reflection.

      Marina’s eyes go wide with disbelief and fear for a moment as her own semblance clashes with the loading symbol and begins to turn, rolling back towards herself. She did not know if her own powers could affect her, but the risk was not worth taking.  Kicking down hard to bring her pole axe free from the ship, she plunged down into the cold water below her. All was quiet for several moments, Yuki kept her guard up and placed around, looking to the sides of the vessel for any sign of counter attack. But as the mist of Marina’s semblance faded and she banished the now unneeded Kanji, the counter attack finally came. Rising up from the right hand side of the vessel, Marina rode a typhoon of water, the spray whipping at her wet hair as the controlled water funnel below her churned and soaked the deck in freezing spray, the axe and dust array of her weapon plunged deep inside and glowing like the moon above.  Spinning her weapon around, Marina rode the wave straight at Yuki as the funnel collapsed and send a wall of water rolling over the deck with her atop it. Yuki braced for the impact, attempted to invoke the 盾 Kanji, for a shield. But before the shape could form, it crackled and faded as Yuki’s indigo hued aura collapsed around her. Too much power, too much effort. Too much.

      The wave hit the smaller girl head on and slammed her into the side railing of the ship, which itself rocked in the water with the impact. Unconscious and drenched, Yuki lay with her sword still gripped in her hand with Marina, similarly soaked head to toe in water, standing over her, triumphant and proud. The winner.


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    • Match 15- Longwei Qing vs Krait Dartmouth

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      Killer, Torturer, Monster.  All words that aptly describe Longwei Qing. Trained as a Huntsman at Shade academy, Qing immediately defected to the White Fang as soon as he qualified, never looking back and showing no shame in killing one of his teammates on the way out. Qing viewed the fang as a tool, believing he saw it’s true purpose; a path to power and an excuse to do what you wanted. With such a philosophy he quickly became one of the most feared of their field agents, rising to the attention of Adam Taurus and assigned to work with the equally violent Conri Vanagandr, forming one of the most infamous units of the terrorist organisation, Known as Fang Pack Vanagandr. Fortunately for the world, before Cinder’s plans for the fang could be put to full use, drawing them in to assist in the fall of Beacon, Longwei Qing met his end at the sword of his long time enemy, the huntress Braith Rhwenaid during the battle in the nightclub Valhalla.  Still, his legacy of terror lives on in those he hurt, including the staff of Valhalla and the huntsman team MAUV, the stuff of waking nightmares.

      Talented thief. Silver-tongued manipulator. Excellent strategist. Growing up in the more criminal, illegal side of Vacuo Krait gained these skills with ease and even on the side of the greater good these aspects of herself haven't faded, sometimes even proving helpful. Desires more than anything to make up for past mistakes and instead of abandoning the skills from her amoral path uses them for good. Training at Shade alongside her team, KEPL, Krait’s path is one of rising from the darkness of her past and standing proudly in the light, no longer the thief she grew up as, but a Huntress of Vacuo.


      Tall and lean, Qing is so skinny that without a shirt on, you can see his ribs. However his lack of body fat does not lessen his surprising strength, nor his most disturbing trait; Qing is a natural contortionist, able to freely rotate the joints of his back and long limbs at extreme angles. Be had trained and adapted this trait into a fine art, such that he can perform unnatural movements without effort in the heat of battle. He has also trained himself to roll with blows rather than resist them, what attacks he cannot evade or turn away, he will take and offer no resistance to, letting his flexible body bend rather than break.  

      Short in height and a very thin, with a wiry body that lacks strength but can move incredibly fast and with insane agility and flexibility. Krait is one of the definitive examples of a glass cannon, fast but unable to take many hits, making her highly reliant on evading hits over tanking them.

      Verdict -  In a sentiment we will be seeing a lot in this fight, the two as presented are very similar; Qing’s natural flexibility however is greater that Krait’s, combined with his better being able to take hits in a straight up fight, means that we will be awarding him the edge in this category.

      Martial skills

      Having fought against humans and faunus rather than Grimm for nearly his whole life, Qing uses a self taught fighting style that makes use of his long limbs and flexibility for two main methods of battle; First is his relentless offensive, wherein he will try and bury enemies under an unending rain of blows to overpower and kill them. If this proves ineffective he moves into his more long term combat strategy, where he will let his opponent move first, and throw out aggressive counters to every attempt they make, answering every move with an attempt to exploit the opening in their guard. While he is highly effective with this style, with more than one huntsman kill to his name, he suffers in being unable to find a middle ground between his pure offense and pure defense/counter tactics.

      Krait acts as the Thief in battle. Staying more to the backline so to speak and providing tactical information and strategy. Krait also excels at attacking and crippling opponents in the best possible way at the best possible time, attacking using surprise and extremely underhanded/unfair tactics such as using environmental hazards to harm or disorient. Krait's weapons allow her to grapple around the environment at incredible speeds and surprise opponents from unexpected angles.

      Verdict:  A very versatile fighter vs one with powerful but limited techniques of battle, a tactician against someone who simply seeks to kill as soon as possible. Krait nearly took the edge in this category for her ability to outthink him, but Ultimately Qing narrowly manages to take the edge for his higher levels of raw power,experience and skill in battle.

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance -  Gravitic shift:  Qing has the unorthodox power to change his personal relationship with local gravity, allowing him to orient his aura to any surface and act on it as it were flat, level ground, including jumping; If he adheres himself to a wall and leaps, he will do so sideways and fall back to the wall in the same way as one would do stood on the earth.

      Semblance - Serpent’s Gaze: If any creature, be they Human Animal or Grimm, make eye contact with Krait she can lock their muscles with a thought and paralyse them. Rendering them unable to move. A continuous gaze must be held and Krait must not blink when using this. In combat it can hold an opponent in place for a quick takedown or even cause flying enemies and Grimm to fall from the sky. While locked in place a victim his much less susceptible to harm while Krait herself is even more vulnerable as her Aura is currently busy affecting the target.

      Verdict: Qing’s ability to defy physics is a powerful combination with his combat style and physical traits, but in a 1v1 scenario, Krait’s Serpent Gaze is nothing short of a game changer, awarding her the Edge for Aura and Semblance.

      Weapon of choice

      Jade Cuspid. A pair of indian style katars that are incorporated into a 7 shot high caliber revolvers, capable of being fired with the blades in melee position or without.

      Daant and Vish (Tooth and Venom). A pair of Katar blades which can change between having a traditional "H grip" or the more modern Knife grip. The blade is sharp and can be fired out, connected to the grip by a long cable which can be unspooled and reeled in using two easy to use buttons in the grip. They can be used to grapple and swing across the battlefield with ease and can be left unspooled to be swung as dagger tipped whips.

      Verdict: these are easily the two most similar weapons we’ve ever seen in a VS matchup, with neither claiming a clear edge, such that we declare the Weapon of choice category to be a tie.

      Final Verdict

      This is two of the most similar OCs ever to fight in the VS series so far, and that was very much on purpose, as their similarities; Both with criminal background, snake themed characters native to vacuo wielding katar daggers. These similarities fade quickly when you examine them close to however, with their differences being marked all the more by otherwise being so alike in their themes and styles. Ultimately though, we have debated, judged and chosen who we feel would win in the majority of matches between these two serpentine warriors.

      The skyline of Vale, silent save for a pair of barely audible feet as they ran across the rooftops; Krait Dartmouth running exercises in the peaceful dark of night, a habit picked up in the deserts of Vacuo to avoid the worst of the heat. Leaping onto the next roof, Krait pushes by a wall of a taller building to stop and watch the traffic on the highway below, busy even in this late hour.  Her combat senses kick in at the last moment as a pair of bullets slam into the brickwork beside her head. Standing across from her is a tall man in a long white coat and a Grimm mask; a member of the infamous white fang. Pulling her Katars from her belt she drops into a combat stance even as the attacker shrugs out of his coat, revealing a tight black combat suit, his pistols transforming into a pair of blades in the same style as hers, before leaping almost straight up in the air.

      Longwei Qing lands on the wall behind her, standing on it as it were no different to the group she stood on and thrust out with both blades, an attack barely blocked. Flowing down seamlessly to the ground Qing’s barrage of blows continues, driving the younger woman back and onto the defensive, Krait struggling to ward off the blows raining down on her defenses, a couple of blows glazing directly off of her aura. Weaving around Qing, she fends him off enough to fire a rope line up to the next tier of building and kicks off of his torso to propel herself upwards. Grinning like a sadist, Qing throws his arms akimbo behind his back as he casually strolled up the wall after her, reaching the lip of the tiling about and bringing a hand around to casually blow the head height swipe for her own weapons he had been expecting. Turning aside around blow, Qing keeps walking, casually walking up over the lip and open the flat ground in a smooth transition, firing pistols all the way to force Krait back away from the edge. Blocking the shots and keeping on the backfoot, Krait tries to analyse the situation, to find and angle she can exploit. As the melee offensive from the faunus begins anew, she finds it, slipping in behind him and planting a kick squarely in the base of his spine. The block to her surprise sends Qing flying, towards and overhanging shop sign, a feature that his feet twist around to meet, so that he is suddenly standing upside down and firing at her once again.  Rolling to avoid the barrage and sending out a rope line, Krait snags the shop sign and pulls it free from the wall, causing Qing to curse as an acrobats tumble lands him back on his feet. Krait uses the opening to go on the attack, a near fatal error; every attempt to strike Qing is suddenly and brutally punished as he switches into his countering stance. Kicks and slashes taking a toll on Krait before she can effectively disengage, a painful beating that ends only when a chance blow from her elbow as her arm was redirected by Qing hits his mask, sending it falling from his face.  Qing’s eyes burned with madness, the moonlight making them glow as he raises a blade for a potential deathblow. Then he stops, unable to move. His puzzlement lasts only a few seconds before Krait’s desperate fist clocks him square on the nose.

