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    • Wavefest extreme 2k5

      14 years ago


      ok so My friend invited me to a big huge christian show put on by some big name christian bands sponsored by a the christian radio station.

      We go, we had lots of fun, we weree right next to the stage and there were lil kids infront of me some of the time . I didn't mean too but i crushed their happens.

      after the 3rd song of audio adreneline, the drummer threw his stick over me and some fat lady crushed me and i was down on the ground and couldn't get up because kids were fighting over a stick.

      My back hurts, I need a foot doctor and a chiropractor.

      I'm out

    • cowboys should not be southpaw

      14 years ago


      I hate making left turns, this morning I took the usual way to school but the light was out at the end of the street and there was traffic like crazy.

      anyways i had to make a left turn but the light wasa out so i start hyperventalating. because my last accident I made a left turn.

      I then see a chick in a mustang and then she makes a U-turn. so i followed suit then a huge dodge truck nearly scrapped my passenger side making that U-turn.

      I went straight back up the road and turned right at the corner store and went and to the next light and turned left.

      I had a test today and it was not worth dying for.

    • The good the bad and not so bad

      14 years ago


      hello everyone,

      sorry I haven't been posting a lot but im sort of in a fix, The end of my first year is almost done here at college and I'm signing up for summer classes because i have too.

      Last weekend was a great weekend. I went to a show and that was great show although my da had to drop me off in the gangster wagon, it was a pretty good show. I'm here a schol waiting for my class to start. Final exams are next week and i hope I do Well. wish me luck I'm going to need it.

    • The Great anniversery gift

      14 years ago


      Spinners thats right Spinners on my dad's right hand drive postal station wagon.

      can you believe it? A mailman with spinners on a right hand drive stationwagon. mom got them from autozone. dude i so want ride in that thing.

      anyways its for my parents 27th anniversery .

      -edit- if i can i will get a picture so all can see.

    • 100th friend and the underwear gnome

      14 years ago


      I'd like to give a shoutout to DoRkk, Last night she became my 100th friend so now im going to say email 100 times LOL NOT! congratulations honey start doing the happy dance.

      besides that happening last night, I got a visit from an old friend who unkownligly tapped on my window. I thought a bird hit my window so i peek outside and i see this tiny hand wave infront of my face. I didn't have my glasses on so i could'nt make out who it was so i ran out to my parents room thinking the underwear gnome invasion started. So then I check the front door and it was my lil friend Matt who i haven't seen in a few months or so. (he's very short)/he needed a place to stay but my parents were worried about his parents so i had to drive him home.

      this happened about 3 o' clock in the morning mind you and i drove him across town. i got back home mad at my partents because they would'nt let him stay and then i went back to bed and that was my saturday night. should've spent it fighting on CS..

