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    • Terran Republic, Strength in Unity!

      6 years ago



      Recently, I've been getting into Planetside 2, and have been having a good time with it. However, I do dislike the major "pay to win" aspects of the game, but nevertheless, it's still worth playing. I do like the three different factions, Terran is my personal favorite, and there is balance between them.

      The Terran Republic, an empire who fights for the unity of the galaxy, uses numbers to overwhelm enemies, as the NC (I forgot their actual name) is a band of freedom fighters who use weapon quality and armor to their advantage. And the Vanu Sovereignty is the third faction, using plasma weapons instead of average weapons and have the best air in the game.

      If you love massive scale, fps battles, then Planetside 2 is for you! Hey, if I can get enough people, I may make a outfit, or clan for all of the fine people in this community! Cheers, and Loyalty beyond death!

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      This forum's purpose is pretty self-explanatory, for talking out of character. Please post your questions and comments here, rather than post them in the main RP forum.

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    • Brotherhood, Announcement.

      6 years ago


      Alright, with some thought, I decided to reward you guys for the feedback I've been getting from you. Brotherhood's Chapters and story from here on out, will be written by you and me alike. I'm gonna start an RP about Brotherhood. Your characters will be the other draftees that were on the same bus as Joesph, while my characters will be characters already created in the story. And because I am running the RP, I will not be looking for others to help me in adminship, as I'm just going to have to ball up and take responsibility, not relying on other people to get the job done. Later today, Ill be creating the group, and posting threads for you guys to get acquainted with the various new weapons and gear in the universe. Character creation will not be open until I get at least the weapons and gear up for you guys. Now, if you have any questions, PLEASE let me know by messaging me over Skype, messaging, or Xbox Live. I will be ready to answer anything and everything you guys throw at me. Thanks for reading and see you guys on the far side.

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    • Brotherhood Chapter II, Boot Camp.

      6 years ago


      After a 12 hour ride on the bus, we made it. We made it to Camp Davidson, a draftee camp to give us a "basic" training course lasting 4 weeks. At least, that's what the sergeant on the bus said before we departed. Through his whole speech of us "fighting for America." or "We're fighting for world peace.", I still painted pictures in my head about imaginary war zones, trying to get a picture of what I was getting myself into. As we got off the bus, we had to make a line with me in the back of it. Chris was right in front of me in the line, which provided a somewhat familiar face to cope with. After the rest of the draftees got off the bus, as well as me and Chris, another sergeant stood in front of us. He looked a hell of a lot younger than the one from before, but still had that look of intimidation in his eyes. He was tall, had black hair, was white, and had a similar cigar in his mouth as he stood with his arms crossed. "Alright maggots! Form a line!", he barked as he formed a line, horizontally. After a minute of awkward silence, the sergeant started scanning us as he walked in front of us. He looked us all over, as if he we're not impressed with what he saw. He carried a look of disappointing approval of his new draftees. "Out of all of the damn batches so far, you are the worst I've seen!", The sergeant barked at us, particularly into a certain draftee's face. "Though, it is my duty to turn you bunch of douche bags and fresh meat into soldiers, and I will complete my duty! Is that clear!", The sergeant barked, still into that certain draftee's face. The man looked like he was about to cry. He wasn't exactly, the strongest in the group, hell he could have been the weakest man alive for all I knew. For a split second, I felt sorry for him, however this was not the time to feel sorry. We all replied with an almost automatic "Yes sir!" to the sergeant. His face changed from disappointment, to a smile. "Alright, let me show you to your barracks.", the sergeant barked as he ordered us to follow him to the barracks. The rest of the day was just the sergeant giving us a "tour" of Camp Davidson.

      Throughout our tour, I caught glimpses of some of the equipment we're going to be using, particularly in the armory. I saw the U.S Marine Battle Armor, the armor that defined the look of the U.S Military. The armor covered you from head to toe, and had a fully enclosed helmet. This armor was built to not let any part of your body to get shot, as the armor covered you whole. It just amazed me how the armor looked like it could handle anything. It had that look of intimidating resistance to it, and to think I would be wearing it was unbelievable. I also caught a glimpse of some infantry mechs I've read about. Infantry mechs are the defining look of the word "mech", as they rule the battle field, for the most part. They have been known as the next generation of infantry support, wielding a wide variety in weapons. These things can take down anything, from tanks, aircraft, and even battalions of soldiers. They also stand at a whopping eight feet tall, giving them the intimidation they deserve. When in the armory, I gave a small smile at all of the equipment, it was like my classes on these things payed off. I really did feel like I was going to war.