      Snorting in rage and pain, Qing turns to find that his prey had slipped his grasp, now stood behind him, weapons raised. Furious at being humiliated, he charged in again, all cares besides murder gone from his heart. Mid charge he finds his body has frozen in place again, enough for the girl to strike against his right hand blade with both of hers, sending it flying from his grip. Falling back, Krait disengages her Semblance enough to let him charge in again before making eye contact again, stopping Qing with her remaining blade millimeters from her neck. Gripping him by the gun holsters worn over his suit, Krait rolls backwards, planting feet on his stomach and throwing him over her, maintaining eye contact until the last possible second as Qing flew off the edge of the roof, into empty air.  Regaining muscle control, Qing reaches out with his own Semblance to adhere himself to the wall, but alas is still unaware of how Krait’s semblance works, as he goes out of his way to lock eyes with her as he falls. A serious error.

      Feeling his body freeze up once again, Qing’s screams internally with rage as he falls past the points of salvation and down into the rushing traffic below. Krait moves to the edge and looks down. No sign of the White Fang assassin, just the continued motion of the cars and trucks. Suddenly becoming aware of her own, numerous injuries, Krait slumps into a sitting position on the roof, then onto her back, panting heavily up towards the shattered moon, bleeding from more than a dozen cuts of various sizes, but still, the winner of the fight.


      What a mirror match that was folks! What made this an incredibly fun fight to work out was how a factor not even noted in the reckoning was the main Qing lost this fight so definitely; His personality. His one track mind during a fight meant he was never going to work out what was triggering the paralysis from Krait’s semblance

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    • Match 14- Camellia Duncan vs Snow Stelhen

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      Camellia was the firstborn to a pair of decorated Atlestian veterans, and the oldest of four sisters; there was herself, Calla, Cosmos, and little Celosia. As the oldest of the quartet, Camellia quickly grew used to being the one in charge whenever they went exploring through their family’s grand home. This bossiness carried over into her teenage years, when it stopped being cute and started being a hassle for her parents. Precociousness became argumentativeness, and childhood poise and dignity transformed into a high horse that Camellia was more than happy to ride.
      But it came at a cost. Camellia’s behaviour led to her friends and sisters growing weary and distant, and eventually Camellia found herself spending most of her day alone. This led to her acting out further in an attempt to get the attention and companionship she’d had as a little girl.
      Tired of her behaviour, Camellia’s parents decided to enroll her into Atlas’s Huntsmen/military Academy, in the hopes that she would learn the meaning of discipline and restraint. Having been born to two respected soldiers, Camellia was no stranger to the idea of combat; her mother had taught her how to shoot when she was still a young girl, and many of her lonelier days were spent faux-sparring with the statues that decorated their manor. She passed the tests necessary to enter, and was eventually made the leader of Team CABL.
      She is currently a third-year student at Atlas.

      Snow's father was a strict, prideful man that seemed to care more about the family name than his daughter's emotional stability. Such was evident from the start. The moment Snow expressed a desire to become a Huntress, he didn't wish for great things from her, he expected them. And yet his expectations were never met. No matter how hard Snow tried, there was always one technique she couldn't get right, always one task she performed inadequately. Always a reason for her to be yelled at. Of course, the father's behavior wasn't without an explanation; his Huntress wife had been killed on the battlefield, taken before her time. Understandably, this changed the man, led him to become more concerned about his daughter's skills and capabilities, lest she be taken like his wife had been. Snow was a perceptive young girl, and picked up on this early on. It's why she never lashed out, never stood up for herself. She always wanted to appease his father, to do her best to make him happy, but in the process, she was harming herself emotionally. She became submissive and obedient, but also weaker, her heart growing more fragile as she grew less confident in herself as a person. Eventually, she enrolled into Atlas academy, where her talent was noticed almost immediately by teachers and peers alike; Snow's father, while crude, certainly knew what he was talking about, and passed on many useful tips to his daughter, albeit in just about the most unhealthy way possible. And yet, skilled as she was, Snow could never grow close to anybody. She was truly crippled internally, both incapable of expressing her emotions due to past experiences with her father, and incapable of relating to anybody because of her upbringing.
      Fast-forward to the present, Snow is a successful Huntress well-known around Atlas, particularly for her ties to the Schnee Dust company; many a time before, Snow has been hired to escort a Dust shipment from the city, distasteful as she might find the company's work-ethics. It's clear that, even to this day, Snow still lacks the ability to say no. She never learned how to.


      Built from the ground up as a combative athlete and a sharpshooter. Though weak in terms of pure strength, she is fast and light on her feet with rapid reflexes and many shooters maneuvers and actions as muscle memory, she dances around threats before she will ever face them head on and has the footwork to back this up.

      Snow is a well built woman nearing her physical prime. Her form is athletic, built for speed and stamina, with a side serving of strength for when the going gets tough. Though she may look dainty on the outside, Snow is more than capable of taking a few blows and getting right back up. That being said, she nonetheless has limited endurance, and aims to take as little damage as possible.

      Verdict:  While Camellia’s training is nothing to be scoffed at, Ultimately, Snow has trained longer and is a dedicated melee fighter, making her the winner of the physical edge category over Camellia.

      Martial skills

      A skilled rifleman with a sharp eye, Camellia is the ranged specialist of the group, having been taught to shoot by her ex-military mother. While she’s the physically weakest member of her team, in terms of raw physical power, she makes up for it through accuracy, as well as being the team’s resident tactician. She has a sharp eye for figuring out an opponent’s fighting style, and is capable of creatively countering attacks and turning an opponent’s weakness against them.
      While she prefers to fight at a distance, using her weapon’s rifle function (especially against Grimm, who lack a complex fighting style to exploit), she is capable of holding her own in close-range combat, though she tends to fight more defensively with the intention of putting distance between her and an enemy combatant..

      Though her primary role is that of somewhat of a glass cannon, Snow is a glass cannon with options. She is a skilled swordswoman, both with single and dual blades, as well as a fairly gifted Dust-caster. While the Huntress is incapable of mounting a particularly effective defence, her speed and Semblance allow her to avoid harm while dishing out plenty of damage with her Dust. In a contest of close-combat, Snow can use her spear to keep opponents at bay, twirling and spinning it around to form a powerful, difficult to read offence, or she can opt for a dual-wielding strategy to overwhelm enemies with quick strikes. She somewhat struggles against ranged fighters, though her Semblance provides her a way of closing distance, and her Dust can make for a suitable counter-offence should she fail to get close.

      Verdict:  Both women are impressive in their own rights.  Camellia's marksmanship can't be scoffed at, that combined with her tactical mindset makes her a force to be recon with.  However, despite being noted as a glass cannon, Snow's abilities give her options useful against both close and long range fighters.  These among other factors make this category a draw between the two.

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance - Camaraderie; when she activates her Semblance, those who she feels emotionally close to and are within a certain radius of her are given a power boost at the cost of a good chunk of her own Aura. The closer she is to someone emotionally and the more she cares for them, the stronger the boost, and the more Aura she loses as a result. While this is useful for providing an overall team edge (especially when paired with her keen sense of strategy), it has the downside of leaving her vulnerable, and can cause the risk of wiping her Aura out completely. She also has a tendency to use it when her side is losing and she’s desperate to turn the cards in her favor, increasing the above risks.

      Semblance - Recall - Snow's Semblance allows her to create an Aura duplicate of herself that is intangible and capable of moving as Snow wishes it to. While incapable of directly affecting the battle itself, as it is unable to physically touch anything and will simply phase through most things, this duplicate has the unique ability of being able to pull Snow towards its location in a sudden burst of speed far above what any person is naturally capable of . The duplicate can't move while pulling Snow towards it, and slowly drains Aura as long as it remains on the battlefield. Additionally, the duplicate manifests a visible tether between itself and Snow, allowing people to see the direction that Snow will be pulled in. This Semblance has many applications in combat, the first and foremost of which being quick re-positioning and evasiveness. Snow can use this Semblance to move out of the way of an attack she may otherwise be incapable of dodging, or to move into a better position for an offense, be that directly in front of the foe she's just evaded an hit from or above them. Since Snow is pulled towards her duplicate at such high speeds, she's also capable of using it offensively, giving herself a large boost in momentum and raw force, though such maneuvers are risky and put Snow in a fair amount of danger..

      Verdict: What we have is a semblance with a primary useage in a team fight setting in Camellia versus one more practical in any type of situation in Snow.  Given the nature of the fight in question Camellia’s semblance would unfortunately have no viable usage so semblance goes to Snow.

      Weapon of choice

      Fleur du Lumière, a Hard-Light Flintlock Parasol. An parasol in form, that also serves Long barreled Flintlock mechanism rifle, Camellia’s weapon is marked out as unique by the structure of it’s parasol not being of conventional material, but of hard light, projected out from the main body in a series of fans that make up the main umbrella. This has use as a shield as well as allowing her a limited amount of offense and maneuverability by slowing descents.  

      Asunder - A dual-function Dust spear with one blade on either end and two rotating Dust chambers near the weapon's center. Each blade can be imbued with a different type of Dust, changed manually by rotating the Dust chamber of the respective blade. The spear itself can shorten and split into two, allowing Snow to switch to a dual-wielding sword style if need be. The weapon is predominantly an ocean blue color, with silver blades and Dust chambers, as well as lines that run along the surface of the blades which change color to indicate the type of Dust currently in use.

      Verdict: A tough verdict both bring rather unique weapons to the table. In The end however, we can not pick a definitive weapon that wins out over the other without other factors of the characters being used to tip the balance. To this end, neither Huntress claims the edge for weaponry.   

