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    • That Light at the End of That Long Tunnel

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      You know that saying when you're going through a very tough time,"There's always a light at the end of the tunnel."? Well that's true. These past weeks Ive been through a lot. My drug abusing sister, my dad who will never be proud of me, my lack of school. Well within the next two weeks, I am going to move in with my future step dad. He was the ex ceo of Virgin Mobile, at his time called simple wireless, and father in law to Taylor Swift's lead guitarist. Also my Bioshock RP has a small hand full of kind, helpfull members. And I am going to be going to a wonderful private school, mabey. So thank you all for letting me RP with all of you. I know that we all have been through tough times, including the victims of that school shooting. Remember all of you, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. I thank you all for everything and here's to years to come of RPing, talking, and gaming! Cheers and happy holidays and new year to all!

    • Bioshock: New Rapture RP

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      The year is 1969.
      The conquest of The Hand of Neptune has raged across Rapture for a few months now. You are either a Soldier for the greater good, a Protector of The Empire of Rapture, or a roamer of Rapture's barren streets. Who ever you are, there are several things you need, a gun, hope, Adam, and a purpose. Because here in Rapture,"Doesn't a man deserve the sweat of his brow?"

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    • Bioshock: New Rapture Factions

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      There are two factions.

      The Neptune's Hand: Named after Toby "Neptune" Price, this represents the Rapture survivors and Neptune's soldiers who believe that Rapture should be discovered by all, including it's scientific findings about Adam. Neptune's Hand Soldiers generally do not use plasmids, out of fear of becoming a Splicer. They have an advantage over their rival faction, The Empire of Rapture, they have advanced weapons and a lot more training under their belts. The Neptune's Hand however has a darker side to it. When Neptune finds out his men have left him or betrayed him, or he gets a hold of P.O.W's, he uses this to his advantage. He does not take prisoners, and neither do the rest of his soldiers. P.O.W's are turned into super soldiers in a similar method as Dr. Gilbert Alexander's "Protectors", or Big Daddys. This means that Neptune's hand has created new versions of Big Daddys and created the infamous Big Brothers, Soldiers similar to Big sisters that are lethal warriors to their foes. In short, The Neptune's Hand is a dangerous force to be reckoned with, as they have weapons, knowledge, and ambition. As the Neptune's Hand battle cry goes,"Neptune has Spoken!"

      The Empire of Rapture: This represents the united stand of Rapture Survivor and Splicer to combat The Neptune's Hand. Many soldiers have different purposes and beliefs, but that won't stop them from protecting their home, or preventing ambition from spreading the Rapture Nightmare. Many members use plasmids and old, makeshift weapons, but have an expert approach on Rapture's nooks and crannies. They often fight in guerrilla warfare and small raids against H.O.N. outposts around Rapture. They stand united as the Rapture Resistance, however selfishness and greed has not changed, as many splicers go rouge and leave the cause in search of Adam for themselves. This is a big problem being combated with inspiring speeches by veterans of this war, and other tactics.

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    • Bioshock: The Actual Game

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      Here if you want to talk strictly about Bioshock, or have an idea for the RP, here is the place for that. Same rules apply, no racism or hating or NSFW themes, mkay.

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    • Bioshock: New Rapture Enemies

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      Here you can look at the list of enemies in the RP.
      There are 4 different Types of enemies

      Splicers are enemies found in the games and the most encountered threat of them all. They use heavy amounts of Plasmids and poor grade weapons, mostly makeshift, and don't usually have great combat ability dependent on the type of Splicer.

      Big Daddys: Just in case you did not know, Big Daddys are the protectors of little sisters. Big Daddys are mildly aggressive, dependent on the type, and are really hard to take down. Also, since I don't see much difference between the two, Big sisters are in this category too. Basically the rule here is, if you dont mess with them or the little sisters they wont mess with you.

      Humans: Now there is not much I have to explain here other than the difference between a Splicer and a Human. Humans can take plasmids and not end up like a Splicer. Sure it's hard, but possible.

      Rapture Security: This ranges from the Security Bots from the Turrets. Not much to explain here.

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    • Chat Forum

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      Here you can just talk about whatever. No rules here other than no racism, no hating, and no NSFW themes, meaning don't post nasty pics,mkay.

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    • Character Application

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      Here is will you make and wait for the approval of your characters,
      Here is the template.

      Nickname: (Optional)
      Race: (Caucasian, African American, etc.)
      Appearance: (Pic preferred, but a description will work too.)
      Plasmids Implanted: (Keep to the game's for now, custom ones will be made later)
      Genetonics: (Keep to the game's set!)
      Faction: (Hand of Neptune, or Empire of Rapture, or None)
      History: (Your character's backstory)
      Other:(Optional info such as sexuality, diseases, etc.)

      Alright, now here are several rules.
      1. NO BIG DADDYS! Unless passed by me.
      2. Dont overpower your characters. Keep a reasonable amount of Weapons and Plasmids please.
      3. Be reasonable. NO LASERS WERE MADE IN 1969!
      4. You can have up to 5 characters until I say something about having to many.
      5.Have Fun!

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    • A Bioshock RP and Apologies

      6 years ago


      Well, sorry for those of you, the few and the proud, who joined in on the Warhammer 40k RP. It will be inactive for the time being as I have bigger plans. If your wondering where the hell is the Bioshock RP, well it is up and will be ran by me. If you wanna join, it is simple! Contact me for more info or questions.

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