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      Clearance Level: (Refer to this for Clearance Levels. Keep it to a low if you're not a Admin.)

      Occupation: (Can be either Researcher, Intelligence, Security, or Other if you can come up with an occupation)

      Mobile Task Force:

      Bio: (Give a detailed background to your character.)

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      This post has been deleted by a group admin.

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      LEVEL 0: Standard operating personnel. Personnel at this level are not permitted any contact with an SCP object; breach of this protocol will result in termination of the personnel involved.

      LEVEL 1: Standard security clearance level for staff involved in the maintenance of an SCP object. Level 1 clearance is usually appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for (e.g. 1/173).

      LEVEL 2: Clearance level for staff involved in overseeing an SCP object. Appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for, separated by a dash for those with clearance for multiple SCP objects (e.g. 2/173-847-423).

      LEVEL 3: All general security staff for Site-19 or any other site housing an SCP object are required to have this level of clearance and are permitted access to all non-Keter-level SCP objects.

      LEVEL 4: Command-level personnel; permitted access to all non-Keter-level SCP objects.

      LEVEL 5: Highest ranking Senior Staff; most personnel at this clearance level are Overseers. Certain members of Senior Staff have been given Level 5 clearance due to repeated need to work on Keter-level SCP objects.

      NOTE: This security clearance structure is independent of any other military security clearance structure.


      D: Class D personnel are designated staff used to handle the Keter-level objects. Warning: Class D personnel are not permitted interaction with Class D personnel assigned to a different object or SCP personnel. Class D personnel are recruited from prison inmates. Condemned persons are preferred; in times of duress, Protocol 12 can be authorized, allowing recruitment of innocents or persons incarcerated for lesser crimes. All Class D personnel are to be terminated at the first of the month, and new staff must be ready to replace them. After Class D personnel have been placed in quarters, staff must only contact Class D personnel through intercom system. All Class D personnel are to be given a minimum of one (1) polygraph test at 1800 on a daily basis. Failure to comply will result in termination. Failure to pass test will result in termination. In event of any abnormalities, termination of entire Class D personnel is advised, as well as any SCP personnel that have had basic interaction with them.

      E: Temporarily affixed to the start of a security clearance (e.g. E1), this is used when a new SCP object has been discovered but is still in an unsecured or uncontrolled state. E-clearance personnel are tasked with bringing the SCP into effect and maintaining it. Once the SCP are in place and the object is secure, the E is removed and the personnel are given the appropriate number on the end of their clearance.

      O5-x: Overseer-level clearance is given only to the directors of the SCP Foundation. The "x" indicates their number, ranging from 1 to 13 (e.g. O5-7). O5 personnel are permitted access to any and all data related to the SCP objects. However, due to the sensitive nature of their position, O5 personnel are not permitted to have any direct contact with an SCP object, nor may they enter any site housing an SCP object under any circumstances.

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      Safe - The designation "Safe" is assigned to subjects or objects that may be effectively and reliably contained. Safe designates may have individual containment procedures, but these procedures are not expected to fail frequently, or be subject to later revision as more information is obtained about a subject.

      Some Safe designates are human, humanoid, and/or sentient. To prevent injury and/or death to personnel and SCPs, interaction with such designates should be professional and courteous, taking into account special containment procedures.

      It should be noted that Safe does not indicate that the containment procedures are unnecessary. Many Safe-designated objects can be quite dangerous in the right contexts. The important distinction that defines a Safe object is that it can be handled safely with appropriate containment procedures. An example of a Safe object would be a gun, a nuclear weapon, or polonium.

      Euclid - An SCP object is classified as Euclid when its behavior cannot be unerringly predicted, either because the item is sentient, it behaves outside of current scientific knowledge, or its nature is simply poorly understood at present. Euclid-class objects do not pose the same existential threat to humanity due to containment breach that Keter-class objects do, but they still generally require more diligence to keep contained than Safe-class objects.

      Although many Euclid-class objects could be used for the benefit of the Foundation or of humanity, they may have unforeseen ramifications after their use due to their unpredictable nature. Some Euclid-class SCPs are eventually understood well enough to be reclassified as Safe, but most remain inscrutable even to the most rigorous of experimentation.

      Keter - The designation "Keter" is assigned to subjects that both (a) display vigorous, active hostility to human life, civilization, and/or spacetime, and (b) are capable of causing significant destruction in the event of a containment breach. Such subjects must be cataloged, contained according to special containment procedures, and destroyed, if possible.