      Final Verdict

      Two women, in their own rights can be considered a proper face of Atlesian style, grace and strength.  Can an up and coming, tactical minded huntress in training take down a battle tested huntress more than twice her senior?

      The doors to the knight’s chamber sweep open, clashing shut with a boom, the echoes die to leave the only sound as the clicking of two shoes and a spearhead on the marble floors, Snow Stehlen makes her way to the middle of the empty space and spins her staff around in her fingers, looking for her opposition. From an ornate balcony above, Camellia Duncan smiles and ignites her parasol, stepping into open air and gliding down to ground level a few meters in front of Snow. dropping a polite curtsy, Camellia straightens her hat, raises her rifle and opens fire.

      Snow slams the point of her spear into the ground, sending a wall of ice up in front of herself catching the bullets even as she jumps up, using the wall as a platform to go higher, turning a mid air flip and throwing her weapon like a javelin, the point set to Burn dust; the explosion as it slams into the shield Camellia raises to block it staggers the smaller woman back and sends the spear spinning back through the air to be caught in snow’s hand, who catches it as she lands with a roll and comes up thrusting. What follows in an intense melee too fast for many to follow, with Camellia stepping steadily backwards and she blocks the spinning and thrusting spear on her shield or weaves out of it’s way, firing in shots of her own which are likewise dodged or deflected by the trailing spear haft. Camellia swings left in a feint which Snow falls for, leaving her polearm horizontal enough for Duncan to hook it with the handle of her parasol and pull the trigger, slamming Snow’s own weapon up under her chin and sending her backwards. Using the momentum, Camellia uses the stagger to whip the long barrel of her weapon around, cracking Snow across the knee enough to make her lose balance. As the older huntress falls to one side, forced to lean on her spear to keep herself upright, Camellia leaps directly backwards, firing another burst of fire down range to both deter Snow and to propel her retreat that much further, a maneuver she slows using her parasol once again.  Wincing as the bullets hit directly into her aura and one sparks off of her shoulder guards, Snow rises quickly and begins running to the left as fast as she can, appearing to be trying to get behind her foe, who turns with her and keeps the shield raised and the bullets firing. Suddenly Snow flies towards Camellia at unbelievable speeds, sliding down under the rim of the hardlight shield and bringing her spear up under her to impact on the barrel of Fleur du Lumière, sending enough electricity through it to force Camellia to let go in pain even as the hard light generators short out from the sudden overload of current. As Camellia reels away from the blow, she turns enough to see Snow merge with a grey, translucent shadow of herself. When she had begun circling, snow had sent out a duplicate of herself through her semblance to flank the other way, something Camellia had let slip past her notice. Wasting no time, Snow brings her spear around again, slamming the haft of Asunder into her noble opponent’s gut, doubling her over as she delivers a final high kick. Camellia hits the floor hard, her pink bonnet landing a few inches away on it’s side, the cord undone.  Aura broken, Camellia Duncan’s head spins as she comes to realisation that she has been defeated. Snow Stehlen, she retrieves the fallen Fleur du Lumière and offers it to Camellia, helping her worthy opponent back to her feet.


      Camellia’s role within a team and as a leader is nothing short of prodigy level potential and she was more than capable of maintaining a solid defense in her right. But when faced with an opponent capable of mounting an unrelenting offense against her, as Snow could, Camellia’s options swiftly run out and she had no practical way of taking control of the fight in the face of such a high level of aggression. Snow meanwhile, having the edge of a function combat semblance and a greater level of direct combat experience, ultimately takes the win against her fellow noblewoman from Atlas after a close fight with a good showing from both combatants.

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    • Match 13- Nikolas Safir vs Pyry Sandoval

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      Born in a small mountain village outside of Vale by the name of Silva, Nik grew up on the stories of Gilded Heroes told by his father. These stories became a hobby and drove him to train as one of the village's hunters, warriors (not academy trained huntsmen) trained to protect the village from Grimm attacks. In his younger years, he met the three others that would become like siblings: Ignaty Malinovyy, Xavier Argentum, and Olivia. After losing his father, Nik continued training with his siblings under an old soldier turned weaponsmith named Brennan Argus (prefers Argus). A few short years after the kids began training with Argus, Nik’s attention was piqued when he heard news of Beacon Academy’s admission season and convinced his siblings to apply with him. During the initiation in the Emerald Forest, they lucked out with the chess pieces and became Team ONIX.

      Pyry was originally born in a small town in Atlas, though his father wasn't too fond of the child. Thus he decided to simply threaten Pyry's mother, telling her that if she didn't leave, he would lash out. Without any further ado his mother left to live in Vacuo, hoping that she wouldn't have to see her Ex again.
      Initially Pyry had a huge interest for Photography and Arts, focusing a lot of his time on that. His mother however was not very fond of it, or at least didn't care, showing more and more neglect towards Pyry. This behaviour upset Pyry at first before he decided he simply didn't care.
      Pursuing his dream he decided to apply for Photography school and lessons at the age of 15, having done normal education beforehand. One year before his graduation, Pyry failed his course due to rising tensions with his mother and family - Pyry having found out about his father.
      To help channel and focus his anger with his parents he decided to take on the path as a Hunter, spending roughly 2.5 years at Vacuo's Combat School to gain qualifications for Shade.
      At age 20 Pyry got accepted into Shade Academy.


      Pyry is physically fit, but due to his late start on combat training, is not as toned for combat as many others his age. He has a lean build with decent muscle strength, particularly in his

      Arms, with good to high levels of athletic skill . nevertheless despite his blunt combat style, he is not well equipped to be a direct combat tank due to his slim build and stature.

      Nik is physically fit, well conditioned due to his second and only other hobby being training and honing his skills. This regular exercise helps maintain his strength and endurance.  The persistent training has granted him with above average strength, endurance and average speed.  Unfortunately his agility is below average.

      Verdict: these two fighters are actually very close in the measuring here, with Nik’s weakness being Pyry’s strength and vice versa, but ultimately we feel like Nik comes out slightly the better here, as such we will award him a slight edge in Physicality.

      Martial skills

      Aggressive and straightforward. Pyry likes to charge at enemies and shoot them directly. He doesn't know, or at least doesn't do, stealth. His shotgun is loud, and so is he in battle. Using his Maul he often simply wails at his opponents without taking things such as strategy into account. Besides the general combat instruction from his tutors, his fighting style is entirely self manufactured, simplistic and lacking finesse, but loose and adaptable for the same reasons.

      Nik focuses mostly on his skills in a fight over physical advantage. He rarely makes the first move, instead watching his opponent in an attempt to discover their tells. Opponents with unpredictable fighting styles obviously give him the most trouble as he can't effectively predict their moves.
      While first training with his father, a retired huntsman, Nik was taught, and gained proficiency in, one-handed and dual wield swordplay. His mother, also a retired huntress, trained him in sword and shield, and shield only combat.
      While training with Argus, Nik honed his skills further and started mastering his preferred fighting method with a one-handed sword. He has also learned and developed a fighting style that focuses on deflecting an opponent's strikes in preference of blocking them. This saves Nik's stamina during a fight and has a chance to throw his opponent off balance.

      Verdict:  despite the difference in paragraph sizes, this isn’t as one sided as it would appear. While Nik is a more highly trained fighter, Pyry’s fast, improvised and blunt attack style is none the less something Nikolas will struggle with beating outright. Despite this closeness however, we still ultimately feel that Nik takes the Martial skill edge.

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance - Telekinesis: Can manipulate objects and people without touching them, he most often accompanies his semblance with hand gestures. Theoretically, Nik can affect objects with an unlimited amount of mass but the heavier the object, the more of his energy is drained until he has no more. Because of this, he mostly focuses on manipulating dust which is stored in his cybernetic arm.
      Fire Dust: Used as fireball type projectiles or if ice needs melted.
      Lightning Dust: Used as lightning bolt type attacks. (Or if the battery on his scroll dies)
      Ice Dust: Used to interfere with opponent movement, i.e. freezing feet to the ground, etc. Can also create barriers to block projectiles.
      Air/Wind Dust: Used for high velocity movement, temporary flight, and landing strategies.
      Gravity Dust: Only used when Nik wants to attempt a heavy lift with his semblance. The gravity dust effectively halves the energy drain of using his semblance because it makes the object lighter.

      Semblance - Icy Fog - Pyry's Semblance allows him to create small blizzards* and incredibly cold fogs.
      The Fogs, in it's strongest capacity, currently cover an effective area of 100m² (5m in each direction, with him being the epicentre) whilst being 5m in height. Size of the fog may reach outside of these 100m² due to winds, use of Dust etc. However it will never exceed 400m² (10m in each direction). The closer you get to the edge, the less effective and cold it is. Smaller scale fogs are usually colder, thus sometimes able to freeze and jam others' weapons or temporarily even work on enemies themselves. Sustaining a Max. Sized Fog takes an incredible amount of Aura and Energy, making it hard for Pyry to keep it up for longer than 5 minutes before taking some serious damage such as Frostbite, trouble breathing and loss of consciousness.
      The small "blizzards" are mainly channeled into the Maul-Variant of his weapon, thus creating a frost field around the head of the Maul.
      The Ice crystal on his Gloves enhances his Semblance. When using his gloves he can create handsized blizzards in his hands, "throwing" them at his enemies to freeze their foot or hand in place.

