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    • My Life =P

      14 years ago


      Well im bored as hell. There no reason for doing a new jpurnal entr its just the last 1 was on for a while..... So a new 1!!

      Hehehehe i watched the Crow on Tuesday... i forgot how awesome the film is. It 0wns! =P

      Going to town on Sat, i think, Meeting sum1 i met on RedvsBlue.... Can u guess who? =P

      Ok, im now bored as hell. I was just listing to offspring but now i listing to nirvana. Awesome, i know! Well yeah ok to make this journal even more pointless im gonna put a joke up =D

      The couple visited a sex clinic to complain that their sex life had become a bore.

      Each night, the man would arrive home. His wife would prepare supper. After supper, they'd watch two hours of television. Immediately afterwards, they would go to bed. From that point on, every move was routine.

      "No wonder," the sex therapist said. "You've made sex monotonous. Stop living on a schedule. Get into sex whenever you feel like it. Don't wait until bedtime each night to do it. Do it whenever you get into the mood."

      The couple agreed to try the advice. They returned the following week.

      "How did things work out?" the sex therapist asked.

      The man and his wife were beaming. "It worked! It worked great!!!"

      "Tell me about it," said the therapist.

      "Well, two nights after we saw you last, we were eating supper when I noticed that although it was only seven o'clock, I had this huge erection that was unstoppable. Sweetie pie here was staring at it with longing eyes. So I didn't wait for any shower or any news broadcast. Instead, I reached out, ripped off her blouse and bra. Then I tore off her panties. I flung her right onto the table, spilling all the wine and soup in the process. Then I unzipped and we had sex like we've never had it before!!"

      "That's wonderful!!" said the sex therapist. "I told you it would work if you did it when the spirit moved you!"

      "Only one thing," said the man a little sadly. "They're not ever going to let us go back to that restaurant."

    • WOooo!

      14 years ago


      Im in a creative mood!!!! lol as you can tell by my recent pictures! Lol! Yeah im so bored... What shall i do next???

      Any Ideas????

      (So close to my Birth Day!!!!!!!!!!! 19th of feb!!!!!!!!)

    • Curious....

      14 years ago


      How many of u guys got me on watch?

      Just wondeing =P
      And if u havnt.... Put me on watch!!!!!!!!

    • Help me out!

      14 years ago


      Ok so SOME people keep saying im "beautiful" Which is sooooo not ture! Look im not asking for u guys to say the truth n say im ugly but dont say wat isnt true! So please help me keep them quiet! Tell them the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok time for a new journal entry!

      14 years ago


      So its edging towwads my bd (19th of feb)! yay!!!!! My aim is to get drunk! Im havin Nat ova as well as other people so yeah like i sed... I MUST GET DRUNK! My parents agreed to buy me some shots so its gonna b fun.....

      Not much happing in my life.... boring as eva.... but Nat now has a boyfriend!!!!
      Well done Nat hope u last longer than a week ;-)

      ok ill add a joke as well :-P

      A young courting couple are out for a romantic walk along a country lane. They walk hand in hand and as they stroll his lustful desire rises to a peak. He is just about to get frisky when she says "I hope you don't mind but I really do need to have a piss".

      Slightly taken aback by this vulgarity he suggests she go behind this hedge. She nods agreement and disappears behind the hedge. As he waits he can hear the sound of tight nylon knickers rolling down voluptuous legs and imagines what is being exposed. Unable to contain his animal thoughts a moment longer he reaches through a gap in the foliage, his hand touching her leg.

      He quickly brings his hand further up her thigh until suddenly and with great astonishment finds himself gripping a long, thick appendage hanging between her legs. He shouts in horror "My God Mary have you changed your sex!?"

      "No," she replies, "I've changed my mind, I'm having a shit instead"

    • New journal entry!

      14 years ago


      Right so my throat is killing me from screeming at the concert. Ok so not that ive sed im in pain i wanna write another joke cause i luv jokes unless their crap..then u just wanna kill the person who told u them....

      This couple had been dating for about six months, but the guy had been afraid to make any sexual advances because of his tiny organ.
      Finally one night, he gets up his courage, and takes her to a secluded spot in his car.
      While they are kissing, he opens his zipper and guides her hand onto his penis.
      "No thanks," the girl says. "You know I don't smoke."


      14 years ago


      So last night i went to see GreenDay and well they are amazing! I LOVE BILLIE JOE!!!!!!! The support band was good as well, it was new found glory. But i was so close to Billie Joe! Hes so cute!!! And i liked all the things u culd buy! I wanted to get more but didnt hav enough... Like they had this girls hoody which was cool, but im happy wiv my greenday sweatband :P!!!!!! Btw u can see it on my photos....

    • The Pefect guy for me....

      14 years ago


      I was watchin freaky friday (film) n theres was this hot guy! I mean really nice! n it got me thinking wat i like in a guy. firstly i like stubble! The not shaven quality is good... Go wiv it guys as long as it dont grow into a beard cause thats jst really bad choise. Also instruments. Theres nothing cooler than playing the drums or guitar. Both of them call to me! Their awesome just wish i culd play them. But i think the most thing that i think i loved about this guy was that he drived a motorbike!!!!! I wuld luv that!!!!!!! So thats my perfect guy:
      -Rough look
      -Plays drums/Guitar
      -Likes same music as me (rock)
      -DRIVES A MOTORBIKE!!!!!!!!

      Can Any1 drive a motorbike???

    • A convo between me n my friend Mak......

      14 years ago


      Me: Roarrrrr ploop
      Mak: wat???????????
      Me: yeah exactly only i know the true meaning of ploop
      Mak: okay i dont want to no so there
      Me: Fine u will never kno for it will make ur head explode n i like u to much to do that
      Mak: go n den tel me wat is this sooo called ploop mean
      Me: im sorry it will kill u if u find out
      Mak: no it wont trust me
      Me: Only i kno the true meaning so i kno the awnswers do not question me for i am the powerfull as i am the master of ploop
      Mak: alex is dat u
      Me: yeah
      Mak: okay i thought it was sum 1 else den lol

      Ploop is my new random word ok guys. I came up wiv it while drunk :P

    • Jokes....

      14 years ago


      Q. But do you know what 6.9 is?
      A. A good thing screwed up by a period

      Q: Which sexual position produces the ugliest children?
      A: Ask your mom.

      Q: How do you embarrass an archaeologist?
      A: Give him a used tampon and ask him which period it came from.

      Q: What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
      A: If we don't get some support soon, people are going to think we're nuts.

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