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    • ok.. i havent been online for soooo long

      14 years ago


      omg its been forever...
      and as for my last post...
      that game.. was super fun, but i dropped it like nobody's business...
      waaay too time consuming.

      more recently.. what have i done...
      most recently...
      I just got back from New York... from a field trip of sorts...

      this is a big deal cuz i'm Canadian... thats a long field trip
      a 5 day shopping spree in new york...
      a presentation here, a presentation there.. and a whole bunch of shopping...

      i got to see Rolling Stone Magazine... AND Calvin Klein... in the same day.
      umm, yea, it was super fun, im gonna go comment on other people's profiles for a bit... i havent been online for a while.. i wanna see how everyone's doing...

      when u read this... drop a comment, maybe answer some questions..
      1. have you been to NY?
      2. what did u do there?
      3. Do you like shopping?
      4. what have u been upto for the last.... 3 months.. hehe or so.

      that is all.. i suppose.
      feel free to also comment on how awesome and handsome i am...
      even tho i have no pictures anymore... wtf is with that?.. ooo, another question....
      5. WTF is with the pictures being gone...

      Layta Dayz

    • i found a neat new game

      14 years ago

      AllStarFitzy new game...

      for all of you'z that like strategy... and also ... neatness...?
      anyways... use the link and u can sign up for free... and its worth a shot.. cuz it doesnt cost anything.. and theres a possiblilty to win stuff..

    • distregard this if you want,

      14 years ago


      just using good ol' rvb as a backup for my exam due tomorrow... good ol' rvb... good ol' take home exams... good ol' leaving it to the last minute... good ol' good ol'.

      1. What is the first step of the event management process and, in the case of Reebok’s Awards Gala, what would be involved?
      The first stage of the event management process is the research stage. Where you answer the 5 W’s:
      •Why must we hold this event?
      •Who are our audience or stakeholders?
      •When will we hold it to ensure attendance?
      •Where will we hold it to attract interest and ensure accessibility?
      •What type of event or theme will meet the needs and expectations of our guests?

      In the case of Reebok:
      •Why must we hold this event?
      We must hold the event to celebrate the contribution of retailers to their communities.
      •Who are our audience or stakeholders?
      We will have an audience of 500 guests as well as having top Canadian athletes and community leaders there as presenters.
      •When will we hold it to ensure attendance?
      Holding it in the fall would be a good time because all of the summer sports are finished and the companies will have had a good chance to make an impression on their communities, also it is before the winter sports season and therefore a good way to give money to the charities like buying equipment for boys and girls clubs so that the children have equipment at the beginning of the new season.
      •Where will we hold it to attract interest and ensure accessibility?
      It will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
      •What type of event or theme will meet the needs and expectations of our guests?
      A sports theme will be used to meet their expectations. For this event, a Hall of Fame theme could be used.

      2. List all of the audiences for this event?
      The audiences are 25 retailers such as Motionware, Running Room and Sport Chek which includes 500 guests. There will also be community leaders and top Canadian athletes to present the awards.What steps should Reebok take in developing sponsors for the event?

      3. What are all the objectives that Reebok can achieve with this event?
      Reebok’s objectives could include:
      •To build awareness or attract publicity
      •To motivate or build spirit among members, staff, shareholders, etc.
      •To celebrate (give awards, recognize achievements)

      4. When selecting the venue for this event, what considerations should be part of the site inspection checklist?
      Important Site Inspection Checklist Considerations.
      References (previous events), Total fee, Deposit amount, Capacity (fire law maximum), Capacity of Venue for Parking, Capacity for Storage, Capacity for Registration/Reception areas, Telephone/Restroom/Handicap facilities, Alcohol Restrictions, Catering Services, Technical Services (A/V Equipment, Microphone, Staging, etc.)as well as Room Dimensions and Ceiling Height.

    • sooooooooooooo

      14 years ago


      this weekend was fairly uneventful and yet eventful at the same time...

      dont ask how that works, it just was.

      my grandparents came over from england for the holidays... and we had our family portraits taken yesterday... so it was sort of eventful.. but at the same time, i logged sooo many hours on halo2, it was great... team slayer is fun if you're not playing with n00bs.

      shout out to legend90 and tankx7 and DeadDark angel who i'm sure aren't on rvb, but if they are, hey. or maybe someone reading my profile knows them.. its all good... we had some good matches.

      for anyone else out there... TheKingOfCanada is my tag, so add me and we'll play.