      Verdict: Both semblances on display here are powerful and useful in there own ways. After consideration, we feel like Pyry’s has greater applications and viability in a direct fight and thus will take the edge in this category

      Weapon of choice

      Lazer Solemnity, also known as LZSM, is a two way hybrid weapon. It's standard form is its compact Shotgun form. The Gun uses mainly energy- also more commonly known as laser- blasts. Dust stored inside the gun acts as a catalyst for its energy blasts, depending on which type of Dust is used, the blast may have different attributes. Using Earth Dust is known to cause jamming more often than Ice or other types of Dust. When out of a Catalyst, Pyry is unable to use the Shotgun form of LZSM. It readies using a pump mechanism.

      LZSM's Maul form is more of a bat than an actual Maul and has no specific extra attributes.

      Argus: Custom made sword that can transform into a lever action rifle. Named in memory of his mentor's passing.
      Specifics: 4' long x 8" wide blade (total length approximately 5')
      Gun barrel is .50 caliber diameter and 42" long.
      The gun's magazine is a cylindrical canister inserted into the mechanism where the sword blade and hilt meet. Each ammunition canister stores 32 fire dust rounds before a reload is needed.
      Cut into the blade is a hook that is used as a disarming tool in sword mode and a forward grip in gun mode.

      Verdict:  Nik’s gunblade is a fine piece of equipment, but Pyry’s Maul has several significant advantages; The disarming tool on Argus will have little effect on the opposing weapon and the extra reach it offers will do little against a weapon designed to get up close and keep the fight there. Pyry takes the edge for his weapon of choice.

      Final Verdict

      A trained warrior vs a laid back vagabond. Two huntsmen with similar weapons and very different backgrounds. But when the time comes for them to face off head to head, who will prevail? Here’s our usual dramatisation of a match of the majority victory scenarios.

      Our battle takes place in the Vale dockyards, with Nikolas on the ground first of all, turning as he hears the sound of a maul being rapped on the side of an empty shipping container. Turning to find Pyry Sandoval behind him, who in turn shoulders his club and beckons Safir to attack him. Bringing his gun up to his shoulder, Nikolas fires a three round burst, cartridges clattering down in rapid succession as he pumps the lever. All three are deflecting by Pyry as his spins the Maul in a tight figure of eight formation, before bringing his own weapon into gun form and firing a pair of shotgun blasts down range, something Nikolas drops to his left and rolls to avoid.

      The stray energy bolts tear into the metal corner of the steel containers that line their corridor of battle, sending sheet metal shrapnel flying, causing Nikolas to shield his face this his cloak before raising a steel clad fist towards the metal and, the hand aglow with the aura of Graviy dust, pulling the already weakened metal until the stack of containers, weakened by the damage to the bottom-most on the stack, begins to fall and tip over to land directly over Pyry, who is forced to leap backwards to avoid the crushing impact. Without hesitation, Nikolas shoulders his rifle and fires as soon as Pyry’s leap takes him above the barricade of battered boxes. Sending rounds downrange enough to put holes in the edges of the smaller man’s short jacket. Landing on both feet with his empty hand aglow with hoarfrost, Pyry triggers his semblance in it’s projectile form, throwing a small, concentrated pocket of sub zero wind towards his enemy. With an almost casual flick of the wrist and the glow of a red Dust crystal, a wave of fire meets the cold head on and evaporates it harmlessly.  Pyry glares at the result and it’s cause for a few moments, before angrily unleashing three more such blasts, only to have them repelled in the same fashion. The pair stand braced for several more seconds in total stillness before Pyry tries a fourth ice wind with identical results to the first three. This final one is met with Nikolas sighing in exasperation under his breath.

      Pyry regains his composure, smiling as he reaches up to lower his goggles over his eyes. Juggling his shotgun in his right hand, he returns it to Maul form, leaping down off the broken containers to close the gap and weaving through the hail of bullets Nik replies with.  Running hard, he strikes past the larger man, glancing a blow of his defenses as he turns on the spot, constantly moving to try and enter and remain in his slower opponent's blindside as the two lock weapons, parryings, weaving and blocking each other's strikes. This lasts less than one revolution before Nikolas ducks low, aiming a sweeping cut at Pyry’s legs. A move Sandoval had been waiting for; leaping over the cut, Pyry turns a mid air flip, leaving himself upside down just long enough to grip Nikolas’s sword arm by the shoulder and fire off his semblance, instantly coating the arm in a thin but tight layer of ice. Even has he cries out from the sudden, painful cold, Nik already has his free hand heating up to melt the entrapment, but too late.

      Pyry’s Maul crashes into his head and sends him sprawling. Nikolas finds himself sliding on a ground covering in ice, unable to find the footing to rise in time as Pyry comes in for another strike, this one sending his sword flying from his grasp in the manner of a golf swing, the backswing of the same stroke getting him right in the side of the ribs and sending him sliding down the iced up concrete. Raising his Dust Gauntlet mid roll, Nikolas sends a wave of kinetic force back towards Pyry, tearing the ice up from the ground and sending it back at him in a wave of shards. Sandoval’s response brings his shotgun back up, blasting into the cloud and reducing it to a wave of water vapour that rolls over him. Nikolas meanwhile, had come to a rest against the wall of containers and had found his feet, even know charging back towards his lost weapon. His hope fades however as he feels a familiar frost crawling up his legs and begins to fall forwards as the power of Pyry’s semblance locks his limbs, finding as he falls forward, the swing of the Maul coming the other way to meet him.  The blow to the chest reverses Nikolas’ momentum, landing him on his back and leaving him stunned, winded and evidently defeated, Leaving Pyry Sandoval as the winner.


      This fight was one that ended up having many layers. Can Pyry win the short fight? yes.  Will Nik win the long fight? also yes. what will Pyry do if the fight starts looking long? try to end it right now.  Can Nik hold out well against an all out attack? By our judgement, he simply could not, as he could not find an overwhelming win condition in his kit besides his ability to outlast his opponent consistently, while both Pyry’s weapon and semblance both provided battlefield situations that Nikolas struggled to cope with with his own options. Despite all that this was a very close fight to call, with Pyry edging out the win on his fingertips, but once victory was in his grasp, claiming it directly and completely.

      Big thanks to the judging team on this one; Sosen, Jymaru and PandaBrady.

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    • Match 12- Gorm Roberts vs Myuna Moriarity

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      A few years ago nobody had ever heard of "Gorm Roberts." This dread pirate appeared out of obscurity and immediately made a name for himself raiding heavily guarded shipments and convoys, anything high-profile and valuable enough to catch his eye. Identifying himself as "Gorm Roberts" to his victims, the pirate was soon the bane of every major corporation on Remnant. Any attempts to track him down ended in failure as Roberts would seemingly disappear with his stolen loot with no trace. Whoever this man is, one thing is for certain. He is deadly. To date none have crossed blades with this criminal and lived to tell the tale. However the most notable aspect of Roberts are his uncanny pale eyes that are reported to look almost dead. Always one step ahead of the law, Roberts' ultimate goals remain a mystery to most, though in truth it is likely that Roberts is simply looking for a good source of entertainment. After all, what's more fun than a nice game of Cops and Robbers...?

      Myuna grew up along the coast of Vacuo with her two older brothers, mother, and father. Her father is a successful fisherman who spends most of his time on the ocean with his small crew, catching the biggest and best fish and then selling them in the Moriarity family store run by his wife and two sons. Having grown up on the beach, Being the youngest of the family, Myuna often had to fight to get the attention of her parents and brothers, usually stirring up trouble by rough-housing with the neighbors’ kids or pinching a few lien from her brothers when they received a higher allowance than her. In order to discipline her and set her sights elsewhere, her father signed her up for fencing lessons with one of Vacuo’s best teachers when she was just eight. Myuna was a quick learner, eager to impress her family with her skills, and she soon became one of her teacher’s top students.

      A few short weeks after her sixteenth birthday, the Headmaster from Shade Academy came to her town in search of young fighters who were willing to take on the world. Inspired by the Headmaster’s promises of greatness and stories of Hunters who traveled the world, Myuna decided she was going to train herself to become a Huntress and enroll in Shade the following year. With help from her brothers, neighbors, and fencing teacher, Myuna learned the basics of hand-to-hand combat, Aura and Semblance control, and shooting for sport. By the time she was seventeen, Myuna was ready to take Shade’s entrance exam, and passed with ease. She is now in her fourth and final year at Shade as the leader of Team MRTL, her blade ready to strike at the heart of evil.


      Gorm Roberts is an aging man close to 70 in the current RWBY timeline, but we will be examining him in his prime, during his mid to late 20’s, an approximate age with his opponent. At this time he was physically fit, entirely able bodied save for complete natural blindness in both eyes. He has well trained muscles that make him a strong power duelist, able to physically lift a fellow adult human and push through attempts to stand ground against him. Due to his life aboard an airship, he also has an excellent sense of balance despite the blindness, able to keep his foot on shifting ground easily.

      A human female of 21 years, Myuna Moriarity is perhaps at the peak of what a Huntress in training should be at this stage of their lives. fully developed in terms of physical training, Myuna is well built with an athletic figure built for endurance and speed, as well as rapid responses and footwork, both marks of the dedicated fencer who has dedicated her life to the art. Her build is not one prepared for feats of strength, but is well primed to avoid most damage rather than meet it head on.

      Verdict: Gorm Roberts is an impressive man and stronger than his opponent, but his opponent is fast than him and, when this is combined with his blindness, does mean that Myuna will take the physical edge.

      Martial skills

      An experienced fighter of Huntsmen, Roberts uses Red Wave constantly in combat, using the trail of fire from Red Wave to intimidate and confuse whilst keeping Cloudcleaver sheathed, drawing it for sudden surprise attacks before re-sheathing it, often simply only half-drawing it to bash enemies with the taser-like handle. However Roberts lacks proper combat training and, though extremely powerful against single opponents, is very easily overwhelmed by multiple opponents because of this. He also occasionally uses a customised pistol in combat, but it is more for show and as such is inaccurate and only has one shot so he uses it very sparingly.

