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    • 6 years ago

    • Project Homo-Machina Erectus

      6 years ago


      <(Logging on as Admin...)>
      Welcome home, sir!
      (Starting Process Initiated, please wait...)
      (Genetic Stabilization Online...)
      (Subject HME-1 Online...)
      (Mechanical Nervous Systems Online...)
      (Robotic Hard-Shell Readied...)
      (Start-Up Process 46% Complete)
      (Starting up Enhancement Systems...)
      (Intelligence Enhancements Online...)
      (Perceptional Enhancements Online...)
      (Enhancement Process Complete, Beginning Physical Systems Start-Up...)
      (Robotic Joints, green lit...)
      (Robotic Hard-Shell Body, Online and green lit...)
      (HME-2, Online and green lit...)
      (Ready for final start-up phase...)
      (Start-Up Process at 80%)
      (Checking Vital Signs...)
      (HME-3 Vitals, Green lit, beginning consciousness start-up...)
      (Start-Up process complete, beginning Speech to Text recording for back up memory units...)

      "Subject HME, you are currently online and conscious, How do you feel?"

      "I feel... Cold..."


      "Yeah... as if my body was in ice or... something..."

      "You seem to be talking slower than yesterday, anything else you feel?"

      "I want to go... home... to my family..."

      "I'm afraid you have no family currently alive HME, we can't do that."


      "Yes, they are all dead, you've been dead for 69 years."

      "That's... impossible..."

      "I'm afraid it is HME, you seem to have some of your old memories, not like yesterday."

      "How... could I have talked to you yesterday? EXPLAIN!?"

      <(Recording Stopped)>
      (Initiating Emergency HME Shut Down Procedure, Please Stay Calm...)
      <(Error... Administrative control lost from this device, please verify your password.)>
      <(Error... Password not recognized, initiating immediate shut down of this device..)>

    • Fallout: Houstonia, Chapter 1: Vault 75

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      The noises of celebration and music could be heard outside of the classroom, the sounds of such wonderful, rare cheering in the distance, seeming to burst out of all the different rooms in the vault. It was Christmas after all, the one holiday that Vault 75's inhabitants remembered from 200 years ago. After a few minutes of the teacher, Mr. Hawk, a loosely dressed science teacher with a laid back attitude, giving his final lecture for the day, all of the class is dismissed, both the outsiders and the Vault inhabitants. Vault 75 was home to both refugees seeking a home from the mighty forces of the UTH or the Confederates, and the inhabitants from before the war. You don't know what these two things are, the UTH and the Confederates, but you have heard that the next class will be covering them especially.

      Your pip-boy is given a set of coordinates to the atrium, which everyone in the Vault knew where it was, and what was going on there. That was the center of the Christmas festivities for the week, and many love-birds, loners, and others were there, all looking for a date for the night. Christmas was very important to the Vault's survival, since that was the time many conceived children for the vault's future. Many of the outsiders rejected the idea of living their life to just become a mother, but it was necessary for their survival. A sad, sad system from before the war, but it was needed at all costs.

      Now, enjoy yourselves, your only in the Vault for until you're 21, so live your life to the fullest!

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    • Fallout: New Vegas: Project Brazil

      6 years ago


      Project Brazil is a mod for F:NV that is a supposed fan-made prequel to F:NV. Despite how it sounds, it is a very detailed, excellent mod that's free of charge and only requires F:NV on your computer (Sorry console players... Project Brazil is for us PC Gaming Gods) and nothing else. It's been under construction for 4 years and plans to be separated into several parts, now giving us the first installment. One thing that stuck out for me is the number of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Trait checks that appear in the game, whether it be in a simple conversation or a very confusing life or death situation. The mod has complete voice acting, which is in great detail, and fully custom landscapes and corridors, as well as new armors for you to wear. You can only play Project Brazil on a new save, so don't expect your courier to crawl into the experience. The mod places you in post-apocalyptic L.A, where you live in Vault 18 as a adopted wastelander, living among the many Vault Dwellers that are there. You are around 16 or 18 (doesn't specify, but has many teenage situations) and have ended up on the football team, competing against the vault's other football team and are left with the life changing choice of tackling the player infront of you, or dodging them. Ill leave this to you guys, as I suggest all of you PC gamers go out and download Project Brazil for yourselves and experience the awesomeness for yourselves.

      Also, I will be starting a Fallout RP(yes again) centered around Project Brazil and starting in Vault 18. The story from there will be carved by me and anyone else with good ideas. So please, if you wanna join, leave a comment saying so.

      This has been Alphaghost52, and I'm out!

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    • Real Steel in Real life!

      6 years ago


      I'm sure many of you have heard about either the movie Real Steel, or the new seires coming out on.... some channel, Robot Combat League. According to a behind the scenes look, the robots in this show are controlled by a person, via a harness that is wirelessly connected to the robot. In Real Steel, the robots are a bit more advanced and are controlled via a number of ways, but that was set in 2020. According to it's storyline, the GEN 1 robots started production in 2014. And you may be thinking, Alpha, why the fuck are you excited, they're both just shows. Well, seeing as how it's 2013, and robotics research is flourishing... I conduct that by at least 2016, we'll be seeing some real WRB Championships, and hell, maybe even get our own robots to fight with!

    • Gonna be gone for awhile, again.

      6 years ago


      Alright, I'm gonna be out in the country so connection is extremely shifty. I don't know what time I'm leaving, but you can tell if I'm not replying as fast as I usually do.

    • Robot Submission

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      Here, you can post your very own robot for use in matches. Each character can only have up to 3 robots at a time, and once you wish to get rid of one, you must first fight with it in The Scrapheap. Other robots can be bought in the store using prize money earned in matches. The robot that you post here is your main, and cannot be trashed if it's your last one. Note, you can update any stats or appearances once you have upgraded it at the shop. Follow the following template to receive submission.

      - Light Frame: Light frame bots are very fast, however are prone to more damage than other bots. These bots are known to throw fast punches and dodge quickly, making up for their lack to take hits.
      - Medium Frame: The all-around frame, and the most malleable fighting-style wise. These can throw decently heavy punches and can take a fair amount of damage. They can dodge most slower attacks, however struggle to dodge fast attacks from lighter frames.
      - Heavy Frame: These are the biggest and tankiest of the frames, taking very many hits, however being very slow. They're mainly designed to either throw massive blows to their foes, or take a lot of hits to wait out the opponent.

      Control Method:
      - Voice Command: The bot is commanded by a headset the controller wears to tell it's bot what to do. Usually not used by many, but some use it.
      - Controller: Simple controller based bot control that many use in fights.
      - Shadowing: Mainly former boxers and a series of others use this method. Your bot responds to your movements and gestures to pin-point accuracy, allowing you to physically control the bot yourself.

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    • Character Submission

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      Here, you can post your character. However, you must wait for approval by me, or any of the other admins. You must also follow the following template.

      Age: (15-30)
      Race: (Caucasian, Native American, African American, etc.)

      Other: (Any other info you wish to provide.)

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    • An Ideal?

      6 years ago


      I was watching Real Steel the other day and I thought to my self... What if there was a Real Steel RP? Of course, it'd be a little hard to regulate the robots and come up with character sheets that aren't a fuck ton of words, but worth a try.

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