      After the tour, we we're assigned to our bunks, as it was 7'o clock. Believe it or not, my bunk buddy, as they called them, was Chris. After being barked at to "Get some damn sleep! Before those Empire bastards wake you up!", Chris got on the top bunk and I got on the bottom one. "So, Joe, do you really think we're becoming soldiers?", Chris asked around an hour after the sergeant left. "What do you mean?", I asked him, quietly, as I didn't want to get caught. "I mean, we're only what like in our early 20's? Maybe even younger and we're stuck here. In hell. About to go to war.", Chris said as he got comfortable in his bunk. "Well...", I couldn't find the words to say. He was right. I was only 20 and I was already going to war, hell I even saw an 18 year old kid on the bus. "Yeah, it's the truth. We really are going to war at such a young age.", I said to fill up conversation. "Yeah, you and me Joe, we're gonna go to war.", Chris said in a somewhat up tone voice. "Yeah, I guess I just made myself a friend, huh?", I said as I smiled. "Yeah, heh, yeah.", Chris said as he fell asleep, as did I, with a smile on my face.

      (End of Chapter II, Boot Camp.)

    • Brotherhood Chapter I, Going to War

      6 years ago


      That morning was long, me and my family sitting at a table, my mom crying and my little brother wondering what's going on. The whole morning was an emotional roller coaster for everyone except for me. I didn't flinch. I had come to terms with it. I'm going to fight for my country, and possibly the world. The letter said that they were now going back to "The old way" and drafting people into the military. I was being drafted as a infantry man, a grunt, a soldier. I would be in the U.S Marine Core, just like all of those commercials said, except I was being forced. Poor me, a new graduate from collage, now going to fight for my country. That morning we packed my essentials, aka everything I could take. They all could fit in one, red gym bag. For the rest of my time there, I watched T.V with my little brother, Leo. We were watching his favorite show, Star Soldiers, an appropriate show for a 8 year old kid. We talked and played for an hour or so before a knock could be heard from the door. I went to go open it and a old, grizzled man stood in a sergeant's uniform. "Joseph N. Ivan? Is that you son?", said the man in a stereotypical voice, like he was a war vet or something. "Yes, that's me, sir.", I replied weakly as I went to go get my bag. "Alright son, Ill be waiting here until you get your things and say goodbye, but I ain't got all day. We need to get going soon.", the man said as he grabbed a cigar case from his pocket, and a lighter from the other and popped a cigar in his mouth. My mother ran to the door and sobbed while he talked with him for a little as I grabbed my bag. Once I got it out of my room, I went back to the living room where Leo was. He was still watching T.V, unaware of what was going on. "Okay Leo, I'm heading out.", I said. Right after I did so, he got up and hugged me tight. "Go get 'em bro!", he said cheerfully as I hugged him back. I could see from the corner of my eye, my mom smiling at the sight of her two boys. As me and Leo released the hug, I walked back to the door and saluted. "I'm ready, sir.", I said as my mom kissed me on the cheek and smiled as she softly sobbed. "Come back, okay?", my mom said as she smiled at me. The man laughed softly, "Don't worry, in the platoon he's going in, he'll be fine. Plenty a soldier came back in one piece.", the man said as he motioned to the bus behind him. "Now let's go.", he said as I responded by going to the bus, and boarding.

      The bus was filled with men young and old, of all races. The bus driver looked pretty much like the man who I talked to at the door with few minor differences. After being observed by the bus population, I found a seat next to a young man of African decent. He had the same, small figure as me and seemed pretty quite. He sat with his head looking out the window, twirling his thumbs while waiting. As I sat down he turned to face me. "Huh, I hoped the next one would be a girl, not another guy.", He said as he made a soft chuckle, "I'm Chris, nice to meet you.", he said as he held out his hand. "Name's Joesph, nice to meet you Chris.", I said as I shook his hand firmly. "Well, what a gentleman, to tell you the truth Joe, I don't think I've ever met someone like you.", Chris said to me as he made an awkward smile. I could tell that he was trying to spark conversation, so I followed. after a few minutes of talking, the bus was in motion once again. Everyone quieted, as the man from before barked orders to do so as we were in motion. During the trip, I thought of what war would be like. I had taken several classes about the history of war, as well as studying military mechs, however I was not going to be in one. I am an infantryman, not a pilot. I thought of the feeling of killing another man, how it would effect me, how it would effect my family. I sat and painted pictures in my head of various battlefields in my head as time flew by and we drew ever closer to our destination.

      (End of Chapter I, Going to War.)

      Next chapter will be posted next Monday or Tuesday, as I will be out this weekend. Please leave a comment to describe whatcha think!

    • Brotherhood, Prologue

      6 years ago


      2015- The United States Mars Colonists Union or U.S.M.C.U. was founded to organize mass colonization of Mars in the upcoming years.

      2017- Research of Mars' surface indicates that colonization efforts should be delayed, due to massive storms and strange behavior of Mars' whether conditions.

      2025- The first U.S.M.C.U. Colony has successfully colonized Mars and expects that in a few decades can be ready for advanced mapping of Mars' surface and mass colonization.

      2020- U.S.M.C.U. Research and Mapping teams discover The Nexus, a structure of unknown origin with a mysterious breed of crystallized liquids nicknamed Nexanium.