      Myuna is fast, agile, and very intelligent. Having been trained by Vacuo’s best in fencing from childhood, her swordsman skills rival that of the Schnees, even taking home multiple trophies in international fencing competitions held around Remnant before she enrolled in Shade Academy. She is also very skilled in hunting and fishing, having learned the basics of trapping and capturing prey from her family at a young age. Because she didn’t start training to become a Huntress until she was sixteen unlike most people who enroll in Training Academies as children, Myuna’s Aura control skills are not nearly as refined as the rest of her teammates, but what she lacks in Aura she makes up for in precision, wit, and raw strength.

      Verdict: Myuna’s blade skills are nothing short of prodigious, but in her short, illustrious career she is unlikely to ever faced someone like Gorm, an unorthodox fighter without routine or recognisable tricks, who has been fighting to kill a lot longer than she has. By contrast, Gorm has fought fighters trained like Myuna before and knows what to do against them, as such he gains the Edge for martial skills.

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance - Beholder's Eyes. Roberts was born blind and capable of perceiving souls and aura. Though he claims not to know the nature of this ability, he certainly makes full use it in combat, observing the flow of aura and using this knowledge to perfectly predict movements and attacks, allowing him to react and adapt to situations before his opponent even moves. This ability is as much a curse as it is a gift, as Roberts can only see souls and aura. As such he is very weak against the creatures of Grimm and would severely struggle to take on even a single Beowolf.

      Semblance - Foresight. Myuna she can measure the probability of an attack or event anywhere between minutes to hours of it occurring. Her Semblance is not always 100% accurate, and she can only see up to three different attacks per battle/match, usually with those attacks in no specific order, so Myuna usually only ends up with seconds to recognize the attack before she can dodge or strike accordingly. She has used her Semblance a few times to predict a pop quiz (she can only predict the time, though, not the actual content/class it will take place) in her classes.

      Verdict: Gorm’s Semblance allows him to see and compete in the battle, but he needs it to complete at all against high tier opposition. In comparison, Myuna’s Semblance while erratic is a bonus added to an already capable and unhindered fighter. We give Myuna the edge in Semblance.

      Weapon of choice

      Red Wave and Cloudcleaver, custom made paired "dustblades".Gorms swords made of metal that has been specially synthesised with dust to give them elemental properties. Red Wave is charged with fire. It is severely hot to the touch all the time and requires special gloves to wield. With a little bit of aura, Roberts can cause Red Wave to catch fire. Cloudcleaver is charged with electricity. Touching Cloudcleaver is like touching a taser and also requires special gloves to wield. As metal conducts electricity, blocking Cloudcleaver with a metal weapon or shield will still electrocute the target.

      Fool’s Gold, a combination of an epee sword and sheath. the sheath of Myuna’s blade can transform into a flintlock pistol, and then the clutch of the pistol can extend into a hook to latch onto enemies or objects. The sheath is usually held in a gold belt that Myuna wears around her right shoulder.

      Verdict:  Gorm’s blades are nonstandard and unique compared to Myuna’s, which while interesting, are still a rather normal sword and pistol at their core. The greater tactical viability of Red Wave and Cloudcleaver mean that Gorm Roberts has the edge for Weapons.

      Final Verdict

      Two warriors, one orthodox, the other self trained. One a hero, the other a villain. The paragon and the renegade. Both souls born of the winds, sea and sky, but only one can claim their victory in the end. Who shall it be? This is our play by play of how we feel a majority winning fight could go…

      The ship rocked on the open waves as the cannons tore into the hull. The airship overhead closes for the kill, dropping rappel lines as the pirates swing down and engage the crew head on, tearing valuables away from passengers. One of the last onto the deck, green coat billowing as he falls, is Gorm Roberts. As he yells for his men to hurry up and secure their loot, the doors to the lower decks burst open, revealing the ships unexpected passengers, the Vacuo student team MRTL. as her allies fan out to fight the crew, Myuna Moriarty draws her blade, fool’s gold and issues a challenge to the pirate captain, who simply smirks, draws his own blades and charges head on with a gleeful laugh.

      The two meet directly, epee striking against broadsword as the pair dance across the deck, Myuna trying to outflank her foe as Gorm responds with large, sweeping blows with his swords. Turning to face her latest attempt to get behind him, Gorm’s Red Wave blade bursts into flames, causing Myuna to waver under the heat as she turned aside a blow aimed for her neck. Mocking adopting her own fencer's stance, Gorm goes on the offensive, keeping the flaming blade up and close to her face to keep her backing away before turning a spinning cut to bring his other sword back into play. As she blocked the blow from the second blade, Myuna spots too late the telltale scent of ozone, the sign of an active electrical current. The shock runs down her arm from her own blade, causing it to leap from her fingers as the spasm and she cries out in pain. Laughing again, Gorm’s flaming blade catches her straight in the gut, lifting her from her feet and slamming her into the wall of ship’s cabin. Shaking the pain from her head, Myuna rolls away from the next blow, causing Gorm to pause and curse as his blade catches in the wall, the pirate sarcastically asking for a moment to free the thing even as Myuna scoops up her own weapon once more. Myuna goes on the offensive, with Gorm willingly giving ground, blowing away all her strikes without making an attempt to counter, calling out encouragement to the younger woman. This hubris bites him slightly as she feigns a strike high, getting him to raise Cloudcleaver high in return to block, only for her to bring her pistol up instead and hit the blade dead on with a bullet, sending the weapon jolting from his fingers. Gorm looks at his empty hand in surprise, then grins at Myuna. This just got a lot more fun.

      Pushing forward with his remaining weapon and bringing the blade to full burn, he hammers on Myuna’s defenses, forcing the girl onto the defensive once more, until the blades lock and the pair ar suddenly close, Myuna swining up her pistol and aiming it at Gorm’s face. There are two pistol shots, almost at the same instant. Gorm’s hat has a hole in the brim, mere inches from his eyes. Myuna is gasping in pain, the smoking one shot pistol in Gorm’s previously empty off hand held close to her gut. Aura broken, the girl begins to fall, but not before Gorm grips her collar and throws her across the deck. As he closes in for the kill, her teammates Tawnie, Reed, and Lyle break away and stand between Gorm and their fallen leader. The Pirate leader looks around, his crew have move of their loot and are falling back to the airship. Gorm looks at the brave students and how more than one of his men are unconscious on the deck. Retreiving and sheathing his lost sword, Gorm retreats to the ropes, tips his hat in the direction of the beaten and stunned Myuna and grips his hoist, leaving the smoking vessel looted and fondering, content to let his foes live, his point proven.


      This weeks fight was very close in the reckoning, with Myuna’s victory entirely possible through some factors such as her maneuverability and her semblance, but in the end Gorm’s sheer power and aggression proved too much for Myuna to be able to defeat him concretely enough to take the final win.

      Thank you to Jymaru, Emerald and Xyonia for helping judge this week, as well as Bainbow and Disney for their characters and their assistance in putting the fight together. We’ll see you all next sunday for another OC VS :D

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    • Match 11- Blues Gruff vs Unega Hondura

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      A male Faunus known for his fashion, his musical accent and relaxed outlook on the world, Blues Gruff has for his entire life had others to fight his battles. Several elder brothers bigger and tougher than himself, big strong friends and the closest unrelated person one could blame. Blues got exceptionally good at scapegoating. That backfired on him one day though when an elder brother got seriously hurt due to one of Blues' shenanigans. That spured him into learning to fight his own fights through the academies of Vale and then Beacon. an exceptional singer musician and warrior, Blues now forms a core part of team SBLE, a fast talking whirlwind of snark in battle.

      Born in the far off land of Menagerie, Unega Hondura is a rare faunus whose traits mark her much more strongly than others of her kind, with ochre bat wings in place of her arms. Despite their presence, she found herself unable to fly, a fact learned tragically as a child, when a head injury from a failed attempt robbed her of her vision. Through fortune, her sight was restored by a traveling doctor from Atlas, travelling the poor continent on a mission of mercy, who was able to provide Unega with implants and optical cameras that allowed her to see once more, fitting the cameras into Unega’s favorite headband, now pulled down over her eyes since the accident. Traveling to Atlas when she came of age, she learned of the great huntsmen academies, seeking to join their ranks. Unfortunately the poor girl was met with scorn for her appearance and naivety upon arrival, and was nearly driven back to the long voyage home in tears and defeat. Before this could happen, her plight was seen by one Captain Ceraunius, a Huntress in the Atlas air force. Talking with the girl and seeing potential in her, she arranged for the Faunus to become her personal cadet, providing her with weapons and equipment to allow her to achieve her dream of flight and a chance to serve the world she loved from its skies.


      A 18 year old old Faunus male, Blues is well toned and muscled, with an athletic build that lacks any major physical disabilities. His body is not trained so much for strength as it is for endurance and stamina, as well as control and balance, both essential when used with his semblance and fighting style.  

      Unega is a 20 year old Faunus female, medically blind but with implanted prosthetics. She has fully functional bat wings in place of arms, but is otherwise a perfectly standard humanoid female for her age. Due to the use of her wings for flight and her legs for fighting, making the strength in her limbs exceptional for her weight class and is capable of packing heavy blows with any on them, though her speciality is in kicks and leg grapples. Her training has always focused on endurance, allowing her to keep up intense activity for long periods.

      Verdict - Unega Hondura is a smaller person than Blues, but that smaller frame contains a lot of strength per square inch. Combining with ability to fly and her faster speed, she beats out the more all round jack of all, master of non build sported by Blues, and takes the edge for physicality.