    • who wants to touch my nubbin

      14 years ago



      that episode was awesome

    • socca

      14 years ago



      so tonight's game was interesting
      i got a goal...
      this would seem like a good thing.. but i'm not pleased with this ammount.
      for the last 2 weeks, i was having 4 goal games... so 1 is a bit of a setback... i was trying to go for leading scorer... and t his is a minor setback... before tonite's games i was tied with some other guy in second place... now we'll just have to see how things play out.

      the score was 11-11...
      a crazy crazy game. we were losing....tied....winning...tied...losing..tied...winning...tied
      ahh..good times.

      heh... if u look at my pics, you can see me in my beautiful purple jersey... i added a little snapshot of my number too
      cuz that's important...

      heh, since i'm on the top scorers list already... the goalie formt he other team wouldnt shut up about me
      COVER 10!... someone mark 10!!!... ALL GAME... it was flattering.. but an annoyance at times....

      im not disappointed... the team we played were in 1st place.. and we're like second bottom... and our goalie broke his finger or at least messed it up real bad last week.. so we had a sub goalie...
      he played well enough
      so did the rest of my team...
      i was quite happy...

      11-11.. crazy score.

      also... props to my buddy matt who took a lot of abuse for his extremely physical style of play...hehe.. man, i swear.. that guy could start a fight against a rock... was that team ever pissed at him... hehe

      i'm not entirely unabused.... some guy jumped into my knee... stupid guy... AND the ref called a foul on me!!! meh, i'll take it... only recently did i start to feel that little bruise...owweee

      thats it for now...
      Layta Dayz

    • its been a while since i've posted...

      14 years ago


      for any of you who cared.. i'm still alive...
      i had a week off school for no reason other than to work on projects... i'm proud to admit that i did not take this time and put it to good use academically... i basically played tons and tons of halo2... boo iain, i know... i also entered into construction of a website for my halo2 clan... but i dont know what i'm doing, so i'm making it up as i go along.
      i did design a new more logo-ish logo... it'll be in my images
      saw some movies too... shrek 2, Elf, and the thomas crown affair... which is old, i know... but i hadnt seen it so i decided to put the tape in the vcr and push play.... vcr?... yes... you kids may not know about them.. but there was a time when movies came on big black rectangular prism's known as vhs tapes...

      thats bout it...
      gimme a shout if ya wants.....
      Layta Dayz

    • Sawker Gaime

      14 years ago


      just got home from my game...

      i didnt sleep much last night... since i had 8am class...
      and then i didnt get any other sleeps
      but then i had a soccer game at 10pm

      its indoor soccer.
      the game was tied 7-7, we WERE winning, but let in some crappy goals...
      i got 4 goals, not bad if i do say so myself.. but thats'my job... to get goals...

      thats all really... i have halo 2 now... TheKingOfCanada - if u wanna add me to a friends list... other than that..
      Layta Dayz

    • yay, 3 episodes..

      14 years ago


      im so glad i stayed up late tonite to do homework...(i know i had all weekend) but i get to watch rvb before the vast majority of youze... so yay for me

      layta dayz

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    • TheGreekMind

      13 years ago


    • Maizflaky

      14 years ago

      Yay for Scotland and Smallville!

    • MixMstrChief

      14 years ago

      Hello. I've been bored out of my goddamn mind waiting for DSL/XBL. But the wait will be well worth it when I get it! GO CANADA! do you comment on your own thinger-ma-jigger?

    • AllStarFitzy

      14 years ago

      nepean is basically ottawa... le capital de la nation ( nation's capital ) and canada doesnt really have a king anyways... jean chretien isnt in power anymore.. its that Martin guy... and he's the Prime Minister... canada follows the monarchy.. so theres only a queen right now... and its the queen of england...

    • Abandoned

      14 years ago

      where in Ontario is Nepean... and you can't be king of canada... I thought it was Jean Poutine n_n

    • Seulja

      14 years ago

      That is a sweet pic.

      nuf said

    • Zakira

      14 years ago


      and smallville rocks

    • AllStarFitzy

      14 years ago

      go music!
      and no, i havent... i live in canada... i do know about stargate atlantis, cuz i was in florida this summer... and am super jealous cuz it looks awesome... but its not on over here.. in fact, stargate is waaaay behind the stuff in the states.. we're on season like 4.. of... 7 maybe? frustrating cuz that shows awesome...
      also, that black dude... Rainbow is his real name.. well, he's canadian, from toronto, and he used to be a VJ on Much Music. (the canadian MTV)... aside from mtv canada

    • Zakira

      14 years ago

      You PSA is a beautiful work of art...and it ust be shared with the world!

      Huge sugar cult fan FYI

      have you seen any Stargate Atlantis yet??

    • brettw_10

      14 years ago

      Nice avatar - and I like the quote! :D
      Haven't got CSI New York in Oz yet...any good?

    • Prism

      14 years ago

      Hey bud! I just had to comment on Dashboard being in your list of music (who I am listening to right now) great band, and that I too love the TV show Smallville...props

    • PrincessOats

      14 years ago

      GO TIMES GO!

      *wanders off to steal her photo out of all the papers cause it sucks*

      *curses the editorial page editor that took the photo*

    • ClearyMonkey

      14 years ago


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