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    • test blues

      14 years ago


      ugh someone cheer me up

      I D's on my midterm and latest Math Test


      I want my girl someone please cheer me up

    • It's ok I'm with the band

      14 years ago


      My friend who plays drums is in a hardcore metal band that might play at ozzfest. Hands to the forsaken.

      Their first album release is almost done. Even though im not that much into metal, (except those 80's hairbands) I think its still cool that a friend might make it in the music business.

      Official band site


    • McDonald's Vs. Pregnant Women

      14 years ago


      ok just about a min ago I was playing Counter-Strike: Source. I found this great map somebody made. It was a map of Mcdonald's and boy was it the funniest map I have ever seen in this game.

      anyways like usual, I come up with the most dumbest screen names for FPS games. Apparently I went with "I'm not fat, I'm Pregnant!" so after about 7 rounds I start going on a rampage.

      about the 13th round everyone on my team was kiled except me and 1 guy down on their team. The first guy I killed, I found near the dumpster area of the map. then the next guy i killed, I went through the back entrance. He followed me in so i hid in the office part near the kitchen. he follwed me through the kitchen but he didn't look in the office so i saw him run the other way. I reloaded my AK and then ran out blasting him. after that, I found the next guy running through the drive-thru lot. I got him but i manged to hit a few cars. then soon after that happened there was a guy behind me so i got him. he mustve been afk or not playing with a full deck in his head. the last guy i manged to pop him in the head with my glock. that ended the round.

      and with a screen name of "I'm not fat, im pregnant" those guys mustve been laughing theIr heads off as i managed to own their entire team of counter terrorists! so DIRKA DIRKA DIRKA


    • Weekend In Melboune (FLORIDA)

      14 years ago



      I think its funny when people asked me about my weekend today. I told them i spent the weekend in Melbourne. they asked me what did you do al the way down in Austeriallia? I said NO!! Melbourne Florida. man i must've gotten that 3 times today.

      Anyways, yea i went up there for my brother's wedding engagement party. it was fun. I gotta a lot of sleep I had to watch Phillipinos sing karoke which was thorughly funny and to see them dancing. after that, Sunday I slept on oreos and snacks in the back seat listening to the Beastie Boys and video game tunes.

      In other news, I successfully mixed Mac and cheese with root beer because I ran out of milk. so i made mac and cheese with my last can of root beer and i ate it.

      and now i must study for my visual test

      good times

    • why I do what i must do

      14 years ago


      Hello everyone

      I know its been awhile but there is something i never told anyone up until last week. That is this, I have had near death expriences before i was 10 years old.

      you see, there was this kid around the neighborhood and everyone knew he was bad news. They said his parents and brother were in jail and that they were heavy into drugs and alcohal. I didn't listen to any of them. One day he invited over to his place and me being stupid I stepped in like dick van dyke. later, another friend came to the house and asked us what we were doing and I said you know just talking playing games. he had a concered look on his face like i was wanted for murder so he us asked to hang over at his place so i agreed but the other friend who invited me declined.

      later the next day, the friend who invited originally invited me over wanted to talk to me and we did and then the unthinkable happened. he pulled out his dad's revolver on me. he told me run or die and so like a flock of seagulls i ran.

      2 weeks later while playing baseball, another friend, pulled out his knife on me and held me hostage. I belted him in the stomach as hard as i could and ran off to my house again.

      I made a promise that day that no drugs, alcohal, or any of that sort be in my life because if it was I would end up like those kids.

      People say you should forget your past, then what do we teach history for?

      I stay in my room and fix computers and play video games because i like to and because of these events.

      I care for my friends even more than i do myself because i see drugs and the like on my friends and it reminds me of these events.

      so do yourself a favor stop digging your grave a long with your friends graves so we can live life happy and it eternal.

      it what christ wanted us to have.

    • Red Sox spring training game.

      14 years ago


      Hello everyone.

      Today I went to a Red Sox Spring Training game. They were facing a univresity team. The game sucked because to many people got walked and there was not much action. it was a steamroller game where the Sox won in double digits.

      Anyways, I invited old friends to my church and they came and had a ball. I haven't seen them since my sophmore year in High school. They are wonderful people who first led me to christ and really gave me hope for the future. I wish them well in there journies in life and the road ahead.

    • if life got better for me...

      14 years ago


      20. There would be a cure for cancer.

      19. I would get a job in the gaming industry

      18. my wanna punk rock friends would stop smoking

      17. i would ate right

      16. friends would visit me

      15. college would not suck

      14. i would got my crapbox back

      13. I wouldn't have a bad back from the clown car saturn im driving now

      12. I would be a wookiee

      11. i would range my knowledge outside of technology

      10. i would be tougher

      9. i would get rid of my asthma

      8. i would have equal feeling in my body (meaning i would have control over the left side of my body as well as the right side)

      7. I could see amy again before she goes to college

      6. Missy (my favorite lady) would visit or call me

      5. youyth group wouldn't be the only thing i would have in this world besides cowboy bob (my computer.)

      4. I would stop feeling alone.

      3. I would read my bible more

      2. I would get emailed more.

      and drumroll please...

      1. Jesus would come back!!!

    • everyone and their cousin...

      14 years ago


      is getting engaged. I'm serious

      a friend of mine at my old bible study is getting married. (they seem like walter matthau and Jack lemmon as the odd couple) it's very weird because if you met them you don't think they would be together.. When i heard the news and was speechless and was about to ask for a clean pair of pants.

      anyways by the time i get a GF at least, Jesus will return and send me to heaven and i'll be like well can i at least get married and have offspring. The GF would punch me in the arm and tell me dude its jesus man, were going to heaven.

      jk , I just want to see my girl again because i showed her god and his love and mercy. :)

    • I got a haircut

      14 years ago


      ok i got a haircut

      so nobody call me nepleon dynomite.

      in other news i hoope i didn't fail a math test.

      also im playing KOTOR 2. its pretty sweet

    • to the grave

      14 years ago


      have you ever wondered what your epitaph would say? heres a clue what mine would say except it would have my real name


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