      Martial skills

      Blues is a tactical fighter. He will use his weapon's ability to make cyclones to try and incapacitate his opponents movements and its mobility to take advantage of the terrain. His skill with his unusual staff-like weapon is nothing to sniff at, and he can make unexpected attacks with it by using his Semblance to make it spin in moments where it should be impossible. In among the staff attacks he also supports his fighting style with taekwondo-style kicks. In a non-friendly fight he will try to tag his opponent on arms and legs with glyphs that makes them twist in impossible directions cripple them.

      Unega is a hit and run attacker, with training in techniques from multiple kick based martial arts including taekwondo and kickboxing. Using her weapons and wings for flight, she strafes and bombards her foes, attempting to break their guard down and subvert it, hunting weakness rather than going through their strongest point. If forced to land and fight directly, she has a self taught system of scything sweeps and jabs that put best use on her unique arm structures to try and force her opponent down or just to allow herself to return to her prefered tactics.

      Verdict- While both are highly accomplished fighters, we have decided to call Martial skill a draw due to neither being about to definitively overpower the other with those skills alone, as both need external factors beyond these skills to break past what the other is offering

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance - Twist. Blues can place glyphs on things to make them spin on an axle at high speeds. The bigger the object and the more glyphs he conjures the more it wears him out. The glyphs can be delayed for a short time but only lasts for a few seconds when activated. It doesn't sound like much but imagine Blues running up the arm of an Ursa placing a couple glyphs where he steps and then ordering them to twist in opposing directions ending in a very uncomfortable day for that Grimm.

      Semblance - Echoes. Unega’s hearing is massively augmented by her aura, boosting it to the point she can locate anything generating or redirecting sound waves with pinpoint accuracy. This gives her an effective “target lock” on opponents, allowing her to remain aware of their position even as she maneuvers in the air around them. The power also makes her an exceptional low-light fighter.

      Verdict - Before in OC versus, we have seen the useful passive semblance come up against the active semblance that is the cornerstone of its wielder’s kit. In all previous cases, the active Semblance won out and today is no different. Blues takes the edge for Semblance.

      Weapon of choice

      Jitterbug, rotary blade staff - with a round spinning blade like a toothless buzzaw on each side, Blues is capable of changing the blades into "propellers" of a sort using wind Dust to summon cyclones. The blades can be fired for a ranged attack that will return at a wide angle like a boomerang. Also handy for moving around.

      Nvda Dekanogi'a, Offensive Dust projectors and flight unit - A curious weapon, made up of two key parts, first is a belt mounted unit that contains a condensed dust reserve and attaches to a pair of hip mounted gravity dust emitters, which provide enough lift for Unega to fly under her own power, though the emitters can also activate bursts of propulsion when needed. The second is specialised Dust reserves built into her long boots, allowing her channel elemental effects into her kicks and aerial strikes  

      Verdict -  Jitterbug has a lot of options available to it, but Nvda Dekanogi'a is a compact package that perfectly complements every aspect of it's weilder. In the end, Unega manages to gain enough in her weapon's superiority to narrowly claim the edge in Weapons. 

      Final Verdict

      The wind manipulator vs the wind rider, two faunus fight for victory, but only one can claim that position. Many points of the fight were close, but in the end a winner must be chosen, despite both fighters having a very valid claim to the victors podium. Based on the work of the judges Albion and Emerald, we bring you our verdict on the winner of Blues Gruff vs Unega Hondura.

      An Atlas Battleship holds position in the night's sky over Vale, engines idling along as it drifts through the cold air. Blues Gruff swaggers out of the top deck access door, his hat rippling in the wind as he looks across to his oppenent, Unega Hondura. Squaring off, Blues spins Jitterbug in his fingers while Unega lets the shawl covering her arms fall onto the deck below them. Blues opens the fight and spins his weapon in a vertical circle, a move that throws out the blades at once to try and get Unega before she has a chance to take off, but Unega runs left, dodging the blows with a roll and dives off the side, turning the fall speed into a swoop, coming up high above the craft clicking her heels, an act that activates her Dust projectors and begins long range barrage of burning spheres that crash onto the deck around Blues. As the smoke clears, it becomes clear that the barrage was ineffective, Blues standing a few feet away from the scorch marks, casually returning his hat to his head with a flourish and blowing a kiss up towards Unega. The fight continues in the manner for some minutes before Unega concedes that he really can keep the dodging up and swoops in low, kicking in her thrusters and pulling in her wings.  Blues braces into a guard position, but is still staggered by the kicks she lands as she twists through the air, hanging in the space before them both as both her feet land on the haft of his polearm, kicking away from it and spinning back around to strike again.She soon gets in closer, landing a few good hits on him and forcing Blues to back off and slam a hand down on the decking, filling the air around them with a whirlwind of air, directed by the fans of Jitterbug. Pulled from the skies as she gets caught up in a whirlwind, Unega struggles to recover, exactly the opening Blues is ready for, hovering jitterbug in the air before him, he leaps, lands on it and kicks off of it. Hugging Unega tight by the waist, he grapples her out of the air and the two land rolling, Blues is upright first, grabs the hovering jitterbug and lays in with a series of sweeping slashes to try and finish it. The pair engage in close quarters combat, Unega’s spinning high kicks meeting the sweeping staff head on, blocking it and turning it away, just as Blues does to the attacks she tries to weave past his guard. until Unega manages to land a kick on jitterbug’s far end with her boot fully charged with a burst of Burn dust. The explosion sends the weapon spinning through the air away from it’s owner. Before Blues can even react she then leaps upwards, flying directly over his head and hooks him under the shoulders with her knees as she passes. Keeping her grip tight, she flies him up into the air, the colour of the Dust lines on her greaves shifting to green as a casing of stone forms around Blue’s chest. Once he is encases, she lets go. Blues lands hard on the glass skylights of the ships bridge as the stone around him cracks in places and he lays there, stunned as Unega dives. Her boot lands right in the middle of his chest, hitting him hard enough to send him through the glass onto the bridge below and smashing the last of the stone away from him. Landing inside, with one foot on his chest and her wings outstretched, Unega Hondura claims her place as the winner of the match, before immediately apologising to Blues and making sure she didn’t do him any serious harm.


      The fight was very close in the reckoning, but in the end the verdict was reached that Unega’s pure offensive focus was enough to power through Blue’s defenses before he could have a chance to overwhelm her in return. Through power and mobility, the winner can only be Unega Hondura. I would like to thank Emerald for helping as always, as well as Smug and Jymaru for sitting in and offering their insights on their characters :D

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    • Match 10- Lilie Blatt vs Robyn Giallo

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      The life of Lilie Blatt of Team LVDR has always been rather normal. Early on she learnt how to behave and be nice to people, often living by the phrase:Treat others the way you want to be treated.This left her to a long history of abuse, often from Friends and classmates. She had always tried to ignore it and continue on with her life. Her interest in becoming a huntress stems from her mother being a huntress, often telling her about the missions she went to. Whilst her father used to slay Grimm and other creatures he soon retired and opened up a shop specialised on machinery and dust. He gives lessons on how to forge your weapons in an effective manner by explaining different methods and compatibility of materials. The lavender haired girl never had many encounters with Grimm, thus underestimating how hard the life as a Huntress can be. One of her few experiences with a Beowulf didn’t end too well for her, having her climb up a tree to escape the creature but ending up getting stuck and not being able to climb up further. Taking this opportunity the shadow monster slashed at her with its huge paws, throwing her across the field, wounding her badly. If it hadn’t been for her concerned mother she wouldn’t have made it through this, leaving her with new determination, but also fear.

      Robyn Giallo, the fourth member of Beacon’s second-year team SLVR, was born to a pair of traders, expected to follow in their mundane footsteps for years to come. But Robyn always had her eyes set on something greater, and the discovery of her Semblance and surprising natural combat capabilities finally allowed her to begin to grasp these dreams and make them a reality. Of course, these were dreams that Robyn’s trader parents didn’t entirely approve of, and when they found out that their daughter had been sneaking ahead of their caravan to ward off creatures of Grimm and other dangers, they were furious. But try as they might to impose their lifestyle upon Robyn, the young girl wouldn’t allow herself to waste her life selling junk to strangers. She wanted to do more, and once she found the perfect opportunity, she ran away from her parents, leaving them behind to seek out her true life: the life of a Huntress.


      An 18 year old Female Human standing around 5'5", Lilie has a very small stature and has trained herself to benefit from this slight frame rather than trying to compensate for it, focusing on her dexterity and acrobatic skills to keep herself fast and mobile. This leads to an excellent build for evasion but one not capable of directly intercepting or redirecting incoming attacks. She does however lack any major physical disabilities and is in excellent health for her age.

      Robyn Giallo is a 19 year old 5”10 human female in good physical condition for her age. Though certainly not built like a brick house, the lass nonetheless has enough muscle to her to fend off her foes at close range and pack quite a punch. In a similar vein, she is fairly athletic, but no speedster, with enough stamina to sustain a prolonged fight, but not to a degree that could be considered abnormal or inhuman.

      Verdict:  While Lilie lost this category to Zurine in her first match, But Robyn, despite sharing a number of the qualities that put Zurine Harri ahead of Lilie in physicality, are not so distinct here as to give her a definitive advantage against a foe much closer to her own age. To this end we Declare the physicality category to be a draw.

      Martial skills

      Lilie is primarily a stealthy, long distance fighter, preferring to stay in the back of combats. Using her Sniper Rifle she often stays hidden further away from the enemy, trying to simply snipe them and take them down that way. When forced into a short distance battle she uses her grace with her Bardiche. However she is not very good at short range combat, often not knowing where to effectively attack her opponents to actually hurt them or take them down. Lilie tries to avoid having to use her semblance for attacking methods due to the stain it already causes her body - and the fact she needs to keep focus on keeping the altered time-flow steady - making it hard for her to use strong attacks

      A superb shot, Robyn also uses her excellent control over her rifle when fighting someone head-on and can easily parry with it besides spinning it around with excellent speed and control cutting and dicing up anything in her way. however, She uses her semblance is almost constantly in a fight since it allows her to predict her opponent's next movements, being highly reliant on the boost it gives her.