      Merely being inimical to human life is not in itself cause for classification as a Keter-level object. A Keter classification indicates that not only is this subject capable of inflicting devastating harm to human life and civilization, but that containment protocols must be extensive, involved, and precisely followed in order to prevent it from doing so. Research into the neutralization of Keter-class SCPs is always a top priority for the Foundation.

      Cases where Keter-class objects that can be neutralized by Foundation personnel persist in Foundation custody are rare, and are grouped into three main categories. In addition to cases where destruction of the object continues to be unfeasible due to apparent invulnerability or similar circumstance, there are some Keter-class objects with significant tactical value for the Foundation, as well as Keter-class objects that threaten more harm to humanity from their neutralization than from their continued existence.

      The Foundation has harnessed some Keter-class SCPs, but such situations are rare exceptions: for example, SCP-076-2 only agreed to work with the Foundation due to its unusual relationship with Agent [REDACTED] and its ability to communicate with us, and even that didn't last. The majority of Keter-class SCPs are insentient, and most are inanimate objects. This status may change as research and discovery continues.

      "Keter" means "crown" in Hebrew and is the uppermost level of the Sephirot in Jewish Kabbalah.

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    • Groups of Interest to The Foundation

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      The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create SCP objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

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    • The Foundation

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      SCP artifacts pose a significant threat to global security. Various agencies from around the world operate to maintain human independence from extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, and extra-universal threat. In the past humankind has been at the whim of these bizarre artifacts and similar phenomena, but we have now reached a point in history where we can begin to control and contain these defiances of natural law.

      You are now working for the SCP Foundation. You have no need to understand how or why we operate. What you do need to understand is how vital your mission is.

      Our Goals

      Observe preternatural phenomena and develop new theories of science based on their observable behavior.
      Contain potentially dangerous phenomena.
      Develop safety procedures for dealing with all future phenomena.
      Observe, detain, and destroy any one or any thing preventing us from accomplishing the above-stated goals.
      SCP Reports
      One of the most essential functions of the Foundation is to compile and consolidate information about artifacts in our possession, or observed outside of our scope of influence.

      Special Containment Procedures are required for each and every observed phenomenon. It is amongst your top priorities to assist the higher-level officers in the research required for the composition of these reports. These reports are the foundation of the Foundation.

      Also, it is imperative that these documents never leak to the public. If they are verified and traced back to the source by a party not privy to this information, it could spell disaster for the Foundation and all SCP artifacts currently under our control.

      A Word from 'The Administrator'

      Mankind in its present state has been around for a quarter of a million years, yet only the last 4,000 have been of any significance. So, what did we do for nearly 250,000 years? We huddled in caves and around small fires, fearful of the things that we didn't understand. It was more than explaining why the sun came up, it was the mystery of enormous birds with heads of men, and rocks that came to life. So we called them 'gods' and 'demons,' and begged them to spare us and prayed for salvation.

      In time, their numbers dwindled and our numbers rose. The world began to make more sense when there were less things to fear. Yet, the unexplained can never truly go away, as if the universe demands the absurd and impossible.

      Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, we must stand up for ourselves.

      While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.

      We secure. We contain. We protect.

      The Foundation
      Clandestine and worldwide, The SCP Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major world government with the task of containing 'items which jeopardize normalcy.'

      Many of these 'items' pose both a physical danger to people and a psychological mistrust in worldly affairs, their personal beliefs, and an interruption to daily life.

      exempli gratia - the average individual might be quite troubled by the existence of SCP-126, believing there could be many like her present at any time.
      exempli gratia - daunted by the fact that mankind is threatened by SCP-008 or SCP-058
      exempli gratia - the likelihood that many people would submit to or even worship subjects such as SCP-076 or SCP-882
      Special Containment Procedures
      Commonly known as 'SCPs,' these articles are overview reports of individual 'Items' in containment by SCP personnel and facilities. They quickly summarize threats and describe Items with only necessary details (as time might be short on hand in the event of a containment breach or other event).

      Items can be an object, place, person, animal or even an occurance. They are given an Item# as SCP-XXX and categorized. SCPs are grouped as being 'Safe,' 'Euclid,' or 'Keter' which are classifications that explain expected threat levels.