    • when gas prices go too far

      14 years ago


      umm yea I'm not paying for this

      Take off every terrorist

      Gas prices down, Medical insurance up

      this could happen to us litterally

    • Why Angels Cry

      14 years ago


      It was a usual Monday morning coming to school off the bus and into class. I got there early to hang out with some friends of mine. After that, it’s off to first period. About the ten minutes into class, the teacher checks her email and receives a disturbing message. “Friday, March 5th, 2004 Mr. Anthony Barcellona died of a heart attack at 6 in the after noon while watching TV.†The teacher read this allowed to the class so everyone can hear the bad news. I found myself devastated because he was my Psychology and U.S. History teacher. I couldn’t do work for the rest of that morning. My Psychology class rolls around, and I tell my good friend Missy the bad news. Turns out everyone heard it around school when they played it on the school news. We walked into class together worried what was going to happen. There were two guidance counselors and a substitute teacher. They explained the situation to all of us but we all knew what happened.
      Everyone was in such emotional pain that you could hear the sounds of angels crying. I sat next to my good friend Missy to cheer her up. I could see her eyes opening with tears and her beautiful blonde hair flowing like the love of the sun. I started talking to her about one of the stories that Mr. Barcellona told us. It was a story bout when he went to church. I told this story almost perfectly the way he said it. After that was said, I took her hand and gently placed a copy of my new testament on her desk and Remember saying this, “I want you to have a copy of this because this is a key to life. I would want you to read it and think of me.†“But this is your new testament.†“It’s alright hun, I have another copy.†Those hands covering her face and showing her tears put a smile on my face as I gently took her hand once again saying this promise, “Missy I promise you that once I am done with Edison college that I promise I will see you at FGCU. I promise you this because I want to see you again.†She took her other hand off her face wiping her tears off and agreeing with me that we would do this together. I got up and got her a tissue to help wipe away her tears.
      We left the class talking and getting on to her clinic duty, and before I went to lunch, I gave her a hug. I told her I loved her and went to lunch. After I ate a light lunch I went to the office to check up on the funeral proceedings for our great teacher. Later I went to the clinic to go see Missy and she was sitting in there doing her homework. We talked about the funeral service and talked a little more. We then went on to our next class.
      The week of the memorial service came and I went with my dad. A half hour later, Missy came and I came up to her and she started crying on my shoulder and I held her in my arms. I wrapped my hand around her head as her hair flowed brightly off the reflecting light. I said these words to her, “You know Mr. Barcellona helped me find a great gift.†“What was it?†she asked? “You, a great friend he helped us find each other, if it wasn’t for him we would have never met.†Missy had little tears in her eyes when she turned to me and said, “Is my makeup running off my face?†I replied, “Honey, you are beautiful no matter what.†A smiled formed on her face from dropping tears as we looked at memories of our great teacher. We sat down together and we talked for about a twenty minutes, and I gave her a box of tissues which she pulled out one after the next. After a while I started looking around for my dad because it was getting late. A few moments later I found my dad sitting in the back rows of the funeral home. I asked Missy if she would like to meet my dad. She agreed and we both talked to my dad. We talked about Mr. Barcellona and the good memories we had of him. I had to go so I gave Missy another loving hug telling her I love her, and dad and I left for home. I now see why angels cry. It’s easy to keep promises but it is harder to forget them.


      14 years ago


      i got one i got one... clam

      I got one i got one... rock

      i got one i got one... clam on a rock

      fishing rules!!

      yea i went fishing with the old man today since i haven't been fishing out in like 5-6 years .

      we sucked at it. although its a good time to spend with pop. :)

    • Loyalty to the end

      14 years ago


      Loyalty, thats what my real name means. In the end, thats what its going to come down to. either turn towards god or turn towards the world. Me, I'm going to follow god.

      Loyalty is what drives me, It gets me through the day, now from my point of view everyday is the same for me, get up, goto college, do homework, come home and play video games. in truth, thats what i have been doing for the past 15 years of my life.(hey Ma, I'm RIcky Ricardo) people tell me to get a life and they always have is it because i have no friends? No, It's because I can do nothing really to changes the situations I'm in and have been in. I have nightmares about past events i have been in and they scare the crap out of me. why you ak? because I'm alone and always vulnerable for attack. I know i coul'dve done something in the past to change them but i didn't. Not because I wanted to be a hero. but it scares me know that i could've have changed something.

      I have good friends, Really? you mean you actually have friends? yes i do and i love them very much. even if they leave me in the gutter with a big giant Ninja Rat who will teach me karate. Why? LOYALTY!!! I rather see me in the dumps rather than have my friends there. because i know someone would pick me up and dust me off. weither it be god or a friend. I'm still going to be standing on my feet walking. I pray for my friends everyday because i love them and if oi were in their situations they would do the same thing to.

      I'm The Nintendo cowboy, I'm not a hero, I'm not a legend, I just know whats right and wrong in this world and I'm in this alone because of Loyalty!!

    • top 10 weirdest things I've done

      14 years ago


      10. eat action figure limbs (dick tracy action figures,when i was 5)

      9. play a video game with one hand (waverace 64)

      8. got a mohawk (summer of 2004)

      7. beat myself in the forehead with my binder over and over again( high school)

      6. eat paper (high school)

      5. eat french friends from garbage (high school)

      4. hugged a tree (all the time)

      3. made a Nintendo controller belt buckle (beginning of college)

      2. got myself a Cowboy hat (middle of college)

      1. made mac and cheese with root beer

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