      Verdict:  The girls are near even as markswomen, and while Robyn does easily overpower Lilie in terms of close quarters engagements, Lilie has a style that will allow her to effectively kite and evade Robyn’s attempts to close in. To this end we will be awarding a very slight edge to Lilie Blatt

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance: Zeitfluss - Lilie has the ability to slow down time for a short moment in a small area. This is useful in combat situations to dodge enemies or bullets. The way how her Semblance works is that it is highly dependent on her Aura. She basically channels her Aura and generates a small area - like a ball - in front of her hand which's time momentum is altered (slowed down in this case). This can be used to catch bullets or other projectiles and have them fire back at the enemy at convenient times. So far she is able to create a maximum of 3 balls, the size of 30cm in diametre. The effect lasts for no longer than 30 seconds until it dissolves and releases the projectiles caught in it. Creating bigger or more of these areas drains her considerably, making her pass out or lose her memory temporarily.

      Semblance:  Avian Visionary - Robyn's semblance gifts her the ability to see long distances up to two miles away if nothing is blocking her view. This long distance sight is selective and isn't constantly on. Coupled with her weapon, this semblance allows her to be one of the best snipers at Beacon Academy. An intriguing side effect of this semblance is that in addition to her long distance sight, it also allows her brain to form mental images in her head that allows her to predict what her opponents' next moves will be approximately 10 seconds into the future. This aspect of her semblance is fairly accurate, however it does indeed fail at times if the opponent is unpredictable and using sporadic movements, however with this ability it's very hard to surprise Robyn in a fight. This ability will not work if she isn't looking at the intended target.

      Verdict: While Lilie’s semblance is unique and more powerful than Robyn’s on paper, being a direct warping of reality in a localised area,  Robyn’s Semblance is more constantly to her benefit and less stressful on her aura to employ. This does ultimately give Robyn a slight edge in the Aura and Semblance catagory

      Weapon of choice

      Wanderlust - Sniper Rifle/Grappling Hook/Bardiche: Lilie’s weapon is a three-way hybrid weapon, forged by herself with the help of her father. With the help of several straps attached to it, Wanderlust is carried in its Sniper form on Lilie’s back. When needed she can quickly equip it and start sniping. When not used for long-distance battle, but rather close-combat it can be split apart into a Grappling Hook as well as a Bardiche-esque weapon. The Grappling Hook is used in her left hand to help her navigate around the area, quickly evading attacks, whilst the straps attached to it secure her upper body and prevent kinetic damage. The Bardiche is wielded with her right hand, swinging and slicing enemies mid-fly. Both the Sniper-rounds as well as the blade of the Bardiche can be infused/covered with dust to deal extra damage.

      Nematoma Gresme - Sniper Rifle-Halberd. This formidable weapon has halberd blades both in the front near the end of the barrel reminiscent of a bayonet and in the back near the stock. She blade in the back has a gap at the end and this gap is not sharp even though it looks like it. She uses this gap to tuck Nematoma Gresme snugly on her shoulder to steady her shots.She can spin this weapon around with the skill of a drill sergeant allowing her to effectively flay her opponents using this spinning method and her weapon's blades. Nematoma Gresme's barrel is telescopic as well to allow for easier storage.

      Verdict: While weaknesses can lie in a weapons with significant versitility, as it can make switching between forms take vital seconds that can cost you in a close battle, despite this we feel compelled to award the Edge for weaponry to Lilie Blatt for her weapons superior adaptability in combat.

      Final Verdict

      Standing on the round platform at the centre of the ruins, amid the pillars and arches, Lilie and Robyn stare each other down. Both are friendly to each other, but never the less determined to win. At the sound of the call to begin, the pair immediately leap away from one another, Robyn aiming her rifle to the ground and firing a Gravity Dust round to propel herself into the stoneworks, turning a mid air backflip to land in a kneeling stance amid the cover provided. Lilie meanwhile dives from the edge of the man made plateau, shooting out her hook to cease her descent and swing high, using the momentum to land atop a pillar and start raining fire down on Robyn.

      Ducking away from the barrage of fire, her semblance giving her the foresight she needs to avoid the incoming shots, Robyn pulls the Gravity Dust magazine free from her rifle and slams home a casing full of Burn rounds. Taking a diving roll into the open once more to throw off her opponent’s aim, she squeezes the trigger until the clip is empty, aiming not for Lilie, but the pillar upon which she is perched. The explosive rounds rock the masonry, cracking it along the point of impact and forcing Lilie to abandon her position, swinging free to another arch even as her previous vantage point crumbled down into the ravine. Refusing to let her opponent take a new position, Robyn continues her barrage, aiming for where Lilie intends to go, denying her the time to set herself up to shoot. This dance continues almost in a complete circle, Robyn holding her ground in the centre and Lilie swinging and weaving amid the steeples to evade her foes attempts to knock her from the sky.

      Seeing that she needs to change things up if she is to win this match, Lilie dives once more towards the canyon, this time hooking herself onto the bridge connecting to the two halves of the ruins. Sweeping under the bridge, she flings herself high into the air, activating her semblance to place herself in a time bubble, slowing herself enough to return her weapon to rifle mode before returning to real time as she hangs upside down in the air at the height of her arch, sights trained on Robyn. Too late, Robyn’s semblance warns her, and the cost is Lilie’s bullet slamming home into Nematoma Gresme, the Ice Dust within the round encasing the gun and frost and freezing it to the ground where it falls.

      Landing on the bridge, Lilie returns her weapon to it’s two part stance, using the grappling line to launch herself towards Robyn before she has the chance to react, slashing at her with the blade in her other hand. Robyn, unable to find the opening to retrieve her weapon, is pushed back, dodging and evading Lilie’s strikes as the smaller, faster girl tries to keep herself between her opponent and the fallen rifle. A close swipe of the bardiche cuts a slit in Robyn’s jacket.

      Even as she looks to be on a terminal back foot, Robyn’s Semblance once again flashes into life, giving her an insight to tip the fight back her way; as Lilie swings in for a blow, she dives under it, rolling onto her back and kicking up with both feet, knocking the blade free from Lilie’s hand. Using the momentum of her raised legs, Robyn flips herself backwards onto her feet, landing and immediately throwing an ungraceful but highly efficient punch across the side of her smaller foe’s head. As Lilie Blatt staggers, disarmed and disoriented, Robyn continues to push her, using her superior strength and reach to pummel the girl with calculated boxing strikes. Reeling under the assault, Lilie pushes her Semblance one last time, encasing Robyn’s fist in slow time, enough for Lilie to bring up her grapnel launcher and fire it point blank into Robyn’s sternum, launching her backwards several feet to land atop Nematoma Gresme, shattering the ice encasing it with the force of her impact. Realising where she was going to land a millisecond before she did, Lilie dove for the fallen half of her weapon, but Robyn is faster. Rolling onto her back and bringing the rifle out from under her to aim between her outstretched legs, she pulls the trigger.  A Burn Dust round catches Lilie Blatt square in the gut, the blast wave lifting her off of the ground and sending her rolling across the stonework, stunned, smoking and beaten.

      Dropping her gun again, Robyn Giallo lets herself fall back down onto her back, arms spread and eyes focused on the bright sunny sky, Breath heavy in her lungs. Her mind all but oblivious to the voice of the announcer declaring her winner of the sharpshooter showdown.


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    • Match 8- Lile Blatt vs Zurine Harri

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      The life of Lilie Blatt of Team LVDR has always been rather normal. Early on she learnt how to behave and be nice to people, often living by the phrase:Treat others the way you want to be treated.This left her to a long history of abuse, often from Friends and classmates. She had always tried to ignore it and continue on with her life. Her interest in becoming a huntress stems from her mother being a huntress, often telling her about the missions she went to. Whilst her father used to slay Grimm and other creatures he soon retired and opened up a shop specialised on machinery and dust. He gives lessons on how to forge your weapons in an effective manner by explaining different methods and compatibility of materials.

      The lavender haired girl never had many encounters with Grimm, thus underestimating how hard the life as a Huntress can be. One of her few experiences with a Beowulf didn’t end too well for her, having her climb up a tree to escape the creature but ending up getting stuck and not being able to climb up further. Taking this opportunity the shadow monster slashed at her with its huge paws, throwing her across the field, wounding her badly. If it hadn’t been for her concerned mother she wouldn’t have made it through this, leaving her with new determination, but also fear.

      Zurine Harri of Team LZLI was born and raised outside the kingdoms, a member of a small quasi-nomadic village living in that vague, rarely-traveled stretch of the Vale-Vacuo continent between the deserts and the forests. A stark contrast to her adult self, young Zurine was a born slacker. Her natural skills with a rifle meant that she was often put on guard duty, however reluctantly. However, one day her careless behavior had disastrous consequences; while she was supposed to be on guard duty, a herd of Cackler Grimm attacked her village, wounding dozens and killing several… including those close to her. When Zurine returned home and saw the carnage, her shame and the accusatory glares of her friends and family caused her to turn and run. After what must have been days on her own, Zurine passed out from exhaustion and malnutrition and was picked up by a trader caravan on its way to Vacuo. Humbled and imbued with a newfound determination, Zurine asked them to drop her off in the city, where she set off to begin her new life. She had heard of the Huntsmen who devoted their lives to protecting people and fighting Grimm, and figured if she learned from them, she could avoid making the same tragic mistake in the future. So, she applied to Shade, was accepted due to her excellent marksmanship skills, and became a member of Team LZLI. Team LZLI passed through Shade’s curriculum and graduated with flying colors, and still remained an active team even after leaving school. As their relationship as a team further strengthened, Zurine found herself content with the path her life had taken and accepting LZLI as her new family and found closure on her past when she saved her old village from a pack of rampaging Grimm, finally getting the forgiveness that she had never actively sought but always craved on some level. But her war is not over, alongside her her sworn siblings, no Grimm that enters the sights of Zurine Harri shall ever leave them alive.


