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    • if i had a video camera

      14 years ago


      ok apparently i had to run my big mouth, so vote on what you want me to do with a video camera (if i get one)

      a) rip off my shirt and sing aerosmith

      b) sing the pina colada song

      c) dance to Donna Summer

      d) boogie to the beegees

      pick only one

      vote or mod in comment section please

      dignity = out the window

      PS: thanks to deathslushie (pie), DorKk and their crew for the inspiration

      edit -----

    • Mission Impossible?

      14 years ago


      don't you hate it when you lock yourself out of your home?

      i sure do, well when i got home about 10 mins ago i goto unlock the door and i do and realize the latch is still locked so im like OMG! so i run in the garage and open the other door CWAPFACE STILL LOCKED!! run in the backyard, go in the porch open up the sliding door, aww nutbunnies thats locked too. try the other sliding door. cwap!!!. thats locked also. i looked toward the kitchen window, try to slide it open and BINGO there we go it's open!!!

      so i hop on the counter take off my cowboy hat throw it in the kitchen. I ducked my head and drained the sink as not to hit it. making the unnesccasery swish sounds i look back and start praying that nobody sees me BREAK INTO MY OWN HOUSE!! I stretch my feet over the counter and sink and move aside kitchen items and then the mission impossible theme goes off in my head. using my Ub3r 1337 Gy/|\|\|4571c 5k1ll5 i dismount off the counter and perfect 10's accross the board. praise god my cowboy hat didn't explode in 5 seconds.

      GOOD TIMES!!

    • you look like a Helen

      14 years ago



      first off let me say that i might not be going to see my brother this weekend. I can't see my good friend ever again.

      you see. I was stuck on an Island in the middle on a long stretch of road with a flat tire where i just dropped my friend and his girl at the beach drove back and on the way i blew out a tire. Well i fall into a % of people who do not know how to change a tire. (i do now) so i gimped the car back to the beach about a 1/2 mile ruin the crap out of the flat tire get my friend to help me change it. get back home get the wraith of the parental units on me and yada yada yada teenage drama ensues. and now i can't see my friend because of a flat tire. well i did what was best by me in this situation.

      learn from me, sometimes you learn things the hard way and you do when you least expect it. otherwise

      get one of these

      this should've been my 2nd car



    • My brother and his new house

      14 years ago


      My brother bought a new house last week and now this weekend i have to spend time up there helping him move in. I'm so happy for my brother that he is now more on his owb then he was then becaus now hes going to not hjave to pay rent but pay insurance and whatnot on his home. The fact that he is getting married next year also goes into account. that will help him out more and even now it will help that he has a wonderful woman by his side.

      I just hope i don't have to sleep on the black futon (the black burrito as i like to call it) when i go up to Orlando to see him.

    • No longer

      14 years ago


      no longer am i the Nintendo cowboy

      last night i took my nintendo belt to a friends house and i ran over that thing with my front tire of my saturn several times then we got some newspaper and burned it.

      you see, I felt like i had to be some super hero with it and i wasn't and it gave me a lot of pride and it was dumb to do that. I'm not a hero, I'm no legend. I'm just me.

      PS: i still have the cowboy hat and jacket

    • top 20 things 2 do @ a SW premiere

      14 years ago


      20. get to an early showing before you go and run in line and call everybody a NERD

      19. get a star wars costume

      18. campout for tickets

      17. buy tickets for another show and sneak in to star wars

      16. bring a date to star wars and do the mushy stuff people out of the line for lightsaber duels so they lose their place in line

      14. get your girlfriend to dress up like leia or padme and you as Anakin or Han Solo and if you bring your friend dress him up as chewbacca

      13. bring cinnamon bun frosting for girls with princess leia hair

      12. if you have little kids or siblings. dress them up as yoda and make him fight people in line with a toy lightsaber

      11. bring star trek fans in their costumes

      10. watch the previous movies with a portable tv

      9. get a Stormtroooper costume and pretend to arrest somebody

      8. get and R2-D2 plastic model and place it outside the theatre so people use it as a trash can.

      7. if theres someone in an ewok costume, kidnap and treat him as your pet .

      6. get a wookiee costume, run around and hug people

      5. get a C-3P0 look a like and make him do the robot

      4. have wookiee roar contests

      3. get in a lightsaber fight with your date, saying PMS is nothing equal to the force.

      2. play freebird and watch people wave their lightsabers as you rock out.

      1. get a bible and a bullhorn, condemn the force and preach Jesus

      I'm here all week (except for thursday)


      14 years ago


      well well seems like being blonde has paid off.

      you see I got 2 girls to go out with me to see star wars episode 3. one might have to work but oh well.

      as long as i can get tickets beforehand and have the money, im good.

      so heres a jourmal toast to my lady friends that are going with me to see star wars.

    • The revolt agaianst me

      14 years ago


      man i am mad.

      I failed my remedial algebra class due to the state exit exam!!! I am pissed off .

      so i had to go through this whole ordeal to retake the clsass and take the book back.


    • New hotness

      14 years ago


      hello everyone,

      IM NOW BLONDE!!!!

      I look like harpo from the Marx brothers!

    • A weird and wonderful day

      14 years ago


      today, I went to school got what i needed to be done and felt good. My friend Nana was living in this motel and he was very sick of it, so today I tried my best to move him out of that motel. It was funny because my car ended up in a ditch right at the motel. I called friends to see what they could do and i tried so hard and this guy in a van helped us out.

      It took his van, and his friends truck, then finally the friends tractor too pull us out of the ditch. I called my friend Jesse to help us out and we got everything done.

      Later I went over to my church and talked with the head pastor and had a great time talking with each other.

      today wasa a really weird day and i knew god got me out of this mess and now i must study for my exams. which i will take tommorow. I might take a nap and see what happens.

      god bless and remember I'm here for you.

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