      2022- Nexanium is used to power a modern car. The car showed that it had enough energy to travel the world 5 times on a single gallon of liquefied Nexanium. Several months later, scientists have concluded Nexanium to be the answer to worldwide energy problems.

      2025- The U.S.M.C.U's HQ on Mars was attacked by a terrorist organization known as The Brotherhood Initiative or The B.I. U.S.M.C.U. Security Teams fought the B.I in a firefight lasting 3 hours with U.S.M.C.U Security winning with little casualties.

      The U.S founds the Mars Security branch of it's military, sending several Nexanium fueled ships to Mars, with several battalions of soldiers to defend the U,S,M.C.U. Colonies from future attacks. The ships arrive in a week after launch, proving Nexanium's true worth.

      2029- Russia, Germany, and China post threats to the U.S stating that Nexanium has failed to make it to worldwide markets and that the U.S has been hoarding it to pay off it's own debts. The three counties form The Empire, a single power dedicated to the wide spread of Nexanium. The B.I joins their cause and makes their second attack, this time on The Pentagon on Earth. The attack resulted in a close call of losing the Pentagon.

      Britain, Canada, France, and India agree to assist The U.S in their efforts to defeat The Empire and The B.I by forming The W.W.D.U, or the World Wide Defense Union. The rest of the world's powers do not make a statement on their alliance to either side.

      2030- World War III has begun with The Houston Massacre. B.I agents infiltrated a Houston business building and murdered, tortured, and kidnapped the people inside successfully. The fall of the U.S.M.C.U's colony, Ares also is to the B.I.

      With the events happening, the year is 2030. The world has it's eye on one of the most valuable resources ever to be found in human history, Nexanium. Because of this, countries are forced to pick a side in WWIII, The W.W.D.U or The Empire. Both militarys are armed to the teeth in Nexanium powered technologies and weapons and both will do anything necessary to win this war.

      Brotherhood is the new story/ RP I will be writing for however long until I say it is finished. Ill let you guys and gals decide whether this should be a book, or an RP. Say so in the comments, and remember, this is a prototype so anything could change.

    • I have a Dream... Almost Every Night... MISLEADING TITLE!

      6 years ago


      Alright, despite the title, I do have an idea. For those of you that have been keeping up with me (The few and the proud) you know I LOVE absolutely LOVE Natural Selection 2. Well, I could use your opinion on what I should do. I am thinking on starting a group for regular, and new players of NS2. This group's purpose is to do several things.

      1. Teach New Players Mechanics and Strategies on NS2: I've noticed that NS2 is getting more popular ever since that free weekend not too long ago. Because of the rise of popularity, there will be lots of new players. New players tend to kinda... hinder the game a bit, since they lack the knowledge needed to win. So what should we do? TEACH THEM! I also want to try to start a training program for the new ones, since there's only so much text and teach someone.

      2. Possibly get an Role Play: NS2 has some rich lore, believe it or not, and I'm sure that some of the community would love to dwell further in the conflict between the Frontiersman and the Khaara. Also, this will attract some more people into NS2, good for our another one of this group's future purposes.

      3. Form Teams!: Yes, for those of you who can't really find a buddy to play NS2 with you, the group's third purpose is to possibly get some teams/clans up for NS2. Each will vary in size and structure, those of you who would like to start one within the group.

      4. Have Fun!: That's right, have fun. There will also be forums for the shits n' giggles, discussing various topics non-related with NS2. So for those of you who would want to talk about whether or not shotguns are overpowered, or if an Onos can truly be cute, there will definitely be chat threads.

      Also, on a side note, I will need others to help me out. What I mean is that I will need other admins to assist in making all of this happen. If you wish to help out, contact me via PM on Rooster teeth, or any of the following.

      Steam: =A0G= Clockwork Deamon
      Skype: Alphaghost5253

    • Natural Selection 2? Anyone?

      6 years ago


      Seriously guys, if you don't have it, and are looking for something interesting, hardcore, and fun check out NS2. NS2 is a hybrid of FPS and RTS elements, each game consists of two teams, The Frontiersmen Marines and Aliens (They have a fancy name too, but I forgot). Marines have all sorts of futuristic, lean, mean killing machines, such as Exo-Suits, Teleporting Gates, and much more, while the Aliens can climb walls, evolve into different species, etc. Each team has a commander who oversees their team, giving them upgrades, setting buildings for them to build, etc. Each side has DRASTICALLY different play styles and buildings to control as a commander. The units, other players, are the bulk of each team, being given orders from their commander to win the game. The game's objective is to destroy the other team's Command Station, or Hive. This may sound simple, but without good communication and strategy, players will have a hard time completing their goal. This game is very much worth it to get off of Steam, or it's official website,, The game's standard edition costs 25$ or so, while the Special Edition is around 40$. The Special Edition comes with some skins for the Marine Race, but that's about it. So, if you have 25$ and don't know what to do with it, BUY NS2!

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