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    • Creepers Paradise is now 6 Years Old! Wow O.O

      7 months ago


      My Minecraft Parody of Gangsters Paradise, entitled "Creepers Paradise" is now over 6 years old. Wow, it really doesn't feel like that much time has passed.

    • My First Ever YouTube Video - 7 Years Ago

      11 months ago


      It doesn't seem like such a long time ago but it has now been 7 years since I recorded, edited and uploaded my first video to my current channel  smile

      Originally, my channel started off as a group of YouTubers uploading to the single channel but over the years they've left and for the past 3 years, the channel has been solely mine.

      This video was not the first to be uploaded to the channel, there were 18 videos before this but what still makes me happy to this day is the fact that my first video was also the first video on the channel to really explode in views.

    • Goals and Milestones

      1 year ago


      No matter, what you do, it's always important to set yourself goals and/or milestones that you want to reach, whether it be 10, 100, 1000, 10000 subscribers and so on or maybe you don't care about subscribers and your goal is to have fun, that's equally important because having fun doing something you love will in due course help you to continue to do what you love and will help you grow.

      Over the years I've hit a few milestones - 1k subs, 6k Subscribers, Getting partnered on youtube are just a few of them but in recent years, my channel has fallen in popularity daily views and subscribers so I didn't really have any more goals/milestones realistically set for myself until recently I saw a milestone that I managed to reach without even noticing.

      Recently, without realising, my channel managed to get to 1.5 Million total views. Seeing that made me so happy, made me realise that even though I barely get any daily views in comparison to what I used to be able to get, there is still fun and joy to be had along the way.

      The moral of the story really is, never give up. If you have a passion for something, work hard at it and eventually the hard work will pay off but also be realistic with your expectations, you won't explode overnight and become an internet sensation, it takes time (sometimes a lot of time) but in the end, the experience will be rewarding even if it doesn't work out.

      For anyone interested, my youtube channel is...

    • World's Wildest Police Videos - Achievement Hunter Let's Play

      1 year ago


      Here's a wee video that I made based off of the most recent GTA V Let's Play entitled "The Greatest Mugger Who Ever Lived". As I was watching the Let's Play, it gave me a great idea for a video - I took different parts of the mugger chase and edited it together with audio from an episode of the old TV show "World's Wildest Police Videos" to create this video that turned out even better than I could have imagined. Hope you all like it :)

      The thumbnail is also a recreation of the "World's Wildest Police Videos" but instead features a number of pictures from either GTA V Let's Plays from Achievement Hunter as well as a number of picture of the AH Crew.

    • Alpaka Takes a Gander

      1 year ago


      "Alpaka Takes a Gander" is a youtube series that I've done sporadically for a couple of years which involves me taking a gander (taking a look) at a variety of different PC games, most of which can be found on steam but sometimes through other marketplaces/websites.

      The most recent episode that I just uploaded a few days ago was by far the most enjoyable one I've made so far, I barely had to cut any footage because I had so much fun and managed to keep talking for most of it. The game that I had a look at in my most recent video is the very popular game - "Totally Accurate Battlegrounds".

    • Considering Getting Back into Youtube / Looking for Possible Collab

      1 year ago


      It's now been about 8 months since I put out my last video on my channel and recently I've been feeling a want to get back into making and uploading "Lets Plays" and First Impression gaming videos. One thing that I've found from the past is that doing videos on my own, although I do like it, it's easy to burn out and get bored of it after doing it for an extended period of time so I might be looking for someone to collab with.

      If anyones interested, give me a shout. I play PC games such as GTA V, Rocket League, F1 games, Minecraft, Starcraft 2... etc etc, really just any game in a fun environment.

    • RT Community Gaming Servers - Ideas

      1 year ago


      With the recent increase of interest as well as the creation of a handful (more) community game servers, I have drafted up and emailed Rooster Teeth a comprehensive proposal for creating and running a network of community gaming servers such as 7 Days and Minecraft as well as how such servers could tie in with FIRST membership - possibly providing benefits such as FIRST only matches, cosmetic bonuses for FIRST members.

      In the past I have been the community manager of several minecraft server networks, the most popular would have a concurrent player base of up to 8,000 and a total of over 2 million unique players having joined the server (over the 2 years that I was there).

    • Balancing IRL Work and Youtube "Work"

      1 year ago


      Over the past few years, I've found it harder and harder to balance IRL work and being a Youtube content creator/Lets Play-er. It's a very fine balance that anyone trying to do both has to find and unless you are massively popular on youtube, maintaining that balance is incredibly difficult.

      Currently I find myself in the position where I need to do IRL work in order to be able to sustain my youtube career but by doing the IRL work, it leaves me with very little time to do my passion and because of this, I find that any drive to record and edit videos disappears. I can't just give up IRL work either in order to do youtube full time as I'm no where near large enough to be able to earn enough to sustain myself. I'm sure many of you out there have found yourself in a similar position.

      Gaming, making videos and entertaining people through my videos is my passion and I've been told that I'm quite good at it (not sure if that's true or not but it was nice to hear regardless). 

      If there's anyone else out there that's been in a similar position, feel free to comment with thoughts or advice :)

    • Oh How Time Flies

      2 years ago


      It seems like only yesterday that I was working on this project but yet somehow, 5 years have gone by since then.

      It was nearly 5 years ago that I wrote and recorded  "Creepers Paradise" - A Minecraft parody of the song Gangsters Paradise. I decided to share this here after randomly stumbling on a recording of another parody that I wrote and recorded a small amount of back in 2013 but never got round to releasing.


    • Minecraft Server Networks Rant

      2 years ago


      So I've been thinking a lot recently about Minecraft Server Networks (an area where I used to work in) and this is something that has never sat right with me which is how these businesses/companies make this huge amount of money (and trust me, some of these companies turn over several million per year with hundreds of thousands in profits) by for the most part "employing" workers (sometimes underage depending on the employment laws of the country) and not paying them... It's just not right.

      They call them staff members, they get hired and fired, they do anything from several hours work per week to in some cases tens of hours of work per week - The amount of hours some people put in to it, it could be classed as a part-time job. Yet they don't get classed as employees, they get treated as volunteers and don't get paid.

      Every community have different policies regarding minimum ages and most say you have to be over 14/15 years old however there are some of these companies that "hire" children aged as young as 12/13... Sure, maybe they want to do it and help out, maybe they have some sort of brand loyalty to the minecraft server but that's not the point. They should be getting paid for their work.

      Huge companies like Amazon, Starbucks/Costa etc etc get a bad rap for apparently not paying their employees the minimum wage (in the UK, I don't know about other countries) but surely then this is worse.... Companies bringing in all this money off of the back of not actually paying their employees anything. Even if the kids are legally allowed to work (differs country to country), surely it's illegal for them to work without pay? Some countries even have limitations on how much younger people can work per day and numerous times have these even been broken.

      Rant Over.

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