      An 18 year old Female Human standing around 5'5", Lilie has a very small stature and has trained herself to benefit from this slight frame rather than trying to compensate for it, focusing on her dexterity and acrobatic skills to keep herself fast and mobile. This leads to an excellent build for evasion but one not capable of directly intercepting or redirecting incoming attacks. She does however lack any major physical disabilities and is in excellent health for her age.

      At 38 years of age, this 6”2 human female is at her physical prime, with a body that is certainly nothing to scoff at, having no significant physical disabilities. Two decades of combat experience have granted her a lean frame fit for battle, and while the Huntress’s preferred position is as far away from melee range as possible, she is certainly no weakling. That being said, she is no tank either, and doesn’t exactly enjoy taking hits.

      Verdict:  Lilie's smaller and faster, but also weaker and less durable. Whereas while Zurine’s certainly not a tank herself, physical shortcomings aren't as big a factor as they would be for her junior opponent. Zurine Harri takes the edge for Physicality.

      Martial skills

      Lilie is primarily a stealthy, long distance fighter, preferring to stay in the back of combats. Using her Sniper Rifle she often stays hidden further away from the enemy, trying to simply snipe them and take them down that way. When forced into a short distance battle she uses her grace with her Bardiche. However she is not very good at short range combat, often not knowing where to effectively attack her opponents to actually hurt them or take them down. Lilie tries to avoid having to use her semblance for attacking methods due to the stain it already causes her body - and the fact she needs to keep focus on keeping the altered time-flow steady - making it hard for her to use strong attacks

      After nearly two decades of experience as a fully-fledged Huntress, Zurine is a master markswoman capable of shooting an Alpha Cackler clean between the eyes from half a kilometer out, and she is most comfortable where she can use that to her advantage without getting caught in the thick of battle. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s slacking in the close quarters department. While she’s better as a sniper and prefers to stay out of direct melee, she’s quite adept at using her weapon’s spetum form to ward off foes. Her general awareness of her. She is a bit of a glass cannon (or glass rifle, if you will), sporting a lower-than-average reserve of Aura, so close-quarters combat for her mainly focuses on keeping the enemy at arm’s length.

      Verdict: While these two are closer than they appear, ultimately Zurine’s greater experience gives her a greater level of martial skill over her student foe, giving her the edge in this category.

      Aura and Semblance

      Semblance: Zeitfluss - Lilie has the ability to slow down time for a short moment in a small area. This is useful in combat situations to dodge enemies or bullets. The way how her Semblance works is that it is highly dependent on her Aura. She basically channels her Aura and generates a small area - like a ball - in front of her hand which's time momentum is altered (slowed down in this case). This can be used to catch bullets or other projectiles and have them fire back at the enemy at convenient times. So far she is able to create a maximum of 3 balls, the size of 30cm in diametre. The effect lasts for no longer than 30 seconds until it dissolves and releases the projectiles caught in it. Creating bigger or more of these areas drains her considerably, making her pass out or lose her memory temporarily.

      Semblance: Pinpoint- as long as she knows who they are (not necessarily their name, just an idea of who she wants to look at) Zurine can concentrate on any living creature or Grimm in a two-kilometer radius and get a slightly blurring, monochromatic vision of both her target and nearby surroundings, thus being able to deduce their relative location and either pick them off herself or alert her teammates of such. However, she does not automatically know where they are in relation to her; she must deduce this from whatever points of interest she can see in the vision. Therefore, her Semblance loses its effectiveness if she is not at least moderately familiar with the area, and she suffers against high-mobility opponents.

      Verdict: while pinpoint is an excellent semblance for tracking, in a pitched battle against a single opponent, it has next to no use,especially compared to what Lilie is bringing to the table.

      Weapon of choice

      Wanderlust - Sniper Rifle/Grappling Hook/Bardiche: Lilie’s weapon is a three-way hybrid weapon, forged by herself with the help of her father. With the help of several straps attached to it, Wanderlust is carried in its Sniper form on Lilie’s back. When needed she can quickly equip it and start sniping. When not used for long-distance battle, but rather close-combat it can be split apart into a Grappling Hook as well as a Bardiche-esque weapon. The Grappling Hook is used in her left hand to help her navigate around the area, quickly evading attacks, whilst the straps attached to it secure her upper body and prevent kinetic damage. The Bardiche is wielded with her right hand, swinging and slicing enemies mid-fly. Both the Sniper-rounds as well as the blade of the Bardiche can be infused/covered with dust to deal extra damage.

      Faery Shot - a Telescoping High-Precision Spetum Rifle:  Zurine’s weapon is a high range marksman's rifle, built to be lightweight collapsible and portable, as well as making an easier transformation into it’s septum form. When transformed, the scope collapses onto the body of the rifle to protect it from damage.

      Verdict: Wanderlust as a weapon is an excellent example of the kit brought on by the current generation of huntresses, with multiple configurations for use and application making it what we deem a superior weapon to Faery Shot and thus giving the weapons edge to Lilie.

      Final Verdict

      Which is better, the old or the new? The tried and tested methodology or the cooky new bag of tricks that all these youngins are playin’ about with these days? It’s an age-old debate, and today, we bring you a battle that perfectly encompasses this argument: Zurine Harri, a veteran Huntress and skilled sharpshooter versus Lilie Blatt, a young Huntress-in-training who takes a new approach to the sniper role. Though both fighters could be considered their team’s long-ranged support, their fighting styles and tactics couldn’t be more different; on one side, we have the by-the-books sniper who looks for the best position to begin picking her opponents out from a distance, and on the other, we have the sporadic, nimble marksman that constantly moves about the battlefield, repositioning herself to gain the upper hand in a fight. Both styles have worked efficiently for their users, but the real question is this:

      How well will they work against each other?

      Well, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll just have to wait and see~

      The soft crunch of boots on leaves is the only sound in this part of the forest as Lilie Blatt proceeds towards the objective on foot, her ears and eyes open for the first hint of an opponent in the competition. Then we see her again, rendered in monochrome. Zurine Harri smiles to herself before setting off in the direction of her target.

      Pausing next to a large oak, Lilie looks up and the treeline, considering continuing her progress from the higher ground. This pause ultimately works in her favor, as her heightened sense warn her a millisecond in time, her Semblance reacting on instinct and slowing Zurine’s bullet as it flew towards her head. Twisting her body around like a whiplash, the shot passes within inches of the tip of her nose for slamming into the tree next to her, causing Lilie to shut her eyes against the splinters. Diving into a roll, she shifts Wanderlust into it’s grappling format even as another shot rings into the ground beside her, having punched a hole in the ribbon holding her hair back.

      From Zurine’s scope, she pulls back the zoom to try and keep track of her target as Lilie shoots up into the treeline on the end of her cord. Adjusting her sights, she pulls her rifle up, keeping her own prone position in the rock formation low, she finds Lilie higher up in the oak, aiming right back at her. Both shooters miss as they simultaneously fire and dodge at the same time. Zurine is the first aiming again and hunting for her target, but Lilie has moved, swinging through the trees towards her, swinging wildly left or right periodically to avoid the shots Zurine sends at her. Alas, when the younger girl is within but a few metres of her attacker, her luck runs out. A bullet punches right through the grapple line, sending Lilie tumbling through the air carried off balance as her support vanishes. Zurine was already rising to her feet before the bullet hit, catching Lilie out of the air with a roundhouse kick that bats the younger woman out of the air and immediately bringing her rifle into it’s melee form.  Battered and covering in leaf litter, Lilie is forced to roll to the side as Zurine stabs down at her, bringing wanderlust’s blade around to block the next blow. The older woman backs off, allowing her to rise before closing in again, using her superior size and build to overpower the younger woman. Within moments Lilie is pinned to a tree, the shaft of Zurine’s septum against her through as the older woman demands she yield. Trying to maneuver her weapon around, Lilie forced the butt of her gun down, slamming it into the older woman’s foot. As Zurine reacts to the pain, her grip loosens, just enough for Lilie to act. Time slowed to give her the breathing space she needs, the barrel of Wanderlust fires a shot directly up into the underside of Zurine’s chin. Her aura saves her from any serious damage from the shock, but snaps her head back like the impact in a car crash, toppling her back stunned and disoriented. Lilie leaps in before she can recover, laying into her with a backhand swing of her gun across her foe’s face, leaving her stunned and on the ground, her limited aura reserves decimated by an unexpected point blank, high caliber round. Laying in the dirt with her rifle in her hand, Zurine looks ready to continue the fight, only to see the drone descending, displaying her aura at a mere 6%. The fight is over. Lilie walks away towards the ruins as Zurine punches the ground in frustration before pulling herself to her feet and looking to the descending transport, her role in the competition done.


      An interesting parallel for this fight we found was Blake’s second fight with torchwick. While Roman was the older, more experienced fighter, he was up against something he wasn't prepared to fight against with unorthodox tactics and a Semblance that changed the rules of the fight. The same applies here. Zurine is a master sniper, but her general opposition is Grimm and other foes not likely to fight back the way Lilie would, giving the younger woman an edge of the unexpected, but even then, she barely took the win tonight.

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