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    • SCP-1933

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      **Take note that this is not an official SCP and is a creation of my own, feel free to criticize all you like!**

      SCP-1933 "The Alternate Reality Device'

      Object Class: Euclid

      Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1933 is to be contained in Site-39 in a 12'ft by 20'ft cell, and is to be monitored constantly. Any instances of SCP-1933-1 are to be reported immediately and preparation for a Keter level containment breach are to be initiated. Staff involved in researching and testing SCP-1933 are to be escorted by a security team of at least 5, and are to be wearing radiation-resistant suits at all times, as well as said staff. If staff are in SCP-1933's cell whilst an instance of SCP-1933-1 has emerged from SCP-1933, they are to be considered deceased and no rescue teams are to be deployed as ordered from the 05 of Site-39.

      Object Description: SCP-1933 is a necklace made out of a gold like metal, with a pendent with a transparent crystal inside of it. When worn by a subject of at least 15 years of age, subjects will fall in an immediate acoma in which no methods of modern medicine can awaken them from. They can only be woken up by removing SCP-1933 from the subject, immediately waking them up. However, removing SCP-1933 results in a intense radioactive wave of energy capable of brain damage, radiation poisoning, and death in worse case scenarios.

      Once they do awake, the describe that they were in a alternate reality of some kind, descriptions differ from subject to subject except for the presence of SCP-1933-1. SCP-1933-1 can be described as a tall, slender figure with three heads which resemble ones of the canis family with 8 arms and two legs, wearing a long black robe. Subjects report of SCP-1933-1 speaking to them shortly after they awake, stating that SCP-1933-1 is "coming' or has "arrived.' Shortly after a subject awakens from SCP-1933's acoma, there is a chance that SCP-1933-1 will appear next to the subject, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

      SCP-1933-1 is capable of phasing through any sort of matter in known science. Any subjects within a 10'ft radius that stay within that radius for more than 2 minutes will be induced with intense fear and exhaustion. There are no known means of preventing or curing it, other than to wait out it's effects which last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 months.

      SCP-1933-1 has been confirmed to be sapient, having a personality of some of the most cruel murderers within the last few centuries. SCP-1933-1 is very hateful of humans, but will converse with them if provoked to. It speaks in a deep mono-tone voice, and knows all human languages. See Addendum 1933-1-a for more information on interviews with SCP-1933-1.

      SCP-1933-1 seems to be vulnerable to SCP-1933's wearer, if the subject is still wearing SCP-1933 and is near SCP-1933-1 the subject can contain SCP-1933-1 within it. This lasts until another subject wears and releases SCP-1933-1 once again.

      Addendum 1933-1-a:

      The following was is a audio clip from a security camera that caught a subject conversing with SCP-1933-1 during it's containment breach.

      Subject: "STAY AWAY FROM ME!'

      SCP-1933-1 looks at the subject with all three of it's heads, having it's arms retract to it's robe.

      SCP-1933-1: "Fear not anymore mortal... You deserve this...'

      Subject: "WHAT! Y-YOU CAN TALK?!?'

      SCP-1933-1: "Indeed so... I have come for your judgement... For you have defied the rules...'

      Subject: "WH-WHAT!'

      SCP-1933-1 proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject.

      The following recording has provided insight on what exactly SCP-1933-1 is, however research concerning that is restricted to level 4 or higher staff to take care of, do to the danger of SCP-1933-1.

    • Character Sheets

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      Please follow the following format to ensure approval of your character in one of the RPs in this group.

      Which RP?: (Action or Slice of Life or "SOL" for short)


      Nickname: (Optional)

      Race: (Refer to The Species of Ethernia for all of the races)

      Gender: (Male or Female or In between. We don't judge)

      Bio: (The backstory of your character, or story of your character up until present time in the RP)

      *Fighting Style: (How would you fight? Are you a mage? and archer? a warrior? You decide)

      *Weapon(s): (What weapons do you use?)

      *Kingdom/Faction: (What Kingdom do you fight for?)

      Vice/Virtue: (This is to prevent the jesus characters from flooding the rp, what is bad about you, and what is good about you?)

      **Occupation: (What do you do for a living?)

      **Sexuality: (We don't judge here, also is optional if you choose not to participate in rated R content)

      **Homestead: (Where and what does your home look like? Again, this is optional.)

      **Pets: (Anything you can come up with, and has to be either an actual animal or a chibi.)

      Appearance: (What does your character look like? If you lack a picture, give me a good description)

      * = Action RP Specific Entry
      ** = SOL RP Specific Entry

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